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  1. I would be joining you but there is no fantasy draft this year and that's what takes up most of my offline play usually. I'll let my buddies know you are doing a league Atari Age has the best community for these sorts of things.
  2. Wow thanks for this post, had no idea about these places! I'm going to Wildwood in a week but I don't think these places are that close...
  3. This was a fun game! It was at the local ice cream shop until the mid 2000s
  4. The problems have added up for me too and I took a break. I still have the texture bug too...
  5. Pilot Wings Resort Ridge Racer 3D Steel Diver + Ambassador games, Excite Bike and Zelda free downloads
  6. 3DS is a neat system to own. I was an early adopter so I was put in the Ambassador's program. I took advantage of that and other free game offers and have roughly 22 games on the system that I didn't pay for. Between those games and a few retail releases I picked up (Pilot Wings, Steel Diver, Ridge Racer 3D) I'm having a fun time with the system. The cards are really dumb I agree with you there, but I haven't had the same frustrations with the 3D like you did so I guess I'm lucky on that front. I use the system a lot for Netflix and as my mp3 player. There are better devices out there for those sort of things, but the 3DS gets the job done. Only thing I can really complain about is the battery life, but it's something I've gotten used to.
  7. My copy got scratched as well so I ended up going for the Gold version that came with the expansion packs too. I think 6 is worth it just for a replacement copy, but the expansion missions are a lot of fun too. I don't think I never beat the game either lol...
  8. I'll be getting this game this weekend. I'll be joining you then
  9. The Portal Series were the first to come to mind. I'm not much of a puzzle fan but both of those games were really good.
  10. Wow that's random but really cool! I came across something similar where I was walking through a valley and making my way up the side of the mountain when I suddenly came across a Dragon. I wasn't ready to face him and the only cover was this small hut. I broke in and I found a necromancer inside who didn't seem to like me very much. I ended up killing him and looting the house. A short time later a courier came up to me and gave me a note. I don't remember exactly what the note said (this was ~45 game hours ago) but it was something like so and so didn't appreciate you trespassing in so and so's house so be warned. Since then I've had a few merc groups come after me and I think it all goes back to that incident.
  11. Uninstall from your hd, clear your cache...hope for the best. Sorry I don't know all the terms and such, what does clear your cache mean? Delete my saved games? EDIT: NVM, Google is my friend lol. Thanks for the tip! Question though, when I reinstall game, will the problem go away?
  12. I have this game for 360, and I'm STILL getting the texture glitch after the patch. What gives?
  13. Seemed like it might go on forever, but I'm at a point where I'm kind of struggling to find things to do that aren't tedious or the same thing over and over. I hear you, but I don't think I'll make it to 300+ hours like you did haha. Once I start getting bored I'll do the main quest and see if I still want to play. I'm already beating my record by 25 hours (had ~30 on Fallout 3).
  14. Does this game ever end? Just starting the Companions Questline and so far this one has been awesome too. Just got to a part where my 80 sneak made an otherwise tough mission pretty easy
  15. I just hit 50 hours in and there is really no sign of this thing ending haha. My mom just asked me today what happens when you beat the game. I told her as far as I can tell, you can't *SPOILER* Going through the Thieves Guild now and it looks like I still need to finish up a few jobs for Delvin and Vex. On one of the missions, he sent me to Winterhold where I ended up killing a rival guild leader and WOW his armor is almost perfect for my character. Bonuses for sneaking, one handed weapons, and the bow. Great stuff
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