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  1. thanks for the message. i ended up buying on from Jim Walters.. excited to get it!
  2. By chance are these power supplies still available? or is anyone selling one? thanks!
  3. looks nice, you did a good job. here is a picture of my zookeeper. Zookeeper direct link ex/arcade-classics.com
  4. I have an original QIX to ZOOKEEPER conversion manual. ex/arcade-classics.com
  5. I actually helped set up the contest for the movie, i have some pix on my site if you want to check them out. KING OF KONG - BEHIND THE SCENE PICTURES. jon/arcade-classics.com
  6. I want to buy Boulderdash II for the 5200 if you have one for sale please email me at [email protected] thanks ex/arcade-classics.com
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