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  1. Walmart has this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/onn-Cassette-Recorder/649832148 Seems like there might be folks here that might like... I know nothing about this item.
  2. @matthew180 I'd be happy to host. I have a pile of resources.
  3. I've been so sedentary for the past 2 weeks. Force myself to take a walk every day, but the rest of it is working. I need to carve out some time and finish up my project. I have a working game without polish nor progression. Been sitting there like that for probably 2 years. I think we need a "compiled game competition".
  4. poll is busted because you can't say you want to buy 0
  5. Seems to work just fine for me... I did nothing.
  6. I spoke too soon, at least with the latest version of Wine... It works, but the display doesn't update correctly. I take it all back. Sorry, friends.... EDIT: 8 minutes later - I "figured" it out... Have to set stretch mode to DX or DX Full. The other modes don't work so well.
  7. You should be able to run it fine with Wine. Runs on my mac.
  8. I've still got mine. Never opened from the mailing box I received... It's available. PM offer. Just been too lazy to throw it up on ebay.
  9. I don't care at all about integrated text editor... I use an external editor for all things and paste into Classic99 to make things happen. Much easier development process.... But fast, compatible XB would be very exciting.
  10. Oh my. Seems to be illegal copies. Oh well. But good on sharing since you couldn't sell.
  11. Wow... I never knew that. I was always annoyed at that extra space. Prevented some things that other basics allowed when I was a kid...
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