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  1. Now you gotta compile it!
  2. Wow... I never knew that. I was always annoyed at that extra space. Prevented some things that other basics allowed when I was a kid...
  3. If I remember correctly, I used HCHAR b/c printing with ; puts an extra space in on the TI, unlike other basics.
  4. Better / External power supply rather than the hot thing under the cartridge port.
  5. II haven't touched mine - still sealed in the box. I could part with it, I suppose.
  6. I remember doing this as a kid and it worked for about 10 minutes. Once the computer was running for about 10 minutes, the fix would fail. IIRC, the keyboard would just go to all lowercase. So, I removed the fix.
  7. I actually started a TI-basic game and seemed like I needed about 15+ lines to do what I wanted. I don't think I could've quite done it in 10 lines, but the lack of RPT$ totally killed my project.
  8. Finally getting around to this... Something wrong with line 100.
  9. I think the cool cartridge thing is a "flip n file". I had a few of them for floppies way back when...
  10. I'll do it. I had fun playing that with my Dad.
  11. DataSoft did the computer versions. They had an ad looking for developers in some computer magazines... TI was on the list. I applied when I was 13 or so... I never heard back.
  12. I've not even played mine yet. Still in the box. I generally use emulation - and haven't done that in a while either. I suck.
  13. Seems like this would be a great candidate for a compiled game and you could manage all motion with call position instead of using motion. Then you could calculate all the things discussed ^^^
  14. Can someone post the new official one? The website is totally busted. Thanks!
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