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  1. Hoping to get some time this weekend. Else, I might be in trouble.
  2. I'm curious about the portals... Do they function the same both ways? It will definitely affect my algorithm. I don't want to mention why, however...
  3. This is super helpful. I think I can leverage this to help me fit more into memory. Thanks so much!
  4. This is definitely harder / better than the intellivision version! I have to go back to play the Atari version again!
  5. Messing around with TI Basic for the Mouse Maze competition... And, running out of memory. How many bytes are there used in a number? Seems bigger than 4 bytes...
  6. How much memory does your wrapper use? things looking very tight for me.
  7. The simple answer is the sprite is a mask that allows the characters beneath to be shown through (or not). So, the sprite isn't of the enemy, it's solid where the enemy is not.
  8. Wow, this is now more of a riddle than a maze....
  9. Oh wow. That is interesting... probably different than I was working with... So tricky - once you stumble out of the maze, you're done... Nothing else to be done...
  10. Will you / can you provide a sample maze? Going to make assumptions about the dimensions otherwise? Really the only thing outstanding are the edges of the maze going to be 1/24, 1/32?
  11. I'm a bit confused about the talk of scanning. If we are scanning the maze before moving, then it's not the mouse doing the work - the mouse is then informed by Google Maps. Is that really going to be a valid way to operate?
  12. In a modern language working this through... working with very small maps... can't imagine 350 being anywhere near enough. I think I'm almost done... just gotta make my mouse brain.
  13. I think my algorithm is in my head! I hope I don't forget it....
  14. So is the 350 total steps or total amount of tracking that can be done? AKA if I step 349 to a dead end, valid to backtrack 348 and find a new path? I think we need to solidify the rules here a bit - because there seems to be a bit of ambiguity. Seems like fun though!
  15. I'm thinking it's probably more than that, but I haven't programmed anything in TI in a while... But... I'm just kind of thinking the exit detection is actually going to make it more a game of chance than deterministic...
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