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  1. Ok I managed to deal with these instruments and to set a list Thanks
  2. Thanks Karri for the link. So I guess there is no easy way to "build" a set of instruments than setting them one by one with their different parameters. Turbo Laser Lynx and Nop90 ok for the play button.
  3. Hi there, Been reading everything available for Chipper (thanx to all of you taking time to put these things together). Nevertheless I'm still unable to get something out of Chipper. I've been playing a little with trackers on Atari St, Amiga and even Oric (sonix from Twilighte) but I'm facing hard times with Chipper. Sorry for "well I guess I'm too stupid to do it" but I've tried differents ways but none works. I'm able to fill in the Cell 1/2/3 etc with what's necessary but it seems I'm facing some problems with the instruments stuff. I would like to use some "preset" instruments but how to listen to them? How to assign an instrument to on-going project? If I try to assign some pre-existing instrument to a simple instrument "instr1" through "load instrument", I have no way to check which instrument it is. Furthermore if I hit play on the "simple instrument" window it's kinda weird sound coming out and no way to have something correct when the track is played. So anyplace where I could find some help on this one? (as said before I've already been reading Turbo Laser Lynx 'getting started' and the Chipper threads...). Thanks to anyone which could help me on this one
  4. @Guitari : Thx for the feedback, this kind of issue (along with Fadest's post afore-mentioned bugs) have already been submitted on a french forum. I don't know how it will turn out but the game is kinda nice and a lot of suggestions have been made in order to get something even better. Now it's a question getting into it. romualdl aka DoctoY.
  5. Hi, Well whatever the game mode, such a project is great. If you really want to know I would say like Pocket but getting 2 lynxes workong together may not be that easy haven't had a look at this yet). Romu
  6. HI there, I'm also trying to work on lynx stuff and sound is a p**n in the ***... Well thx for your prompt answers Tailchao. As far as Harry's concerned I think (but I may be wrong) that Fagemul has sent him a mail but never got any reply... After some time trying to figure out how to use .lsf files within the code we managed to get some sound (hurrah). But still, that will not do the trick for music. So how do you guys manage(d) to put all those stuff in your games? I mean I know there are some tools around but are there some tricks or other things to avoid??? Romu
  7. I know there are for the time being only 2 machines like those. In fact I got the one he did for himself, a kind of proto... That's why all those wires are running in the machine... We waited for something like 1 year to have the 2 machines, the first one was already made (I think it was made for a long time) and we had to wait for the second to be finished. The guy had to delay because he had some problems to find some components but if you look at the pics you'll see that it's a lot of work... Don't ask me who did those machines because I don't even know his name nor mail. I only know it comes from Poland. In fact since I now have the SIO2IDE interface I don't use it but it's a very nice machine... Romu
  8. hi, some info on the 130xesf, ok it's not an official machine from atari but if you're interested by these strange beast: http://membres.lycos.fr/romualdl/atari/130...sf/130xesf.html ----------- Romu
  9. Hi there, I found your text very interesting but two questions I have were left without answers: -there are two versions of the 65xe, one with 1 port at the back and one with 2, why? -what about the 800xe in Europe? Romu
  10. No modem inside sorry but some more info: -1 meg RAM (soldered on the 1st model and socketed on the 2nd) -multi-rom boot (8 on the 1st with led display for the name of the rom/ 4 on the second with onscreen menu) -of course 3.5 floppy drive -sio2pc inside (on the 1st model not on the 2nd) -stereo sound switch (with headphone plug on the 2nd) -external slave 5.25 drive port (on the 1st model) -I may forget some other things but I will make a page with more details and pics soon... In fact the first is more like a prototype, the second being more detail oriented... Romu
  11. Right... It's an internal drive from a laptop fit inside the 130xe. The name of that one is the 130xeSD. It's not an official machine of course but a hack. It was not my work but I'm now the proud owner of one of the few which are existing (I only know about 2)... The internal drive is just the top of the iceberg. I will do more pictures and post more info this weekend... Romu
  12. Ok, right these are 130xe. But no masking tape on them, it's something else... Have a look at these front pictures (in fact both machines share a lot of features but still have some differences): 130xe #1 130xe #2 And finally with this one you'll see the kind of mod: mod close-up More info will come later... Romu
  13. romualdl


    My mistake, sorry yes I was thinkng about Qbert... Romu
  14. Hi Franck... I knew that some french atarifans would be there... Of course I have better pictures of those but it would then be too obvious... I will post them here when I have more feedback on that one... Romu
  15. Would you have a link to some webpage with qmeg os manual in english (or french)? I found on the web the manual from Poland, the quick reference card in German, but nothing in English... I can try to translate it (I found a dictionary) but it would be stupid if it's already online... Thanks a lot...
  16. Sorry it's just a one-question-quizz: 1-What are these machines on the picture: strange machines Romu
  17. romualdl


    quote: Originally posted by chrisr: I just ordered my copy of qb on cart last week, but havn't received it yet. What I wanted to know, is if the atari 8 bit version is available as a cart? See, I just picked up an XE, and the QB 8 bit is much nicer looking than the 2600 version. But who wants to play around with disks? Chris It's available as a cart for the 8bit because I have one (from Parker Bros)... Romu
  18. quote: Originally posted by CincYnoTi: i agree with lhfreak...snoopy, the 1983 © version. what part of southern ohio y'all from? How do you know it's the '83 version from the top... I have both the '83 and '86 and if I remember well they look the same from a top label point of view, don't they? (but PAL here) Romu
  19. quote: Originally posted by scooterb23: Thanks, doesn't look like I'm going to have enough $$$ to go for it, too bad because I've always wanted that game... I'm new there but I have good news... I have two of them (snoopy) and I can trade one (but unfortunately they're PAL since I'm in France). Romu
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