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  1. I wrote AA asking them if there was a way to enter the drawing without a purchase (as required by US law), but I didn't get an answer yet (I only sent it yesterday, so it's not like they are avoiding the question, they are probably busy), but I figured I'd get a quicker answer here. Anyone know if there is a way to enter the drawing without a purchase? Chris It disappeared somehow.
  2. I was wondering if there was a new version of the rom to download, this game is turning out wonderfull. Even the TIA version sounds pretty good, although it's missing the sound effects. Chris
  3. I have an atari 5200 multicart for sale... Ebay took it down, so if you are interested send me an email. [email protected]
  4. There is certainly a difference between a rom being available for download somewhere and a rom being released to the public by the author, even if they retain ownership, they are granting a license to use the rom.
  5. Check it out: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...1944527550&rd=1
  6. It's not my fault, that the other "half" doesn't show up. Of course I am angry! But not frustrated, also because there are so many people supporting me now. So you seem to have learned from the last one. Cheap shot:) But tell me, which kind of story would give him the right to do what he is doing now? Lots of things. You may have had an informal agreement is just one example off the top of my head. Randy may already have many copies of each already built... BTW: I stopped dealing with him, not he with me. That's my part of the "whole story". Maybe he will tell a different one... if he shows up. Does Randy usually post here? Does he actively participate in the AA forums? Here's the problem I have. Randy has been around a LONG time making games for the Atari community. Randy has made carts available to people which are out of reach for most people. Randy has dealt with other HB authors with no problems. Almost everyone who knows, or has dealt with Randy have nothing but good things to say about him. I need to hear the whole story.
  7. Thomas has refused to tell the whole story. How can anyone say they will never deal with him again, after hearing half the story from half the people? Thomas has shrouded the story in mystery. I have learned that half a story is no good. Thomas is a good guy, but sometimes anger and frustration can trick us into believing our own half truth. I will make no such boycott until I hear the whole story from both people.
  8. These games didn't exist for Thomas to hack, had they not been originally created in the first place.
  9. Use a higher quality cable and a high quality a/b switch (the kind that screws or glues to the back of the tv), like the ones the cable company gives you.
  10. Does anyone know where to get the switches for the 7800? I'm talking about the (momentary?) switches under the plastic switches. The one for on/off went on my 84 model that works with the super charger. I desoldered the pause and the on off and switched them (better to loose pause than on/off). They are completely sealed and can't be cleaned. Thanks, Chris
  11. Does the trackball work with millipede? I don't feel like dragging my trackball out at the moment. Chris
  12. I have 4 huge flea markets within an hours drive from my house. I also have several friends and a girlfriend who enjoy flea marketing (checking out the girls, buying bootleg movies and cd's...). Almost my entire collection is from these 4 markets... I almost never find anything in thrifts, but this week I did find a digital camera in a st vincents.. for 8 bucks. Not a great camera but perfect for ebay pics 640x480. Chris
  13. Alright, so it isn't exacty classic, it is A classic null" TARGET=_blank>http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1358270715null
  14. Maybe someone swapped the serial numbers back in the day? Chris
  15. quote: Originally posted by Freedom Fighter: I actually had this very same idea. I got ripped off so bad before Christmas (about 50% of my winners never paid), I havn't sold anything since. 50% is really high. Maybe 1 out of 35 auctions need to be relisted for me. The funny thing is, usually new people (shades) pay up quick.. The more feedback people have the slower they pay. Chris
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