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  1. Nice work! I’m very interested. I have a PAL INTV system III that I would like to use with my OSSC, so I’m really hoping this mod is compatible.
  2. Would love to play Robotron 2084 on my PAL console!
  3. Hi, I'm searching for a complete Mario Bros. for the Atari 7800, PAL version. Please contact me with price if you have one for sale. Viktor
  4. Looking forward to read it! Should be available by the end of next week here in Sweden.
  5. Hehe. Not only do I get a pirate Tank Command cart, but also a floppy disk with a ROM image of the same game to play on my computer. Wow, 2 in 1, what a great deal!
  6. Its definately a repro, the print looks really poor quality. Not sure who did it though. Yeah, the insert looks a bit strange. I can't read german very well, and didn't really understand the Google Translate translation either, but is there a floppy disk with a "disk image" included? (lying under the cart in the auction picture) If so, what could be the reason for that?
  7. Hi, I recently won this auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130418642023&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT Does anyone know what this is? Is it some kind of reproduction? Viktor
  8. It'll work on PAL and NTSC consoles fine. I'd recommend catching up on the other expansion module threads because there is much more information in them. That's great. I'll read the other threads more thorough, thanks!
  9. It looks really nice! Will this only work on the NTSC version of the console?
  10. Well... are they better than modified NES controllers? The design of those euro gamepads just looks so funky and uncomfortable. I love a good gamepad, but the buttons on those look too spaced-apart, and the grooves they're set in look uncomfortable to rest your finger on for a long time. I think the european 7800 controllers are alright, but definately not better than the NES pads. In my opinion the buttons are placed too far apart, and feel a bit "mushy" (even on NOS pads). I like the D-pad though.
  11. Hi! One of my PAL Atari 7800 systems have a sound problem. When I power on I usually get some distorted sound for a few seconds, then the sound dissapears completely. Does anyone know what is causing this and if there is any fix? Viktor
  12. Hi! I'm looking for a few PAL Atari 7800 games. Complete games with box and manual in good shape is preferred. Mario Bros. Centipede Ninja Golf Robotron 2084 (NTSC) Please contact me with price, including shipping to Sweden, if you have any of the above games for sale. Viktor
  13. may want to do some checking up but I think it is a 9volt dc adaptor. Thanks for your answer. Yes, it´s 9V 1A. I was asking for polarity though, and I´ve now found the answer - center positive - in another thread in this forum.
  14. Hi! What polarity does the Lynx AC adaptor have? Best regards Viktor
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