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  1. I'm excited to see what the Omni has to offer. As a big Odyssey2 fan the thought of upgraded versions of the games I grew up playing is incredible. Ed Averett produced some great games and I look forward to seeing what his collaboration with opcode produces. Any chance you will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic???
  2. Should be a good time. I'll be making the trip a crossed the pond again. My brother wanted his bachelor party at MGC so we'll have a crew with us. Hopefully we'll have better weather this year.
  3. It was a fun event. It's been years since I made the journey a crossed the Great Lake to the mwgc. I went to the first year at Brookfield and twice at the prior location. It has gotten MUCH larger than I expected. Things definitely went smoother than the 1st year in Brookfield with the exception of the chaos in the marketplace. For the record, I only went Saturday but was pretty much there from before it started until just before it ended so my pro's con's only reflect that day. Con's: The backpacks in the marketplace. I was getting sick and tired of getting hit by them. It was 3 deep w/out the packs Sat morning, they just added to congestion. Disappointed in the selection of "for sale" second gen games. If it wasn't NES or newer it was slim picking. Guess us older gen collectors don't like to part with the good stuff ;^) I think it's outgrown the venue, which is a good problem. A lot of things were in hotel rooms or even hallways. Pro's: Awesome selection of video game counsels, arcade games, and pinball machines to play! Picked up a reasonably priced loose toploader to replace one I gave my bro. Talked with David from Packrat games (another O2 collector). Talking with other guys, and gals, that know their history and can share stories.
  4. Anyone headed to Wisconsin this weekend for the Mid West Gamers Classic? I'm attending Saturday. Looks like its gotten bigger since my last venture.
  5. I have a CIB complete US collection in addition to several homebrews and the Parker Bros games that weren't released in the States. The only items missing are accessories like the Wico Trackball (giving up on finding one of those in the wild) and some of the mail order items.
  6. Yes, I've been an O2 fan since the late 70's. a). I received it as a christmas present. b). Highlight's included seeing "Otto C" at the 1982 Worlds Fair in Knoxville Tennessee. Hours and Hours playing UFO, Football, Pick Axe Pete, Attack of the Timelord, KC Munchkin, PT Barnums, and many others. c). type and tell = supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (because... why not???) I've been a member of the forum since it's inception although it's been awhile since I've been active. Life gets in the way and collecting/gaming has taken a back burner for the last few years. Looking forward to getting back into it and reacquainting myself with a great group of collector's/gamer's.
  7. I'm finally making it back to the show after a LONG hiatus. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  8. Homebrews/ports (I'm sure there are more but I've been out of the loop for awhile): Tutankham if you can find it. Awesome game. http://www.classic-consoles-center.at/videopac/tutankham-introduction Not many were made so it can be hard to find but last I knew it is was on the multi-cart. Kill the Attacking Aliens (KTAA) is a lot of fun. Amok! Other games that were originally made for O2 and make the system worth owning: Pick Axe Pete KC Munchkin Attack of the Timelord Turtles Killer Bees UFO
  9. The Odyssey2 Best of the Rare would have to be Turtles. Very fun game. A close runner up would be Killer Bees. Neither is impossible to find but they are rare since they came out just before Magnavox pulled the plug in the USA.
  10. I still play OdysseyII Football whenever I get a chance. I just wish it had a one player mode (besides playing both at the same time). It's all about the angles. A VERY close runner up is Tecmo Super Bowl. I would rather play that than any Madden game (and I own a bunch of different Madden games).
  11. Sorry, I didn't read the post close enough.
  12. Check out William Cassidy's website for the downloadable font: O2 Homepage The site has an incredible amount of information regarding the Odyssey2.
  13. It was great meeting you Eduardo! I had to see the Super Game Module in person and it was awesome!
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