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  1. Gingerbread Man is a nice classic Jumpman-esque single screen platformer. I quite like it. Makes good use of the limitations of the single-button Atari joystick.
  2. Woo, merci à slydc pour le lien vers ccjvq.com On dirait qu'il y a bien des Coleco-fans au Québec, ou peut-être sont-ils juste plus présents et vocaux sur AtariAge? Peut-être que l'ancienne usine Coleco à Mtl a influencé le marché dans le coin? J'avais un ami d'enfance avec un Colecovision et le "freak of nature" qu'est le Super Action Controller. Étant largement exposé au NES alors, le Coleco était plus une curiosité qu'autres choses.
  3. Good memories eating poutine and playing Ms. Pac-Man between stints of skiing at a ski resort. Even after being exposed to all those NES games, this arcade cabinet had a strange attraction for me.
  4. The developer of "Alien Space Retro" for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad has received a similar letter from Atari. Thread on TouchArcade forums.
  5. I guess you could say Venture shares some of the same traits as Berzerk. Too bad you're limiting the topic to the 2600, else I'd say Space Dungeon for the 5200. Also, as most of everyone here knows, Robotron was directly inspired by Berzerk, except with the tension level turns up to eleven, plus an extra dose of crack. Williams' most intense game, to me anyway. Too nerve-racking for my tastes.
  6. Crackdown on emulators? Anyone care to brief me on this one? I have very little idea of what this constitutes of. Would it be related to the US legal system working more actively against software "piracy" and all that hoopla? About Stella, I'm always glad to hear news about active work being done on it. It's already in great shape, and the new TV filter will only add to the overall polish.
  7. The GameBoy sequel to Balloon Fight, Balloon Kid also has a corresponding Famicom version, with a graphical makeover, as "Hello Kitty World". Here's a .
  8. I think it would be funny and kinda awesome to see a "downport" of Pac-Man CE DX for the good ol' 2600. Why not, right?
  9. Random Terrain, you are a very patient man. Kudos to you.
  10. All Strider 2 packages were mislabeled that way, mixing 1 and 2. Great game though. I still keep it close by, with a few of my favorites for PS2. I have trouble finding a suitable difficulty level though. I'm by no means talented, but the game itself seems overly generous.
  11. Obviously, I never knew him, but this is a ridiculously young age to pass away. Absurd, sad and tragic.
  12. I remember when simply having a Final Fantasy game to play on car trips (FF Legend III) was something to behold. Most companies did a great job of porting their titles to the inferior monochrome hardware. Killer Instinct plays pretty good, so do most of Capcom and Konami's output (well, maybe not Castlevania Adventure, but nobody minded at the time.) Nintendo turned out great titles, though I personally believe the Super Mario Land games to be somewhat of a letdown. Maybe Shigeru Miyamoto's lack of involvement hurt the quality control process. The development team seems to have found its voice only with Wario Land, going forward. Perhaps they identified themselves better with Wario's anti-establishment persona.
  13. Love your videos, especially your latest. Very fun and creative. You're in my YouTube subscriptions, right next to Classic Game Room.

  14. JamesD and AtariLeaf, My last comment seems to have been interpreted as a denigration of the Coco port. I tried to show it proper respect, but on the other hand, I was indeed a bit ticked off by the way it was so quickly categorized as a port on the same level as other computer platforms. It should not remove any of the proper merit it deserves. It simply plays by different rules. The flexibility of the Coco hardware deserves special mentions for enabling such a flawless port. I don't think there's anything wrong in expressing a feeling of annoyance, as long as it is done with the necessary articulation of opinion, and proper civility. It becomes a problem when emotions flare up into intense arguments and personal attacks. This forum has had too many potent threads ruined in such a juvenile fashion in the last few months. I do not wish to be a part of this problem.
  15. How 'bout a pube or two with a considerable amount of ol' dried "glue" on those Mystique porn carts huh?
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