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  1. I saw your entry there when I was checking it out. Good luck.
  2. Just found this article and did the mod. Super easy and the picture and sound are amazing.
  3. Blue looks good but red is inline with the original boxes.
  4. I would like a print head and roller. What is the price?
  5. Well poop. I missed it also. Was it announced and I missed it?
  6. Thanks I will do that. I like the little system it will be fun to play with.
  7. I just bought one a MC-10 and would love to know where can I get one of these kits?
  8. Found it. It is Astro Blaster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r46WToQe9U
  9. I like how it looks. Something familiar about it.
  10. Are these boards available? I would be looking for them for my 130xe, 7800 and 2600 jr..
  11. I have just set it up on my new Windows 10 (64 bit) install and it runs great.
  12. I like how it is looking. Keep up the good work!
  13. I was thinking this would make a good one button game. Looks good.
  14. That is a very funny video.
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