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  1. godzillajoe

    Jump VCS

    Nice game. Like all good Atari games, simple yet addictive. And in BASIC?! Color me impressed.
  2. Upstairs 32" LG LCD TV Downstairs in the "game room" 19" wood panel CRT TV that I found in the trash at the old apartment It had a sign on it that said "works but is ugly" Perfect for the 26, 52 and 7800
  3. eBay it as a "deluxe collector's edition"
  4. If it moves, shoot it! Add Seaquest to the ones mentioned above.
  5. This is why I hate the whole idea of pre-paying for a concept. Hopefully no one gets screwed out of $$$$ That said, I hope the guy is OK, I had some dealings with him with Endless Snow and he seemed like a decent guy.
  6. This one actually looks nice. At least, now.
  7. My parents were from Poland and had kids later in life. My mom maybe tried it a few times and didn't care for it and my dad thought it was a waste of time and would damage the TV. Funny enough years later, my mom loved Hoyle Casino on my Dreamcast I did have an "uncle-in-law" that bought a 5200 and a Vectrex
  8. Well of course, but it's not 1977 anymore. Once you get something like Toyshop Trouble or Medieval Mayhem, going backwards seems silly. But hey, no one's putting a gun to anyone's head. And once in a while, something decent comes along, so keep at it, who am I to tell anyone what to do.
  9. OK I really don't care what people spend their money on but exactly which games are you talking about. Most bB games I've seen are one sprite chasing another sprite around a blocky playfield and that's passed off as a "game" There are some exceptions but I think in general it's hurt the scene more than it's helped. What games would you consider "better" than a commercial release? One of the new Donkey Kongs was bB right? That's pretty slick. Seaweed Assault is kinda fun. That Snowfall game was pretty good. What else?
  10. Check out on YouTube how they play to see if they're something you're into atari (game name) gameplay
  11. And they also explode out of the horizon. Pole Position seems to have it right where you can see a car in the distance and have time to react
  12. I actually own that Dance Godzilla CD! By some dude called "Atom" Found it in an anime store ages ago.
  13. I think we paid $150 for ours. Not sure of the year. I think 1981 since Missile Command was already out.
  14. Well Atari games do require a bit of imagination. I guess I could lay off the pedal a bit but whoever goes less than top speed when playing? I'm gonna have to do some racing today.
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