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  1. I have a "TV BOY" which has 128 games, but it's PAL. I haven't really played it.
  2. I still have my Atari 2600 and every single cartridge from my childhood. Getting my Atari was the greatest Christmas of my life. Nowadays, I have hundreds of cartridges. Sometimes I like to put them all out in a pile on my bed and (carefully) roll around in them.
  3. I have bought an SMS 2 on eBay, but the plug prongs are way too wide to fit in the electric socket. Is this one of those European plugs? Is there a way to play the SMS 2 here in the US? (Did I just get swindled?)
  4. I love my Odyssey 2! I just played Frogger and Q-Bert. Frogger is incredibly difficult on this . When the frog gets run over, it's kinda gross. The splat is a little more graphic than on the Atari 2600, IMO. I'd highly recommend Monkeyshines. The tag games can be confusing in a good way. Have you tried "KC's Crazy Chase" ?? That's another outstanding game. it's like a combo between Centipede and Pac-man. Do get "Quest for the Rings". The whole concept of combining a board game and a video game is very cool, especially in the 1980's. This game actually won an award. Don't be discouraged by bad reviews you may hear. It just means that there will be more games out there for us O2 fans! LOL
  5. I have a couple for the Sega Master System: The Jungle Book and Michael Jackson: Moonwalker. I bought Moonwalker during the MJ trial. It's just so funny that the object is for him to rescue children that are in cages in the corner of the screen. Little did Sega know..... or maybe they did.
  6. pumbaaj

    Kung Food

    Why can't you move to the left on this game??!!! I thought my Lynx was broken when I played this for the first 12 times. Later, I found out the sad truth that the game is programmed that way. Allowing radioactive food to sneak up behind the Green Giant without giving him any way to fight back is just wrong.
  7. I just bought a Coleco Vision MIB , still in the styrofoam, for $10. It's mine! All mine! This was the system all of the rich kids had when I was growing up. We called one girl "Ms. Moneybags" because she had one. Most of us kids had to settle for Atari 2600's. The cool kids had Colecovisions and everyone always wanted to be invited to their parties. Just call me "Mr. Moneybags"!!
  8. Whoops! I forgot to add my idea. "Caddyshack" - Have two levels; the first level could be just a golf game (use any Atari golf game). The second level could be a bonus level; Use the game "Gopher" . You get to be Bill Murray trying to kill the Gopher.
  9. They just came out with a video game for the 1970's movie "The Warriors". (Someone really needs to make a homebrew version of this for the 2600!) Aren't there other movies from the 1970's-80's that deserved their own game?? Which movies from these 2 decades would you like to see as a video game? (Movies that do have their own game [ ET, Raiders, Gremlins] don't count.) Wes
  10. I jsut bought a Sega Master System II from eBay from a guy in the UK. Will this play in the US?
  11. I'd rather buy these complete in box, but I'll buy them loose as well. I am "pumbaaj" on eBay, if you want to check out my feedback. I buy lots of my Atari stuff on there. PM or email me at: [email protected] Wes
  12. Pitfall II really surprised me. It was so much more complicated than Pitfall. There were so many levels, and that constant song in the background! Wow! About a year into owning it, I discovered the balloon level. It was like discovering an entirely new game! Wes
  13. I just got "Joust" last Friday. The instructions say that you need to press the "Pause" button to help select options. I can't find one. Which button are they talking about? I also can't figure out how to start game play on "Joust". I'm guessing it has something to do with the Pause button. Wes Atari Lynx Dunce
  14. The only place I have ever been able to hide is under the sofa. I've had more fun playing ET.
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