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  1. All items moved to Ebay with $0.99 starts. Good Luck and Thanks to all !!!! @@@ My Lots up for Auction @@@
  2. Well truthfully, I want to sell these in the lots they are pictured in. I need the money and the space, and I really don't have the time to unbox everything, pull a little out of this lot and that, then retake all the pictures. If the lots don't sell, I will probably just move them to Ebay tonight and start all the lots at $.0.99 and take whatever I get. Thanks for the offers guys Sorry i can't accommodate everyone
  3. Have about 500+ carts here, they would be great for Homebrews and hacks. Not looking to get rich, would be happy getting $0.50 a cart + shipping cost.... Huge Atari Lots Here
  4. EVERYTHING SOLD EVERYTHING MOVED TO EBAY Thank you all Ok, it's time for me to clear out the rest of my Atari stuff. I guess the ideal condition, would be to find someone who'd like to buy it all. But I'm open to any offers, and will sell separate lots to different people. I'd like to sell them all here, but if they don't go over the next few days, I'll probably put whatever's left up on Ebay. All the lots are numbered and I'll give a brief description of each. Thank you all !!! James (www.80sEruption.com) My Zip Code is 46755 for calculating postage, local pick-up is fine (Kendallville, IN), it would save a bunch in shipping !!!! calculate shipping here please select Package and either Parcel or Priority Shipping Please PM or post offers with offer price and shipping cost 1. 48 Atari 7800 Games, 12 of them boxed ---- 10 lbs. 2. 700 Atari Cartridge Baggies ----- 4 lbs. 3. 14 Atari Co-Ax Cable Adapters (great for cable-ready TV's, VCR's, and DVD Players)----7 oz. (can also do First Class on this one) 4. 109 Atari 2600 Games ------17 lbs. ***SOLD***5. 11 various Power Packs 7800, 2600 ------ 9 lbs. ***SOLD*** 6. 125 Atari 2600 Games ------- 21 lbs. 7. 5 Atari's, + some parts and repair stuff (the Atari 7800 is in great shape) ------28 lbs. 8. 134 Atari 2600 Games -------- 21 lbs. 9. Huge lot of controllers, (mostly repair and parts, but some really good controllers that do work) ------ 34 lbs. 10. 176 Atari 2600 Games (lots of the same games, would be a good Homebrew lot for the carts)-------- 30 lbs. ***SOLD***11. 6 Various Atari's + some parts and repair stuff (the 7800 housing is busted, but I believe it works good)***SOLD*** ****None of this stuff has been tested in awhile, I do believe the Atari's were more than 50% good, I'm sure almost every single game will work though some will need cleaned. And like stated, most of the controllers are for parts and repair, although there are a few really good ones in there.**** EVERYTHING SOLD
  5. 81% feedback and no real pics, smells like a scam to me.
  6. Nah, not for good. I'm still keeping my collection, and I'll pick up some games here and there. I just don't have the time to maintain a site, anymore.
  7. I don't know if it works on Lynx Eproms, not sure what size those are? Here is a link to there site Batronix Programmers, they provide all the specs. and chip support for each programmer, truthfully they are excellent programmers, and do chips that aren't on the spec list, if you select a similar size. Anyway, this one just @@@[email protected]@@ !!! But like I said these are really nice, and I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to make their own games, very easy to use.
  8. No longer for sale!!!! Thanks for looking !!!! there's 52 (4k) assembled boards, just need to solder your 2732 or 27c32 eprom and put it in a cart there is also; fully assembled socketed (4k), (8k), (16k), and (32k) boards for testing eproms, before soldering
  9. I've used this to program maybe 50 - 100 games for myself. All of which took 5 - 10 seconds a piece. So it has very little use on it.. I'd like to keep it, but I've ran into a bind so all my stuff must go, except for maybe one Atari and my favorite carts. A new one of these cost $150 and the shipping from Germany is another $30-$36, so it's $180-$186, and it takes 2 weeks, with no guarantee that customs won't pop you for an import tax. I will sell mine shipped anywhere in the US, priority with insurance for $140
  10. That's cool, I just don't know much about these Atari minis with the built in games. But it looks awesome
  11. I think I've seen one of these before but it was PAL? Does anyone know if they made these built in game ones, NTSC. This is coming out of Mexico, it says NTSC, but I don't know????!!!!
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