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  1. Thanks to asmat80 for working with me on a package deal to buy several of the games. +1 for a good buyer. There are a handful of items left here if anyone is interested.
  2. Yes, I will be selling it. I hope to sell some more of the games first, though. I like to use the Jaguar to test out the games one final time before I ship them to verify they are working properly.
  3. I sold some Jaguar games to Elerach. He communicated well, was pleasant to deal with, and paid promptly. I would definitely do business with him again.
  4. Someone kindly pointed out to me what the going rate for the Jaguar CD player is from Best Electronics, so I have dropped my price on my CIB Jag CD system. I have shipped out five packages so far, all within one business day of receiving the money. Please let me know if you have any questions about the items or want to make a reasonable offer. Thanks!
  5. Thank you both for the positive feedback! I have added the Jaguar CD Player (CIB) to the sale list.
  6. Thanks to everyone who has been buying the games. I have added some hardware items to the list and updated the status on the games. Please let me know if you have any questions about the items.
  7. Ha ha! Thanks for pointing that out. You gave me a laugh and bumped the thread at the same time. Well played, sir. Yes, I had fun putting the collection together over the years. I am hoping the items go on to help other people complete their collections.
  8. Updated 6/8/2013 - Amazingly I continue to see activity through AA for selling these. Plus I sold some through eBay. Updated 12/3/2012 - Changed price on Jaguar CD player. I have had interest in individual items, but no one wants to buy the whole lot. So I am going to open this up and sell the items individually. I would like to sell the games first and hang onto the consoles so I may test the games one last time before they go out the door. Then I will sell the consoles. Below are the prices I am asking for the games. I am going by recent average selling prices on eBay. As stated above, most of these are CIB and in good to excellent condition. Buyer pays shipping. Please contact me with any questions. Thanks! Steve - - - - - Hardware Items ----------- $250 Jaguar CD Player, CIB (Comes with Tempest 2000 soundtrack, Myst Demo, VidGrid, and Blue Lightning) SOLD $ 80 Jaguar Pro Controller (with box) SOLD $ 20 Memory Track CIB SOLD $ 10 Team Tap (new in box) CIB Cartridge Games ----------- $130 Towers II SOLD $90 Breakout 2000 SOLD $50 Defender 2000 SOLD $40 NBA Jam SOLD $35 Missile Command 3D SOLD $30 Fight For Life SOLD $30 Raiden SOLD $30 Rayman SOLD $30 Tempest 2000 $25 Doom SOLD $25 Ultra Vortek SOLD $20 I-War SOLD $20 Ruiner Pinball $15 Club Drive SOLD $15 Iron Soldier SOLD $15 Pinball Fantasies SOLD $15 Pitfall SOLD $15 Syndicate $15 Val D'Isere $10 Brutal Sports Football SOLD $10 Troy Aikman Football SOLD $ 5 Dino Dudes SOLD CIB CD Games ---------- $25 Dragon's Lair SOLD $15 Battlemorph SOLD $15 Hover Strike SOLD $ 5 Highlander SOLD Loose Cartridge Games ---------- $20 Alien vs. Predator $ 5 Cybermorph Loose CD Game ---------- $35 Primal Rage SOLD
  9. Update: I have broken up the collection and am selling the items individually. Please see the next post to see the prices. - - - I would like to sell my very nice Atari Jaguar collection. I bought the console back in the day when you could find them new at retail stores. This particular one came from one of the last Atari dealers in the country. The other games and accessories I collected over the years. Many of them still have their original KB Toys and Electronic Boutique price stickers on them - at discounted prices, of course. The console, Jaguar CD, and most games are complete in box and in good to very good condition. I take good care of my items, and they have been in a smoke-free environment. Also, I have a VHS tape that the Atari dealer gave me. It appears to be an official Jaguar demo tape from Atari from 11/14/1994. It contains the three television ads for the Jaguar, plus demos of 31 games and the VLM. Please take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. Really I would like to sell this as a lot. Looking at recent eBay prices, the items would total about $1,300. I would discount this if someone would buy the whole collection. Also, as I would like to avoid shipping all this, if you live in southern Michigan or northern Indiana, I will deliver the collection at no extra charge. Thanks for looking! Here is the hardware: Here is the console out of the box: Here is the CD unit out of the box, with all the original included items: Here are the four CD games: Here are the boxed cartridge games: Here are the loose items: Here is a close-up of the Atari demo tape: Here are a couple of shots of the system in use, one of the console by itself, and one with the CD unit:
  10. How much are you looking for? I am looking to sell my Jaguar console, CD unit, 22 cartridge games, 4 CD games, and some miscellaneous items. Most everything is in the original packaging and in good shape.
  11. If you ever feel like venturing to the southwest side of the state, there is a nice arcade out this way we could meet at. http://klassicarcade.com/ They have a very good selection of pinball games and classic video games, you can play all day for only $5, and they serve snacks and drinks. The area surrounding it, however, has little to offer. Steve
  12. THE Tom Hudson! THE Lee Pappas! This is amazing. Pardon me for coming across like a fan boy. You see, back when ANALOG was published, I was in high school, and the Atari 8-bit was my life. I subscribed to ANALOG Computing and looked forward to every issue. ANALOG was the best computer magazine, certainly better than ANTIC in my opinion. This was due in large part to the wonderful games Tom Hudson wrote that were published in the magazine. I remember being enthralled by his programming genius. My excitement about the magazine went to new heights when Lee and one other person (Charles?) visited our Atari user group one time at one of our monthly meetings. The buzz in the air was palpable as we awaited their arrival. Lee came in and started regaling us with tales of working at the magazine and being involved in the Atari industry. He confirmed with us that, yes, Tom was a programming genius. He told us how Tom had an idea for a program once, wrote out the assembly code in a notepad on a flight home, then typed it in the computer when they returned to the office, and it worked on the first try! We were mesmerized. He gave us inside information on life at ANALOG. I believe it was at that meeting he told us the secrets about the cover of Issue #34. The cover has a drawing of guys in a classroom. If I remember correctly, Lee pointed out that was him in the back with his index finger raised. The guy with the paper airplane and wearing glasses is Tom, I think. Yes, I am looking at my original copy right now. The other person from ANALOG at the meeting showed us a preview of a game they were working on that looked like a Zaxxon/Blue Max clone. It was amazing. How could their visit possibly get any better? As we walked them out to the parking lot, hanging around like a bunch of groupies, they got in Lee's car. It was a sports car. I think it was a Nissan 300Z. Yes, the visit just got better. Watching them pull away in the sports car, off to another town and another adventure, I saw the car had a custom license plate. It said, of course, "ANALOG". To a high school Atari fanatic, it was like a scene out of a movie. Thanks for everything, guys. I am going to buy Star Rangers right now. Well, just as soon as I finish flipping through Issue #34. Steve
  13. I would ask if the original artwork is available anywhere, and could we reproduce it? I, too, love looking at the early Atari artwork from the 2600 games and the 8-bit games. I would frame and hang large versions of this artwork if good copies were available. Do you know the name of the Atari Art Director during that time? The 8-bit forum pointed out this page awhile back, which has a high-res scan of the excellent Atari 8-bit Space Invaders cover art: Space Invaders The same site has a couple of other great high-res box scans as well.
  14. Thank you for posting this. I really like the artwork on the early 8-bit boxes. I collect the big box versions just for the artwork. Space Invaders is one of my favorites. It is great to have the JPEGs from this site to use as wallpaper. Has anyone ever run across posters of the early box artwork? Star Raiders, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Galaxian, etc. I would buy them in a heartbeat.
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