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  1. So I got in from work. Tore it all down gave everything a good cleaning with alcohol and cotton cloth also cleaned controller plug in with a toothbrush. Put it all back together and vola ! Works perfect smooth as butter ! Thanks guys!
  2. Thanks for the tip. Ill tear it down tonight and give it a cleaning. Hopefully thats all thats wrong
  3. I ebayed a controller lot that also came with a Trakball. In nice enough condition all buttons work. Tried with centipede and as soon as game starts it drifts to the right. And stays there. No control of the ship what so ever. Any pointers on what May cause this? Ive read of sensors being bad etc but didnt see anything relating to this specific issue thanks in advance!
  4. Im so stoked for this to happen. Cant wait for them to be available in the atariage store. If per chance someone wants to sale their preorder to me. Im game. Just pm me!
  5. Another vote for the stock controller. When properly maintained they are among my favorite controllers. As stated. Just add foil and game lol
  6. Thanks for the heads up! I may go ahead and order the ram chips just to have them on hand for if and when the problem returns.
  7. Finally tore into the console tonight. Pretty sure this was my issue. I removed the chip,and reinserted properly. So far after a few hours no issues.The rf shielding didnt appear to have been removed before so this really was a surprise !
  8. Hello. Long time member here been away from the scene for years just now trying to get back to collecting. Received a 5200 in a trade a few weeks ago .randomly with no pattern some times it will boot to garbled graphics as in the pic. Cart port is clean as are the cartridges and the results are the same with all carts. Then sometimes it boots just fine? Could his be a chip prob? Thanks!
  9. hat trick imo is pretty enjoyable especially with two players
  10. I would like to trade for Atari 5200 complete console or XEGS. Will 7800 game trades as well. Works great in good condition. Will include generic ac adaptor ,also works with batteries .The mateos multi cart switch broke off. I attempted to repair it but the game
  11. pump,, pics coming up tonight .
  12. no doesnt work.. just stoped powering up , no clue the prob. Sorry
  13. BUmp .. Make offers! someone needs some of this stuff!
  14. $40 shipped its a cool think im just not a intv guy! PM me
  15. Also not Pictured is a Fully working Ninja GAiden Jamma PCB. and a MS.Pacman Pcb, with speed up chip and Jamma Converter. sometimes worked , some times Frozen screen garbled graphics.
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