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  1. Or maybe Fields library https://sourceforge.net/projects/cc65extra/files/ui/
  2. Maybe SimpleMenu v1.1 from user contributions ftp://ftp.musoftware.de/pub/uz/cc65/contrib/
  3. Please check http://www.atarimania.com/documents/Hackerbook-for-your-Atari-Computer.pdf
  4. Hello! I am working on simple ASCII communication between Atari and PC. I am using SIO2PC cable and Bob Puff's RVerter driver. First attempts were done in basic. I am reading buffer byte by byte in the loop when I know that there is data inside. I would like to go a step further to read data when data actually arrives and save it to the safe place (e.g. data is read when certain character sequence is detected at the end of the massage, e.g /CR/LF). I don’t know if my thinking is OK, but I would like to know if RVerter driver or any other driver allows triggering user’s service rutine in which buffer is copied to the certain memory location or variable. Service routine could be called at: - certain character sequence at the end of a message or, - timer time out or, - after buffer is full, - etc. Gregor
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