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  1. ghost1313

    Long shot

    Hi, I am looking for the following two items: 1. front panel IMSAI panel. 2. Amiga 2000 keyboard. I have stuff to trade or cash. Thanks Bobby
  2. Hi FujiSkunk, I seems not to be able to send you a private message? There some stuff I want to get. Bobby
  3. I forgot the user name: Legeek
  4. I received my package and everything was well pack & very good condition. I would do a deal with him anything! Bobby
  5. I received my package and everything was well pack & very good condition. Bobby
  6. That's funny, give it time and you will find your XE at a fair price. I always wait and find things at a low price, like my Next computer by Steve Jobs.
  7. I just check the price on a XE, outrageous. I got my in box mint condition about 5 years ago for $25. Bobby
  8. Hi, I have Atari 800 in very good condition, plus disk drive, tape drive, & printers. Bobby
  9. ghost1313


    Hi, Looking for a Paperboy cart for the Atari LYNX, I have things to trade for it. Bobby
  10. Hi, Supergun ship fast, I would do a deal with him again, items were in very good condition. Bobby
  11. ghost1313


    Hi, I am looking for a Sinclair computer ZX80 model, I have a lot of stuff I can trade for it. I know a long shot but what do I got to lose! Thanks Bobby
  12. Hi, I have a TI99/4a system, with games, & books. Send you pics, and what other stuff do you have? I can send you more pics if you want? Bobby
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