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  1. ghost1313

    ATARI 830

    Hi, I am looking for a Atari 830, cash or trade stuff for it. Thanks Bobby
  2. Hi, I have the 32X Star Wars. Bobby
  3. Oh god, I am in the twilight zone!!!
  4. Hi, If you still have Sun optical mouse with dotted mouse mat? I will take it. Thanks Bobby
  5. How did this get here? I add in feedback.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the interest, but UK shipping would be too much. Bobby
  7. Hi, User OLD CS1 fast shipper, and item was free. Bobby
  8. How much of a difference in cash? Bobby
  9. Hi, If you still have it? I will take it. Sending PM too. Thanks Bobby
  10. Hi, I have the following Laserdiscs: I haven't taken pictures of the following item: 1. Return of the jedi
  11. Hi, I forgot to put which item, the item is rf atari jag. Bobby
  12. Hi, If you still have it? I will take it. thanks bobby
  13. Ok, just checking for myself if the pm was working. you guys are making me laugh!!! Bobby
  14. Hi, Would you be interest in a complete Odyssey 2 with games? Bobby
  15. Hi, I sent you a PM. Bobby
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