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  1. ApollBoy great person to do business with, I would definitely do business again! Bobby
  2. 2001 has nothing to do with Odyssey 2, I heard it all now!


  3. Sorry to hear what happen, I know what you mean my wife backed up into a brand new BMW! But I got luck the insurance pay for all the repair.
  4. Hi, That's my listing on facebook, just delete it. Bobby
  5. Hi, I have 1200XL and keyboard works, very good Condition with power supply. Locate in NJ. Bobby
  6. Hi Joe, I received the Kenner Live Action Football can not wait to play with it. Happy New Year!!!! Thanks Bobby
  7. Hi, I have complete PC games, here a few from my list. Myst III Exile by ubisoft cd rom box manual good condition PC disk box-manual-Military Aircraft collector’s edition add on for ms flight simulator 2004 & 2002, Quicken by intuit essentials for mac box-manual Command & Conquer Windows 95 Dark Forces DIB Lucas Arts Windows "D means Disk" Age of Empires DIB MS Windows Combat Flight Simulator 2 WWII Pacific DIB MS Windows Aliens Vs. Predator DIB Gold Edition Rebel Lion Windows ChessMaster 4000 Turbo DIB 31/2 Disk Software ToolWorks Windows Civilization Call Power DIB Activision Dark age Camelot On-line only DIB Activision Emperor Battle for Dune DIB WestWood Final Fantasy VIII DIB SquareSoft Gangsters Sim 2 DIB EIDOS Madden 2000 DIB EA Sports Star Wars Naboo DIB Lucas Arts Star Wars Galactic Battle Grounds DIB Lucas Arts Panzer Commander WWII Tank Simulator SSI Windows 95 DIB Star Trek Klingon Academy DIB lucas Arts BattleField 1942 DIB EA Games Expansion pack BattleField 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII DiB EA Games Windows Star Trek Online DIB Cryptic & Atari Windows Caesar III DIB Sierra Studios Windows Myth II Soul Catchagter DIB Bungie first game before MS Windows 95 & Mac OS Star Trek Voyager Elite Force DIB Activison Riven Sequel to Myst DIB Cyan Producitons Bobby
  8. Hi, I got a few of 2600 top, bottom, and board. Bobby
  9. Hi Joe, I Just received my Kenner Live Action Football! cannot wait to play with it, but first I will fix switch. Happy Holiday!!! and thank you. Bobby
  10. Hi, If he does not take it, I will and shipped by USPS Priority Small Box (best protection.) Thank you Bobby
  11. Hi, I will take it, if you still have it? and happy holiday. Thanks Bobby
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