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  1. Hi, Can I get the Gameboy color system (purple)with Bart vs Juggernauts Buzz Lightyear Castlevania Adventure Crash Test Dummies Double Dragon II Dr. Mario NBA All Star Challenge 2 Pokemon Gold Radar Mission Sword of Hope Toy Story If you still have it? Thanks Bobby
  2. Hi, I Pickup the monitor and other stuff as well, great guy and thank you. bobby
  3. Hi, Need to check what I have, but I had disk and manual for the Osborne. I will get back to you by Sunday. Bobby
  4. Hi, If you still have it? I can pickup on Friday, If that's good for you? Thanks Bobby
  5. Hi, If you still have them? I will take it. Zip code is 08844 Thanks Bobby
  6. Hi, i will take them, if you still have it? Zip code 08844. thanks Bobby
  7. Hi, Can I get the following items? or everything? 2600 Vader CX-40 (broken) Microvision Phaser Strike cart (untested) 3 Intellivision carts 1 Odyssey 2 cart (Speedway) Thanks Bobby
  8. Hi, Here the information you want: HP M50 Model # D5258A Bobby
  9. Hi, I will get back to you by end of today with info on the monitor. Bobby
  10. Hi, Selling an HP Pavilion 6535 complete unit with monitor, keyboard, speaker, and software, with the hard drive, Price $150. Bobby
  11. Hi, I am selling an Atari 2600 w/7 games, Joystick and Atari storage case for $150 plus shipping or OBO. Pictures coming. Bobby
  12. Hi, I take the following C64 Educational/Music Bundle and Space Invaders Mini, If you still have it? Thanks Bobby
  13. Hi, I will take all, zip code 08844. Have a nice week. Thanks Bobby
  14. Hi, I have one working with games. Bobby
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