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  1. I have been away for a while, and am just starting to learn about this incredible device. I have watched a couple vids about it. And really like its capabilities! My Atari daily driver is a Atarimax 1200XL with a 32-in-1 OS selector. Is the new device compatible with the 32-in-1? I did a few quick searchers and did not see any results about this particular topic. Though I may have missed something in my recent absence. (in the middle of a house remodel) Sorry for interrupting the above conversation.
  2. Wow !! I did not see that either. Sorry about posted with out looking closer! I have used one of these for 240v items https://www.grainger.com/product/30C515?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-uH6BRDQARIsAI3I-UfHZKRyG6pNHkn9uAYrsvKp4hWZLN3cn0BcB8qPL4S6zl8XFNrxvkAaAr2NEALw_wcB&cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&ef_id=Cj0KCQjw-uH6BRDQARIsAI3I-UfHZKRyG6pNHkn9uAYrsvKp4hWZLN3cn0BcB8qPL4S6zl8XFNrxvkAaAr2NEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!281698275255!!!g!471571925921!&gucid=N:N:PS:Paid:GGL:CSM-2295:EUGDJC:20500731 It is not too expensive. I has come in handy a few times with stuff I got from euroupe, and for friends that had similar computer items.
  3. I would like to replace the loud fan in a Megafile30. Anyone know the correct size before I have to crack it open? It is a 12v fan yes/no? Thanks
  4. This is very sad news. Much too early!! R.I.P. Curt I was just texting back and forth with him not 5 days ago about the 1800XL ! We have had many phone calls over the years. He was helping me restore the STBook he sold me some years ago. I know he had been battling some health issue for several years, but I got the impression he had beaten it last year. His vast knowledge will be sorrily missed !!
  5. No problem about hijacking. This all make for good discussion. I do not think 'leach' is the right word, or even idea. People put pics online for all to view. If an item is up for sale, that person obviously does not want it any more. So getting those pics should not be a problem, or you can wit until after it is sold. Our hobby is a very niche one, and almost everyone seems willing to contribute in some way to help keep it going. I do not think anyone would mind if you used online pics for a archive or reference purposes. Inline with that, it is probably better to have this info available in more that one place. If you still have some bad feeling about it, you could watermark, or note the source of the pic or manual. You probably know it, but if not, here is a good podcast about Atair monitors. https://inverseatascii.info/2018/03/02/1632-e005-the-one-with-the-monitors/
  6. Sorry, my bad eyes! Excellent page by the way. Bookmarked for future reference! Be sure add amber on black to the PCM124 note. There are many good pics in here and from a google search to help fill some of the missing pics on your page. I do not think anyone would mind you using them for reference purposes.
  7. Mitch, Looking at your list I did not see this one current for sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-Quadrant-Components-Inc-QC-1438S-Monitor-Monochrome-Display-Computers/124314048757?hash=item1cf1b1d8f5:g:k9IAAOSw9R1fRxXm
  8. I already have a good working one of these. I would say this is Atari's only 8-bit monitor? Mine had very little use and the amber text is nice and sharp. Also note that there are matching 5.25" drives on ebay for the PC1's or ST's, fyi Enjoy, looking forward to seeing pics of this all cleaned up and looking good!
  9. Just saw this in ebay in case some one wants one. These to not come up often. FYI https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Vintage-ATARI-PCM124-Monitor-for-ATARI-PC3-computer-very-CLEAN/254700554461?hash=item3b4d5608dd:g:KrcAAOSw-1lfRob9
  10. Thanks for the replies. This was in a lot that came from an Atari engineer here in sunnyvale. I do not think it is a home brew. The traces look very much 'Atari' like. In the box with this were several other A/E's, Atariwriter, Pilot, Action!, and several regular brown carts games including a Star Raider no s. Maybe a 5200 sample cart board? 3/83 would be about right for development? Anyone know what the PwCI-D means? Oh, on the back is some large 1" long, printed, outlined "J"'s. On the front left of the PwCI-D is a partial box with some unreadable text, printed the same way as the J's on the back.
  11. Possible. Anyone seen a gray case A/E cart? I haven't. Maybe a proto of a gray cased A/E? I have never open a gray case cart. what are those PCB dimensions? The solder joints on the back do look hand done. Not wave. But the PCB looks pro made.
  12. In going trough yet another recent Atari lot, I found a Editor Assembler PCB too wide for a cart body. The part numbers show it as the less common Editor Assembler cart, not the Assembler Editor. The PCB is unusual. it has square edges not the broken off edges like most others. Also, very unusual, is it is too wide to fit into a standard brown cart body. I'd say it is about 2mm+ too wide. And probably too long. It is just as long as the top of that inside clip to hold the PCB in place. The PCB reads PwCI-D 8303. When I found it, there was clear packing tape around the main section. Now that I think about it, it was probably there so the user would not short the card when putting into a 800. I took it off and removed all the sticky tape residue off of it. The card works normally. Notice the tin contacts, not gold. The pic shows the card in question on top. Below is a normal E/A card for comparison. Any ideas?
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