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  1. Perfect just what I needed. Many thanks!!!
  2. Post one, This takes too long! Wow, I've posted this several times. It works. 1. Beauty supply store, get 'developer 30' cream white. 2. Have a clear plastic container, when upside down, will cover your parts. 3. wash your case and parts. 4. Paint your parts with developer cream with a 2"-3" paint brush. 5. use a very low nap paint roller to 'smooth' out the cream on all surfaces. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!! I use this: https://www.amazon.com/Shur-Line-3060C-3-Inch-Touch-Roller/dp/B000FGZMHK/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=paint+roller+kit&qid=1562908925&refinements=p_n_size_four_browse-vebin%3A17870928011|17870929011&rnid=17870926011&s=hi&sr=1-8 6. wet cement with water where the case/part will sit facing the sun. 7. Place case/parts over cement so the water dose not touch parts. cover with plastic clear container. 8. Container should make a good flat/sealed contact with cement. Try not to let moister out. 9. Do this during mid day. At 70' wait 40 minutes. 80' - 30 minutes, 90'-20 minutes. 100' will risk blooming (white discoloring) check progress. If done, wash, wash, and wash again. 10. if not done, add water to cement. You want a very humid/hot environment for the case/parts. Wait minus 10 minutes from schedule above. Check again. They should be done. If not wash, wash, wash, wash, try again the next day. If you do the same day you risk 'blooming". Morning, Evening do not work, only midday when the cement is warm/hot. Easy simple, works
  3. This looks great. we need all the labels available like this. 8/xl/xe. How many of you are missing or have a grimy label that need replacement. Both Atari OEM and more importantly 3rd part carts. A DB might be setup for easy download. I wish I knew how to do it. Many thanks!!!
  4. Hello all, I am in need of your Atari help. We need a great Atari font for a banner about 4'x8' that can be easily read from 40-50 ft away. It will take up about 12"-14" at the top. we would prefer a early '79-80' font. Not from the 400/800's itself, but from literature/catalogs/boxes. No too wide, not too tall. Could some of you smarter than me people post a few examples with links to download the font? Many thanks!
  5. I found a very nice person on Tumblr that made a 3D printed USD holder for a STacy. It replaces the HD. He says that it is not perfect and needs some minor adjustments. But I though I should put it up here for all to use. He asks that if anyone makes a better file to also post the corrections. Thanks, and enjoy. atari_stacy.zip
  6. I have a received my first HP-85. It has some issues I need help with. Anyone of active forums for these machines?
  7. I was the guy that this 'unit' 's lap fell into. It did not look even close to this good when it dropped in my figurative lap. It was a mess of cob webs, dirt, dust, dead spiders, moths, other 'bugs'. It took a while to get just the drive in working condition. Then the case..... I took it apart. It needed wash. ... After a long dry, I sanded it with 800. The re-sprawled the varnish a couple times. Then put it back together, then to find the drive sat off-center, and not level. I hit the local Loews to find the right sized stand-offs, and some correct screws. This 810 took some time to get looking good for a HS project. Probably less the the person that originally made it. But I think it appropriate to bring back some kids fix for a broken or dropped 810 case. It was fun to do. and I hope the person that now owns it, appreciates it. KL
  8. Perhaps I missed it. But I need a hi-res E.T. 800 cart scan to print for a cart that is missing the label. Thanks
  9. I was just recently informed of this !!!! NO it can't be! Is there anyone that can help? We need to support places like this! Now that the holidays are past, what can our very resourceful community do to help assist in their recovery!! Please also post in places B&C can see offering of additional aid. From their site: B & C ComputerVisions myatari.com atarixlh.txt LAST CHANGE Last change 08/03/2018 Temporarily not available due to Maintanence. Sorry we we have had several of our Windows XP Systems crash that we use to update our prices list so have not been able to update price and stock levels on many items. I am trying hard to correct this but just do not have the time right now.
  10. I love it when something like this happen. You all are very funny. This 'makes my day' the way Eastwood can.
  11. ParanoidLittleMan You have done some very good work as I read you pages about these improved TOS's. Very impressive!! I'd love to see what you could do for 4.04!!?!!I still do not see a page to purchase them yet. How could we get versions? Also is there a documant or page that shows specifics on how to use any of the new features you have added?
  12. Yes that's me on the far left, and Bob standing blue shirt The other two very nice gentleman are original, and current members of SLCC from 1981. Those pictures are from two years ago. We also had a display last year of just All the silver boxed XL line items, also right next to the door. I will bring up the 400/800 anniversary tomorrow at our December meeting, 7pm San Leandro Main Library.
  13. This is how I do it for my falcon. But is is hard to find a SD adapter with ribbon connector opposite the SD card. Most are 90' now
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