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  1. MeanWell NED-35A Output Switching Power Supply NED-35A 5V4A 12V1A I seem to recall a good thread that used these PSU's. no outside brick. But I can't find that thread now. I looked pretty good. This psu fits in the case without much modification. Fairly simple wire up.
  2. As GEM/TOS evolved, a "Compatibility Mode" could have been added with emulation. Perhaps this would have been done with a move from 68K to x86 cpu's With the release of Geniva/NeoDesk code, and someone else currently testing a new merged TOS 1.4/1.62/2.06 best features ROMs we might be able to get something very interesting going. I like the mention of an ST/TT/Falcon desktop theme for current OS's.
  3. I cant read the chip number for the chip under the 5 in the flyer. can you?
  4. All three have the same missing chips. I can make out some of the chip numbers from the flyer on Curt's site. but not all. If anyone has more info about what should go into the sockets please share. Thanks
  5. Are these high res enough? It is about the best I an do right now.
  6. Another friend has 2 of those 8" drive cards mentioned in post #2. One with a drive connected and the driver disk.
  7. I guess Curt says they are rare. Only a few made. I guess I have most of them. My source got them from an Atari engineer. If I recall, my source said his name was Dave. Maybe the same person Curt got his stuff from, maybe not. Maybe he 'found more in the back'. I got the PBI test board, and the 3-Bit 80 column card, and some 32K ram cards from him too. The more I dig into my sources stuff the more goodies I find. He has a lot of fruit, leather tanning, calculator maker, and some huge mainframe companies' junk I have to get past, though
  8. Hello, I just came across this card for 800's. I think it is a serial & parallel port card. Or maybe for the old style IBM hard drives that needed 2 ribbon cables. I can't find anything in a quick google search. Anyone know anything about this card?
  9. Suggest since the IDE is dual, use one for internal CF card HD and 2nd through a slot you make out the rear as an external SD. The SD card can be used to move files from modern PC to the Falcon. This is what I have and works great. See my pic on this thread end of page 1 http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=34880
  10. I would agree with this. His knowledge about all Atari systems is hard to beat. From Pong to Falcon, he knows it all. His catalog is always near at hand for reference, tips, and general info about stuff. In fact it is looking a bit taddy, dogeared, post-it noted pages, etc. I wish he could be a bit more forgiving, and learn to embrace the modern internet.
  11. I got blackballed from him. I forgot to pick up a $4.00 800 speaker from his 'office' a couple years ago. It was an honest mistake. Things got very busy at work and it just left my head. A lot of months went by and I emailed him to order more parts. No answer. more emails. no answer. He had always answered before. I call. He asks my name and recalls the forgotten sale. Then says the 'fulfillment department' dose not tolerate such behavior and will not take my order. I kindly offered many apologies, and that I will only ask for shipped items, no pickup. He says 'they' will think about it, and call back in a few days. I waited a week, called back. He says 'they' would rather no take my future orders. What a pain. Now it is hard to get parts. I can't wait until he is too old to run things and has to sell. Hopefully to someone here that want to do it well.
  12. Hi everyone. I thought I's post a few pictures of our tables. I'll post more from other members later when I get them. We had all the hardware, manuals, and software released in 1979 & early 1980 for the 400/800. Our 400 and 800's were up and running games and demos. We had our Comdex/CES Atari display cabinet running E.R.I.C. or games. The 400 was connected to the initial version of the 410, and an 822 or 820 printers. I had both versions of the larger 410, one with and one without a power cord. We also had the later version too. There was an 830 modem as well. The 800 was connected to the 815, or the 810's (both door versions). It was also connected to the 825 though the 850. I added the 835 just to be complete. We ran the In-Store Demo cartilage a lot. The gentleman that wrote that demo stopped by and talked about it for a while. Al Alcorn also stopped by for a while, and reminisced about the problems with FCC. He said that little input on the design of the 400/800 but he did say that he told the developers to change how System Reset works. He told them it should NOT wipe memory. He is a very nice guy. Leonard Tramiel Stopped by several times on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday he had Bill Herd with him. We had a shelf in the back that had all the large black, blue, dark gray software. Another self had the similar design but smaller boxes. On the top shelf we had some of the original brown shipping boxes for some of the hardware. Some had new-in-the-box units. We had another 800 without the top on so we could show the OS/Ram cards. There are always questions about the right cart slot, so I brought a Monkey Wrench cart to show that there were actually something for it. On the left Bob1200XL was showing is 14mhz 1200XL running speed circles around the stock 1200XL next to it. Our display was very busy. Everyone that stopped by wanted to ask questions or tell stories about their Atari computer experiences. It was a lot of fun!!
  13. I did not notice that these were different until I was going to put them together on the shelf. I took a few pics to show. One is for 810/815 ! CX8202 The other is the one I see more often CX8100 I must have mixed up the disks in the past. But they are numbered CX8100, CX8202, CX8111 Strange, the CX8202 is dated 1980, and the CX8100 is dated 1979 Atari Blank Disks & Box Variants
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