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  1. Hello again, I was looking a bit more closely at the two 1064 units I have. One I think is serial number 47, and the other is 267. They have several differences. The 267 has a bodge wire and a big resistor added to the top of the board. The 47 case uses only 3 screws and a plastic post while the 267 has four screws. Seems odd that they made such large changes in between such low numbered units. The font size and type is different for the larger printed numbers on the back labels. Perhaps they only did small manufacturing runs of 100? I did not see any other changes. But I also noticed both are Rev C boards. Are there any A, B board out there? But I though I should at least document those differences here for all to see, and ponder.
  2. I'm very glad to contribute to the Atari community when I can. I have received so MUCH help over the years, it feels good give back in some way. I'll record something similar when I get the 815 back soon. Perhaps one of you higher ups could post the ATR and manual to AtariMania as a better copy? So it would be a little easier for people to find in the future?
  3. The physical disk I have has no notch in the sleeve. The drive the disk came with is also unaltered. In fact, I think I was the first one inside since manufacture. Also looking at the other disks in the drive's collection, only shows purchased games, and applications. There was no 'copy' or 'utility' software. I am 99.8 certain my copy is a genuine, unaltered copy. I do not have Kyoflux or anything like that. But If there are better settings for DiskWizard II or another program to get an even better copy, please let me know. I did find the past page of the manual and scanned it. Perhaps someone could stitch them together. img03252020_0001.pdf
  4. I used DiskWizard II above with setting in the picture to make a sector copy of the disk to a blank disk in RespeQT I hope these are right. If not let me know. I also happen to have an original of the DOS 1.0 manual. I scanned and OCR'd a copy for here. Thanks DOS 1.0 Sector Copied.atr Atari DOS 1.0 Manual.pdf
  5. Need a sector copy program. What is the best to use for an 810? Post a link, pls, Thx. Just in case, I have rail of of 18 810 "B" ROMs, C0112998B-03 IC's. Anyone want one? Send PM. I have a couple C0112998B-03's too. Thanks, again everyone !!
  6. Sorry, here is the ATR DOS 1.0.atr
  7. While working through another estate sale Atari box, I found an almost new copy of Atari DOS 1.0. I'm sure there is a copy of it in here somewhere, but just in case I made an ATR. It is just a disk copy from 2.0S, but it works. Enjoy.
  8. Thanks, I think I have some buried in a supply box somewhere. Much appreciated! As long as I have your attention. What is the difference between a C017945 and C014319? Which goes with which 800 series item? Which one is 'newer'
  9. I have an 800 with a very tight cart door release, and squeaky hinges while moving up or down. The plastic parts have been soaked, washed and cleaned thoroughly. The sound changed a tiny bit, but still tight and squeaky. There is no noticeable warping of the plastic. What would be a lasting lubricant that would not damage/discolor/drip on the plastics? Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone. I 'found' a Happy side card that works. I got Happy software 5.3 that works with the card. I have calibrated the drive speed to 288rpm with the Happy card in. It is steady at that speed. I think is this is the Atari recommended speed. I get the same behavior on booting DOS known good disk, but I do not need to press on the head. It will not move to the next track (2?). With the Happy diagnostics, I can move the head one step at a time towards the center. So the stepper motor appears to work. But I am not sure I am starting exactly on the center of track zero.
  11. Thanks, I got some smaller SD's from GameStop and they work well. But will keep this in mind if/when I lose one of these SD's. My SD's card seem to 'disappear' regularly
  12. Thank Nezgar! You really know for Atari stuff.
  13. Many thanks! I got 5.3 and the drive is Happy! Thanks! I sat on my eprom burner and broke it. I ordered a new one, and still waiting for to arrive from china. I will read the ROM I have and post here where for archival review? Can I then erase my ROM and burn the ver 7 810 rom? If so, where can I get the BIN file?
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