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  1. Awesome! I’m not sure who maintains the AA 7800 list - Al, perhaps? - but they should be able to use this to update it eventually. In any case, it’s great to see how much home-brew attention the 7800 has received, all in one place. I’m sure you’re aware, but there’s potential for quite a few releases this year. If what I’m seeing in the forums pans out, we could see between 6 and 8 new games.
  2. This is great! I was thinking recently that the list here at Atari Age was missing some games from the home-brew scene; especially ones that weren’t published through AA. Ideally, you could add other metadata like programmer, date published, etc. to add into the existing AA database.
  3. I’ve had that same thought for a while. More arcade ports would be great, but more *Atari (Games)* arcade ports are really what’s missing. There’s Klax, and… The Lynx got all the attention with exactly what we’re talking about. Not being a programmer, I wonder how much of the code from ports to other systems could be utilized to get a leg up on the 7800? It may be more trouble than it’s worth. That all said, I cast a vote for Vindicators to go first!
  4. Your Adventure III idea is awesome, and I definitely cast a vote in favor of it FWIW!
  5. Agreed. Although, I think there’s a lot of potential to mine in the series. My high level take would be 7800 Airworld, with the other titles in the series programmed-in as options to play in their original forms.
  6. Good call on Blasteroids. I’d love to see a port of that on the 7800. Really, *any* title from that era of Atari Games releases is worth a port.
  7. Don’t forget Miracle Warriors, and the epic, Phantasy Star ; ). They were my favs on the system. If I had the artistic ability, programming chops, and free time, I would tackle Swordquest - Airworld. It’s unfinished business for Atari, it would fill the action/adventure gap, and it would be awesome to take advantage of the 7800’s extra horsepower to finish the series. Any takers?
  8. This is looking great. Knight Guy is shaping up to be the official mascot the 7800 never had!
  9. Just got my Concerto, and It’s rad! I have a few quick, rookie questions. Is there way to navigate back and forth between menus in the OS? Also, can you go back to the OS from a game, to play another game, or do you have to power off and on again? BTW, I’m using Trebor’s ROM pack, and it’s working great. Thanks!
  10. Would also be cool to play on the never released, Atari-produced keyboard for the 7800!
  11. Maybe something the Quadtari could handle?
  12. Just resurfacing my 7800 from the thread to add to the list. It’s still unmodded, and FWIW it’s from a run of 7800s that have issues with cartridge-fit (*even 7800 carts*). I’d love to eventually isolate serial numbers where others can expect to find this problem, assuming it’s no already common knowledge. Oh, and any help is needed maintaining the list, I can pitch in, or even take the lead as well!
  13. Thanks! Gonna’ give it a shot now.
  14. I’m actually stuck at the 3rd or 4th guy. The one where the bird flies out at you. That said, I’ve only been playing it on-and-off for about a month. My thought is once you understand the controls, you can work with it. It’s basically predictable, although I wouldn’t have programmed it the same way. Maybe an enterprising programmer can mod a Karateka.01?
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