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  1. Just resurfacing my 7800 from the thread to add to the list. It’s still unmodded, and FWIW it’s from a run of 7800s that have issues with cartridge-fit (*even 7800 carts*). I’d love to eventually isolate serial numbers where others can expect to find this problem, assuming it’s no already common knowledge. Oh, and any help is needed maintaining the list, I can pitch in, or even take the lead as well!
  2. Thanks! Gonna’ give it a shot now.
  3. I’m actually stuck at the 3rd or 4th guy. The one where the bird flies out at you. That said, I’ve only been playing it on-and-off for about a month. My thought is once you understand the controls, you can work with it. It’s basically predictable, although I wouldn’t have programmed it the same way. Maybe an enterprising programmer can mod a Karateka.01?
  4. That’s fascinating. I’ve been learning a bit about Ram Dass, mostly through Pete Holmes’ podcast. I never would’ve expected that world to intersect with the 7800 via an obscure note in the code for Karateka! BTW, I’m actually a fan of the port, and possibly a bit of a sadist. Thanks for highlighting!
  5. I’ll cast my vote for Moon Cresta. I just got it, and I’ve been trying to give it a fair shake, but DAMN it’s hard. Like, part of me feels like there’s a reason it hasn’t been ported a ton. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate it for what it is, but I’d love to hear someone else’s take.
  6. I’ll second that. I was thinking recently about how great it would be to work through some basic programming exercises to better understand the fundamentals of the platform. I’m not a programmer by trade, but I have a bit of experience and exposure from coursework years ago, and even programming simple games on a TRS-80 from magazines as a kid.
  7. I just placed an order for this game yesterday. Looking forward to playing it!
  8. Something else I didn’t know. I had no idea Tengen got involved with marketing hardware. Very cool!
  9. Yup, I’ll be ordering one as well. I’ll keep an eye out!
  10. I’ve read every article, and enjoyed them all. I’m even using your reviews to prioritize what games I plan to add to my collection next. Keep it up!
  11. Uh, yes to this. Make this the box/cartridge art, and fit it into the “classic” 7800 template - color, of course!.
  12. You’re really doing Gods work, as they say, Bob. The 7800 is becoming the platform of choice for obscure arcade space shooters thanks to you! BTW, I have Moon Cresta on order, and can’t wait to play it!
  13. Somehow that’s more reassuring than Atari releasing botched hardware, but not by much. Sounds like at least a few games in the 7800 light-gun collection are ripe for hacking to (at least) correct for accuracy.
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