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  1. I currently have 7 of your consoles included, but none are EPs. I’m guessing you submitted any others after post #277 in the thread, but let me know if otherwise. The previous list was only current to that point, so I have some work to do still to get things fully up to date.
  2. The present row count is 221. I checked and found your console in the thread. I’ll be adding it as I work my way up from post #277. I’ll update on the thread with details as I make progress.
  3. Just a quick update. I modified the previous list in the original post to a spreadsheet format, and will be moving forward with updates as listed after post #277.
  4. Thanks @Albert for handing over edit rights, and thanks everyone else for chiming in! It looks like I do have some digging to do. I’m going to take some time to read through the full thread and start chipping away at details added post-277. I’ll have to figure out a good workflow to maintain the list offline, and also be able to update it here as new systems are shared. Give me a few days and I should have some progress to report. Onward!
  5. I’ve been following this post for a bit, and contributed my serial number a while back, but haven’t seen it in the list compiled by the OP. Just wanted to check and see if anyone is maintaining the list at this point? If not, I’d be happy to jump in and manage it. I’ve been looking for something to do to give back to the community and this would be right up my alley. I’ll stay tuned!
  6. Makes me think a bit of Oregon Trail, just in terms of side-scrolling westerns with a theme. Guessing you’ll lean more toward action though, a la Moon Patrol. I’m excited either way!
  7. Wow, thanks! I wasn’t aware of this document. Not exactly light reading, but I’ll see what I can make of it.
  8. Cool game, and I’d love to see what you have in mind in the way of tutorials. I’m not a programmer, but I know enough that good context around how a real game was created would go a long way to getting me started. My guess is there’s at least a few other people just like me looking for this resource.
  9. This is awesome. Thanks for making it! Someone with some Photoshop skills should mock up a 7800 retail box that has a “Comes with Kilparsec!” bubble in the corner or something. This would be complementary to the Pole Position one that’s already there. Just a fun thing to complement the game.
  10. This is super cool, and a long time coming! Is the user case for this that a programmer would choose the ‘level’ of Hokey chip to utilize for their particular game, based on that games needs, and then have it integrated when going though the publishing process?
  11. Awesome! I’m not sure who maintains the AA 7800 list - Al, perhaps? - but they should be able to use this to update it eventually. In any case, it’s great to see how much home-brew attention the 7800 has received, all in one place. I’m sure you’re aware, but there’s potential for quite a few releases this year. If what I’m seeing in the forums pans out, we could see between 6 and 8 new games.
  12. This is great! I was thinking recently that the list here at Atari Age was missing some games from the home-brew scene; especially ones that weren’t published through AA. Ideally, you could add other metadata like programmer, date published, etc. to add into the existing AA database.
  13. I’ve had that same thought for a while. More arcade ports would be great, but more *Atari (Games)* arcade ports are really what’s missing. There’s Klax, and… The Lynx got all the attention with exactly what we’re talking about. Not being a programmer, I wonder how much of the code from ports to other systems could be utilized to get a leg up on the 7800? It may be more trouble than it’s worth. That all said, I cast a vote for Vindicators to go first!
  14. Your Adventure III idea is awesome, and I definitely cast a vote in favor of it FWIW!
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