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  1. Has anyone any information about Datatech Enterprises? Nowadays it´s nearly impossible to get any information about that firm.
  2. Hard to say... Looks lika a "Base Attack" Clone.... Is it NTSC or PAL - what do you guess? http://www.atariboxed.com/index.php?go=detail&modul_refnumber=672
  3. Take a look at Ebay - 15€ for each would be OK. Boxed they´re much more expensive, may be 50-60€, if you are patient to wait for a good chance. But as Rom Hunter already mentioned: often the carts don´t work.
  4. Electic Boogie!

    Der Marc ist tatsächlich Sammler des Jahres!

    Freut´ mich!

  5. 1) Marc Oberhäuser 2) Schitti the Firefucker 3) Dino
  6. Anyone interested to have a nice weekend? http://www.retro-spektive.de/
  7. Hopefully he will not stop meeting friends and drinking beer....
  8. This is a great item, how much did you pay for it? I nehm´s für 5 Mäuse................
  9. Right! - Just a PAL label variation!
  10. A blast indeed! An event we have to repeat several times a year!
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