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  1. How do you test these things out? I purchased one last year and finally had time to play with it (after assembling my Flashrom99 also purchased last year). On one machine, all I get is a blank screen. On another machine, I tried loading a several ROMs that require 32k and they don't load.
  2. Thanks. I still have the original version in kit form still unassembled because Ralph couldn't make them fast enough when they were first introduced.
  3. I have done Bob's fix once and again recently on the same XL. I think all of us should buy a spare mylar for the long run.
  4. Best Electronics sells a replacement mylar.
  5. Just send a message to him on eBay asking for one and he'll get one out for you. Someone suggested a few months ago and I bought one from him.
  6. Tks. Just ordered my kit.
  7. Just Ralph an email and he's quick to respond. Looking to get the kit as he said he is backlogged on a complete assembled cart. Other than the resistors, ICs and caps (since I can see the arrangement on the pic), I hope I don't place the LED and switch the wrong way.
  8. I was so happy to pickup a new FB2 locally on Craiglist today till I found the thread on fake ones. Sadly mine is also a fake. I guess the brightside is that I got two new joysticks for $20. I wonder how many fake ones were made?
  9. Anyone wire-up a Harmony directly to a FB2? I just might have to buy another Harmony for the project.
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