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  1. would be so kind to put those files for everyone?
  2. they look really good! i prefere the brown ones . maybe we should try to 3d-print the shells in brown, if this colour is available...
  3. tomorrow 27. august there will be carts shipped to: Missouri 63301, FL33076, PA15214, CA92584, Canada, Sweden and Germany Neuwied. Thank you for buying & waiting. Does anybody has good ideas to make THE!CART even better?
  4. Yesterday and Today I shipped Carts to: Parkside, AUS, Berlin, DE, HI96789, USA, QLD, AUS (nice Country, i lived 1981-1983 in Qld!), Straszyn, PL, K286M9, Canada, PR00926, USA, CO80004, USA, IN46205, USA, MD20906, USA, CA90292, USA, Losone, CH and Velbert, DE. regards, Wolfram.
  5. today shipped carts to Hemmingen, DE Buenos Aires, Argentinia, FL, USA and OK, USA
  6. today 1x pcb shipped to NJ, USA and 3xPCB with 2 Cases to Almere/NL. Soldering Iron stays hot !
  7. i just ordered @ digikey! the have plenty of stock! So it should go on soon..
  8. hi, i just got a mail of mouser, the shipping date for those ordered flash chips will be april 2019! This is a no go, so i just called mouser and canceled this order. please have also a look for supplier of these chips: S29GL01GT**TF**** ! thank you...
  9. thank you, but don't forget HIAS for making the logic in the xilinx pld! Without him this never would work!
  10. the next 6 Carts are ready to ship! Now i run out of Flash-Chips (because Mouser only had 63 Chips on Stock, as i ordered). I have to order 35 Chips, hoping they arrive quick.
  11. 8 Carts are shipped to berlin today. next will go to: Michigan Waltham, Cleveleys Lancs, NW Hartville Ohio, Hamburg thank you, ProWizard
  12. the next six carts are shipped to Lexington,TN (2x), PeaceRiver,Canada(1x), Sandy,UT(2x) and Barberton,OH(1x). regards, Wolfram.
  13. I am not the guy who writes much thats true, but to cancel because of that??
  14. there are 4pcs to Ohio USA, 2pcs to Maryland USA, 1pcs to Vienna Austria, 1pcs to West Midlands UK, 2pcs to Idstein, Germany. Next carts are already in work...
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