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  1. Auction removed with 0 bids. Sold to an AA member
  2. Auction killed with no bids. Sold to an AA member
  3. I want one of those, but I don't wanna pay the 69 buck ebay price. Wish I had not sold mine a few years ago.
  4. I suck a it, but I have been playing Pac-land and Checkered flag. I always love Blue lightning though.
  5. Here is the auction for the bulk of the remainder of my Atari 2600 games. $1 starting bid no reserve. Have at it. Would be great for someone who wants a jumpstart on a collection. http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649
  6. sorry, put this in the wrong place. Delete if needed.
  7. Here is the auction for the bulk of the remainder of my Atari 2600 games. $1 starting bid no reserve. Have at it. Would be great for someone who wants a jumpstart on a collection. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121291060528?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. gonna give them a try. Gonna buy me a new lynx from Best Electronics, but when I get that I will send my current one off and see if does me some good.
  9. Bought some Duracell NIMH batteries tonight. Will see how they work. Still curious about the lithiums though.
  10. I learned today that you should never use CDR's with the brand name Pengo. lol
  11. New CDR = Beautiful working game. Thank you ggn and everyone involved in the game. Awesom work
  12. tried it twice and got the "?" when I installed into the jaguar. Gonna go try it on another computer and see what happens second computer = no help. Maybe I have crap CD-r. Gonna go buy some new ones and see what happens. I am out now anyway. Oh well
  13. I have had fits trying to burn this thing to a CD. I have downloaded the IMGburn and Jiffi. I have created the cdi file and I go to imgburn to burn it. Every time I try to select the file, I click on it and it goes away and when I try to burn it tells me to select a file again. This repeats over and over. Will never let me burn anything. Problem with Win 8 compatability maybe? Anyone else had that problem?
  14. Got me to playing WTR today and my wife kept telling me how much I suck at it. I guess I need some practice. lol
  15. lol, seriously, I really want to play WTR now. Gremlin lost one of my power supplies though. Gotta go dig through their rooms and try to find it, otherwise I will hit some thrifts and try to find one that will work. BTW, I still have fun playing Checkered flag. It really makes me mad<censored for language>, but I have a lot of fun with it as well. Wife wants me to break out Club Drive as well.
  16. You are probably right, but every time I buy rechargeables they seem to get taken by gremlins. I am not sure which gremlin in the house gets them, because I can never beat a confession out of them . Seriously, the kids make them disappear or maybe it is the wife, I don't know. I also asked the question though because I tend to mainly play my lynx when I am on trips and sometimes there is no way to recharge the batteries. Airplane ride for instance. Going to Vegas soon and I need to occupy a couple hours in the airport and on the plane and what not. I also have to ride with other people sometimes and they occupy the cig lighters with their damn phones. lol
  17. Makes me want to get my WTR game out and play it. Too bad Checkered flag did not come out like that.
  18. Has anyone used the video repair service from Estarland.com? I was thinking about sending a lynx II to them. I am starting to have issues with my screen dimming and then brightening again. I am wondering if the capacitor replacement would help this issue at all. When it is not dimming the pic is good. I also thought about just buying another Lynx from Best Electronics, but mine is in rather good shape and I would like to keep it. I may buy one and get mine repaired both. Not sure yet. Just wondering if anyone has used the service or dealt with this website at all.
  19. Thank you for the information. I have doe a lot of reading that suggest that these are truly wonderful batteries, but I worry that the initial voltage may be too high. Hopefully someone else will come along with more information.
  20. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I ran a search and did not see it, but forgive me if I missed. has anyone used the Energizer lithium batteries in their lynx? They have a little more voltage than a regular alkaline battery. Will it hurt anything?
  21. approximately 175 games please don't hold me too that. Please don't ask for a list, I don't have it in me. See here if anyone wants before I go to Ebay with it. $200 plus shipping to your location. US only. Lots of dust on them. They are of varying condition from excellent, to really rough. See 2 pics
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