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  1. Kisrael I would agree with you there. Left stick handles all flying, I did not use the right stick during the entire game. Only time it was needed was on the initial mission when they are taking you throughthe paces.
  2. I see what you mean about that level. I finally got past it, but not after a few hours of trying and a bought with motion sickness. Good game overall but there is not reason to ever play it again.
  3. Ditto to the above. Of course I have never had much problem with any system I have every owned. Other than the NES of course.
  4. What part would that be? I am at the part in the lost city were you have to go up against the tourists for the two skill tests. Is it after that?
  5. Little late on the topic but I just got this game and WOW. I would agree with the on par with HALO quote because this is the first game since HALO to have me hooked. Played it for a solid 5 hours last night. Good stuff all around. I am on the find the titanium mine mission and Have just upgraded to the next level of plane. Cool stuff.
  6. The box seems to be doing much better! Hurray
  7. Malix

    Halo 2

    Jeepnut, Pretty sweet avatar. I have a blue 97 wrangler and an Xbox. I like it.
  8. Anyone play the demo that is out yet? Probably, I am sure. I am usually late on this stuff but I just played a few rounds. Pretty cool, but is it me or is the demo super easy? I havent lost yet.
  9. Raijin, Agreed. I am almost already sick of it.
  10. Playing GTA Vice city right now. I am at the last Club mission where you have to rob the bank. I have been logging some serious time on this game and I am not really that impressed with it. It was fun at first but seems more like work at this point. Also there are times when you are running and get stuck in nasty jaggies in corners. Not fun when you have 10 gang members plugging away at you. At this point it is not so much fun as a mission to beat the thing.
  11. I got Vice city of 24 bucks, not a scratch on the disc and the original case. I would have gotten NFL 2k3 too but couldnt find a third game I wanted.
  12. Anyone play this on the box yet? What is it like?
  13. I high end Civic will beat the pants off a Camaro any day in a street race. Didn't you see the fast and the Furious? Depends on whether you are talking about a quarter mile or a longer race but back on topic. I love the Dreamcast design but it is not very sturdy so I will go with the Xbox, ugly but damn strong. As far as best of both worlds, 2600 6 switch woody. Nice looking and long lasting.
  14. I will second that suggestion. I spent many, many hours in college playing multi player on those. The twisted metal black was a huge disapointment on the PS2
  15. Owned it....Played it....Sold it..... Bought an Xbox and I am much happier
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