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  1. man i should get a dig e.t.just as a 'i told you so' award
  2. pm me if this is ever a cart for sale n please be a blue cart
  3. i remeber when there were no web sites n just usenet or irc or bbs before that i was on atari nexus
  4. This is so much win! DO WANT all these How about mystique action figures lol Love to see Imagic game figs, too
  5. Neat! I've NEVER seen hide or hair of any of these. That's got to be a new level of rarity. ONLY ONE KNOWN IN THE WORLD. lol. Atari 2600 is the best
  6. There sure are a lot of pong carts for the2600. heck u can even program it and play it in the basic game cart.
  7. Sweet. I love the one I have, very intense and lots of fun. Can't wait to see another version. Vectrex Star Castle is still my fave version, over the arcade etc.
  8. Godzilla


    Krull is one of my fave 2600 games. It's so good I'd list it with over faves instead of just saying 'It's a great licensed game.' Love all the gameplay elements. There was a way I had learned about diagnols and jumping that made the spider room fun. Also, auto-fire every time I get on horse back and I never miss extra-lives etc. So even if the sunset robs me of the castle, I've most likely earned back the life I lost. Love the later levels of the first stage. Intense
  9. I have yet to find any evidence that it actually existed. Yes, I saw the ad as a kid, too.
  10. my atari 2600 touch controller is wishing it had a mock of kits controls!!!
  11. Godzilla

    A better DK?

    My once mocked mock-ups not so mock-worthy anymore
  12. what happened with sharknado? I know I posted about wanting a white edition lol
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