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  1. So I've tried all the searching I can and I can't figure out if there is a way to search what's on which compilation or even title lists to search for all the compilations on the cd32. I see there are tosec and many others, archive.org has a ton indexed too... Specifically looking for midwinter I & II , also Hunter & Killing Cloud & any other polygon games thanks in advance
  2. This is truly sad news lost a hero
  3. Have stilphens maps been preserved anywhere?
  4. Godzilla


    Ok, I beat this game BITD and I got a full screen text about where to send for a t-shirt... Can anyone help me with this memory? I own fathom on many platforms, but the only one I remember putting in all the time to beat it was the 2600 version... And it was not the tiny text at the bottom...
  5. Put me down for one ntsc :)
  6. Just got one of these and the genesis one for a song looking forward to seeing how they do with loading games
  7. Do these work as one button controllers for the 2600? Would it be possible to get the four directions mapped to the four extra buttons of the six button?
  8. I know I've posted about this before and I did some searches and still haven't been able to find anything definitive... I want to have a list of the -actual- -retail- (Not some guy with a box of games trying to get them into his local stores (cough air-raid,) cough,) games released in the US. Every time I try to get the data together, the lists always have pal titles and protos and all sorts of mess in them Ideally, I'd like to have similar lists for other regions, so collectors in their respective areas can know what a complete set is for them. And of course a 'world wide' list. Ideally, one could have lists of unique titles but considering how strange the titles get with the pirates, I understand
  9. to quote one of the greatest people ever "I want it all and I want it now" when it comes to 2600, I really do want all of it. every weird little variation. All of the games from Ian Bogost's college programming class. All of it There really is nothing else like the 2600 in the console world, imho That's why I want to celebrate it all in a giant museum housing every game ever (physical and digital, from Senet to Pokemon Legends) www.theimagic.com
  10. yea, romhunter is awesome but I already knew about that, and was looking for all the homebrewness Did that Strongbad 2600 game ever get a demo or anything?
  11. I have tons of real 2600s too I use both That would be awesome!
  12. Surprised there isn't anything current... figured staying in would help give one time to collect
  13. www.theimagic.com

    1. CPUWIZ


      Dude, where have you been?

    2. Godzilla


      car accident, tbi, memory damage, lost job, divorce, remarried etc LIFE, DONT TALK TO ME ABOUT LIFE :)

  14. anything like this for the 2600?
  15. BUMP looking to try out some of the new stuff on my retron & one of those multicarts Has anyone done this work or are we forced to scour the nets for romz?
  16. put me down as a “must have” if this ever finishes
  17. can’t wait to put it next to the earlier release
  18. i will always stand by et as a good game i knew how to rtfm and i enjoyed it, as did everyone i knew at the time. modern ignorance around this title is astounding.
  19. man i should get a dig e.t.just as a 'i told you so' award
  20. pm me if this is ever a cart for sale n please be a blue cart
  21. i remeber when there were no web sites n just usenet or irc or bbs before that i was on atari nexus
  22. This is so much win! DO WANT all these How about mystique action figures lol Love to see Imagic game figs, too
  23. Neat! I've NEVER seen hide or hair of any of these. That's got to be a new level of rarity. ONLY ONE KNOWN IN THE WORLD. lol. Atari 2600 is the best
  24. There sure are a lot of pong carts for the2600. heck u can even program it and play it in the basic game cart.
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