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  1. That's rough. I hope you get a break soon.
  2. Hey, you okay? If it's any consolation, I think it's awesome that you explored the possibility of it. Anytime I've tried to learn to program I've folded in the first two or three weeks. LOL I like that you took the chair's endurance stats into account. xD
  3. Narrator's voice: But then, the chronojuice stopped flowing...
  4. But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane, In proving foresight may be vain: The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain, For promis’d joy! I don't know what that exactly says, but it's from the poem: "To a Mouse" by Robert Burns. I think it's saying that we get nothing but grief and pain when trying to make plans when we're so unsure of the future. No book ever happened, which is probably just as well. I still look forward to playing all the games I can before death, whenever that is.
  5. Yeah, I seem to remember starting that last screen and just BAM. They've invaded. I must've really had to scramble for my camera to get that screenshot, too.
  6. I don't know if it was ever scanned! Obviously, I was using a copy of the Schach game for this entry. I think Schach has some extra electronics in it, not to mention a little red light, that might have made its emulation less straight-forward than the other games for the Fairchild. Maybe it was never dumped?
  7. Mezrabad

    Trip to Modern Arcade

    hahahah nooo, no, nope! I think I found one towards the end of the following month, April.
  8. It really was kind of impressive (though again, I wasn't a very good Chess player). It was those sorts of memory tricks that frustrated the hell out of my parents because I was a mediocre student at best in high school. Decades later, it's clear now that I've always had ADHD and what I was doing then was "hyperfocus". Meaning, if I thought it would impress someone I cared about impressing, I could hyperfocus in the moment, or even over several moments. The less I cared about impressing anyone, the less I found myself able to concentrate on anything.
  9. Mezrabad

    stream of conscious

    Yeah... this was not the entry of a mentally healthy person. I'm doing much better now, thank you.
  10. xD I love the discussion above. I hope everyone is still around. Looking back, I'm flattered that there were such informed and creative minds who would take the time to read and comment on my entries. ^ ^
  11. I only vaguely remember enjoying Poker Solitaire! It's frustrating to read some of these entries sometimes as it feels like they were written by someone else. Life and memory is weird. There's something in us that makes us think we've been the same person our whole lives. A continuity of sorts, but what if that's just a particular combination of neurotransmitters that gives us this "feeling" that we've always been the same person? People have head injuries or disorders that can cause complete breaks in who they remember being. Anyway, I'll probably forget, but now I want to try playing that Poker Solitaire game again.
  12. I think that MobyGames (like I've often done) is getting their information from copyright dates. I think RandomTerrain did it by going through ads and articles being published at the time. For me it's primarily a way of "deciding" what games to play. There are just so many available, and I could play them all just by picking a system and slogging through them alphabetically, but I think it's more interesting to see the progression of design. The biggest out of order play so far has been playing Super Breakout waaaaay before its time. I guess it's copyright was based on the first Breakout game.
  13. I know it's Latin, but "ad eternum" for some reason makes me think of cryptocurrency now.
  14. HAHAHAH that's awesomely bad! "If you encounter this bug, um, just restart, we couldn't fix it." xD
  15. I bet I would love the music for those DOS games. I used to really like hearing midi-generated music and enjoy chip-tunes now.
  16. LOL I have to give it credit for being a fun running gag. xD
  17. I literally have no memory of this game anymore. T_T I don't know why I left the exclamation points off my titles. I think that my sort of amused mocking of them broke down into annoyance at the fact they weren't entirely consistent with it. (Computer Intro, for instance.) (Yes, I should forgive them for not being consistent, since consistency isn't exactly a hallmark of my own personal behavior.)
  18. hahah yes! In 2007 I graduated (slightly before turning 40) I started with getting a gig as an accounting clerk for about a year and then in 2008 moved to a big corporation that makes these cool phones with touch-screens on them that turned out to do pretty well...
  19. I'm glad you got to see the helicopter! I'm sorry my link was borked. and yeah, I probably never picked Computer Intro again though I likely still have the book around.
  20. LOL you're absolutely right on the "planets" vs. "moons" call-out. I don't know if I can blame a manual for that mistake either. I certainly knew the difference at the time. xD Oh, I bet I totally bailed on the idea of the Computer Intro thing. From the start of this entry I can tell that I was already procrastinating creating new entries because of the long process for taking screenshots. (I think I had a digital camera and I was overwhelmed by the process of taking the pictures, moving them to the computer, deciding what to crop and use... it was just too much for me while I was going to University at night. If I didn't "get lazy" and simply things, the project would have stopped altogether, which, eventually it did.)
  21. Thank you! Fixed! ^ ^ I don't disagree, it would have been nice. I did like this two player, even if implemented oddly. I don't actually remember playing this with my son. It makes entries like these priceless to me, personally, though.
  22. Yeah, it's an extremely strong memory and I honestly cannot see a black and white TV without thinking about the memory of the black and white TV I had in my room and that night seeing the news of the murder of John Lennon. I don't remember anything else about having it. They really ran with that exclamation point, didn't they? I never did anything interesting with Computer Intro(!). In fact, I'd have to say that most of my adult life was spent coming up with ideas and not having the ability to concentrate hard enough to follow-through on them. I recently was diagnosed with ADHD which explains a hell of a lot about my lack of ability to follow through on anything my entire life. If I'd been diagnosed, say, in my teens or 20s, I may have lived a very different life. (Not saying a better one, just a different one.) Just being aware that this is a "thing" for me now makes it easier to "snap out of it" and pay more attention to what I'm doing vs. what I had intended to be doing. We're still working on figuring out a good dosage for me, but now that I'm aware of it, I get to hate myself a lot less.
  23. Aye, they sure don't. 😭
  24. Mezrabad

    DP Blogs not eaten!

    Flack!!!! Reading this again reminds me how much I always liked how you write. I hope you're doing well. (I haven't gotten to the point of my return where I actually start looking people up yet. Mostly because I don't expect that many will remember me. Regardless, it's great to see "you" here even from 15 years ago.)
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