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    bery, bery good to me

    Yeah, one can tell the designers really liked baseball, but I'm afraid I'm likely to be like this about all sports games. "likely" leaving me open to enjoy sports games now and then.
  2. Mezrabad

    Fun Tzu

    My son remembers, my daughter does not. At least she does not remember Odyssey. She remembers the Atari VCS though! I'm counting on that when I bring her back to this. She's 10 now but has been corrupted by "modern games" and iPads... she may be irretrievably lost to the project. hahah, glad you appreciated the overtly political comment. xD I think the rest of the world notices it more than a lot of us do.
  3. Mezrabad

    PER-cepts, not PRE-cepts

    Hah, yes! Another example of all of the work being done inside our heads and with the physical elements not on the screen. I agree though, much better than as a randomizer.
  4. Mezrabad

    Gallery of things to Shoot

    heheh, yes! Will periodically check the "latest visitors" bar and be shocked that people are visiting. The hit count keeps going up too! I need to start again. The plan is after my trip in October. I have a new "game cave" to work in now.
  5. Mezrabad


    One gets the hang of the controller. It's a lot like using an Etch-o-Sketch.
  6. Mezrabad

    Video Homicide is Born!

    Oh, hey, good point! I didn't make it clear that there was a specified path. I will fix that if I ever actually re-write this again. : D
  7. Yeah, I should have made more of those movies. It's funny though that little slice of time took like six hours to set up and get "as close to 'right'" as possible. Now I think it would be much easier, though... hmm... I would need some kind of tripod for my iPhone... OH, so cool that you got to play those others! Shame about the Odyssey being "hands off"... the system is a bit fragile in terms of keeping it working... I bought five of them and got three of them working (actually... I think these numbers are off... I want to say I got four of them working but I don't know anymore.), but only because I cannibalized the other two. xD
  8. Mezrabad

    Brief Rehash

    Well, all of the games are "fun" in a meta sense. I think it's all about having the right attitude and enjoying the people you're playing with. I think games used to require someone to bring the fun a lot more than they do now. (any game, I mean look at tic-tac-toe with pencil and paper. Fun? meh. but how often did we play it when were were in grade school? It was something easy to do with friends.) All in all, I agree, I like the games too and spending time playing them with my kids was so much more fun than watching Ultraman with them would have been. I mean, not that they remember it very much, but I always will.
  9. Mezrabad

    Simon Says

    lol, it's weird now that a. my daughter is 10 and has actually grown immune to any attempt I make to "fake her out" Her: "Where's Mommy?" Me: "Mommy left, she hates you and left to follow her dream." Her: "Oh, shut up. Where is she?" And it's weird that my "reviews" (I still wish there were a better word, but "short article about that time I played whatever with one of my kids" is so unwieldy from a writing stand point) are now sort of like "retro-retro reviews". We're all from the future!
  10. Mezrabad

    Early Edutainment

    Thanks! Hmm... did I not include the answers? I think I was being silly... wow, maybe I just forgot! >_< I think that "Hawaii" card story will just be lost to the corridors of time. I can't imagine anyone even making a mental note of it when it was happening. Well, if a dramatization of the production of Odyssey were ever to be made, then they'd have to make something up for this bit.
  11. Mezrabad

    Place your bets!

    Hah, yes, I'm a glutton for praise but I've learned through this that I'd make a terrible reviewer! I'm much too subjective and my opinion of a game can change with my mood or the amount of caffeine and sugar I've had that day. But yes, absolutely, I do my best to express myself as genuinely as I can in this thing, it's important that my enthusiasm shine through even if it puts me in a rather geeky light. xD The story goes that the inventor wanted to sell the game for about $20 and just include Tennis and a couple of other games. The folks who were marketing/selling it said they needed to make more money per unit, because people wanted to feel like they were making a substantial purchase. It's been said that yes, they overdid it. Also remember $100 in 1972 was like $400 in 2005 (I don't know what it would be now) this system was expensive, but it was doing something nothing else ever had.
  12. Mezrabad


    Hey, good point about that potential exploit. I wanted to like this one sooo much, simply because of the science fiction approach. We never did go back and play it, though I think it would be cool to map the overlay and see the possible paths. They had to have tested this I would think. It's just that at a particular point, the paddles would cross and the beam would be impossible to connect... the paddles wouldn't deflect the beam anymore because it would be coming from the other side of the paddle... the paddles were "one-way"... hmmm... well, it's been 7 years since I played, I may have to check again.
  13. Mezrabad

    First Home Adventure

    Aaah, think of it as moving around in a dark room and trying not to bump into things. You are supposed to avoid lighting things and still keep track of where you think your little square is. A videogame where it's less about hand-eye coordination and more about hand-inner-eye coordination. W.I.N. (I think) is like this, too. And No, I'm not terribly surprised the design element didn't catch on. hahah.
  14. Mezrabad

    Cat and Mouse

    Yeah, this was bizarrely geometric. I still won't unstick those numbers to put on my overlay. I'm guessing it was cheaper, production-wise, to print up another sticker sheet than it would have been to redesign and reprint the overlay.
  15. Mezrabad

    First Home Shooter

    Yes! The social factor of rule enforcement is neat to think about. Compare it to "if the game lets me exploit this glitch, then I'm not cheating." concept. Now we expect the game to be the policeman and if it misses something, oh well. not our problem.
  16. Mezrabad


    Okay, I'll put that on my to do list (after my trip) I'll video it assuming I can get one of my Odysseys working again.
  17. Mezrabad

    Insert lame "puck" pun here.

    I agree! They were establishing the "sports game" genre! I do find a lot of these games to be difficult to enjoy but that doesn't mean I don't respect that all of them were "the first" and that someone who'd never seen a videogame before had to create them out of thin air.
  18. Mezrabad

    Odyssey Football . . . ouch.

    Heheh, well, yeah, I was curious about Soccer too, but something to note: when I was buying these games I was spending WAY too much money (that I really didn't have and wasn't earning) on trying to get these games (particularly the four 1973 games). If I'd started saying "oh, yeah, and I should get the European versions too" the collector inside me might have started doing that with everything down the road as well. I thought it best, and cheaper, to stick to the US.
  19. Mezrabad

    Tennis und der Überlay

    Actually, a lot of them were dark, but not as dark as this picture. I took this without a flash. it really depending on how you set the lights up in the room. There's a video of me playing "Prehistoric Safari" on YouTube somewhere that gives a good look at how the overlay looks, moves and can be lit.
  20. Mezrabad

    Drunken Physics

    I think if I'd been an adult in 1972, I would have definitely played Odyssey over watching Ultraman, but remember... no VCRs... you miss that episode of Ultraman... when are you going to see it again? ever? you're five or six years old, that Odyssey will be in your house tomorrow, but the episode of Ultraman? It was pretty compelling "in the moment" times... there was no "saving for later" when it came to TV watching in 1972. xD
  21. Mezrabad

    Ultraman vs. Odyssey

    Hahah, no, no it didn't! I was actually surprised because "out of the box" the Odyssey appears far more boardgame than video game. I didn't think it stood a chance against even Ultraman. (I was about five or six years old when the first series of Ultraman was being broadcast in the states. I really liked it then. I'll admit to finding it hard to watch now. It was easier to get my kids to play these games than it was to get them to watch Ultraman, I can tell you that.)
  22. Mezrabad

    A Stupid Idea

    Hey! Thanks for all your kind comments, Nelio. I'm reading them all. I think I would have more followers / comments if I were a little more consistent in my production times. I can't believe it's been 7 years. It's weird to ego-google and see "chronogamer" get a lot of entries... there's even a chronogamers site, though completely unrelated and I'm not even sure why they use the name. (I'm not the first to use "chronogamer", but I was the first to use it to refer to obsessively playing games in chronological order of release... most use it in reference to the SNES game which I also love.) OH so you saw me at Armchair Arcade first! Yeah, I love that site! That was my first attempt to "redux" these entries, but unfortunately I started doing that around the time I got a job and obviously my "release" schedule suffered. You're welcome, and thank YOU for your encouragement and appreciation.
  23. Wow people still read this? Guess I need to start doing this again.... I've said that before of course. I'm going to Japan next month. Maybe with that out of the way I'll have closure and need to obsess on this again.
  24. Mezrabad

    Dear Japan,

    Dear Japan, Please get well soon. Love, Mezrabad
  25. Nice! My understanding of the whole bonus thing is that it's Corporate's job to have offer the bonus as bait, but make it so that no one gets it. There was a thread somewhere at digital press. The manager visited the corporate offices and saw a big banner saying something to the effect of "It's our job to keep them from earning their bonus" What a mixed signal to send anyone! "Here's what you can make if you excel, go for it!!" ---- "WHAT? You did it? What the hell!?!"
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