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  1. Dang. I don't have the strength to fix all those links again. I will remove them and not call them links. Thank you for checking. Fixed!!! (only took 8+ years)
  2. Mezrabad

    DP Blogs not eaten!

    Nelio, you were my long-suffering friend/reader from the future and now you're my long-suffering friend/reader from the past. I do apologize from the bottom of my heart that I was and may yet still be such an inconsistent person at this.
  3. Mezrabad

    DP Blogs eaten?

    Damnit, i did it again, Nelio posted something in 2012 and I accidentally deleted it. grrrr. He was saying that in 2012 he went to look for my blog over on DP but to no avail. This is why I should sleep more, else I start deleting bits of history. Sorry, Nelio!
  4. xD I haven't seen that correction yet. I've been reformatting entries but not really re-reading them. I guess I'll do that after I've finished reformatting. I actually wrote a little correction in the entry a couple nights ago that my memory seems to think I must have plagiarized from somewhere else but I have no idea where I could have read another explanation of this game. (ooooh, now I see the correction! herp derp)
  5. It is super cool of you to have provided these instructions for Nelio and others that came after. Thank you, Sir Lance!
  6. Sadly, I have no idea where any of this stuff has gone. The intervening years were a rough patch. I still have my physical things, but I'm unsure about where any of my digital things are. Even if I had the foresight to back this stuff up, they're probably burned into a CD-ROM that I might not even be able to read anymore. (I have one CD drive in the house. A superdrive that works with a MacBook Pro from 2015 or so.)
  7. The whole blog is absolutely riddled with linkrot, I'm so so sorry to say.
  8. I had remembered they were different, but I hadn't remembered enough about their differences to write about them. I just now made an edit to the entry, though I can't remember if what I just wrote was something I read elsewhere in the intervening years or if it was something I'd figured out on my own. My brain bugs me sometimes.
  9. Oh, I think I was making reference to the idea that I only saw "ZZZs" as something people do when they're asleep, but it was pointed out to mean "snoring" which can happen if someone is asleep or knocked unconscious (different from sleep in a few ways, but I'm no doctor.)
  10. I'm sure I've mentioned this in other Bowling videogame experiences, but after thinking about it some, I realized that Bowling was one of the very few Real Life experiences I could claim that have been translated into videogames. (Skiing is another. Driving should count, too.)
  11. I wish someone had asked someone who might have known. I had remembered playing Checkers on the Channel F but I'd forgotten I'd used the MESS for it. (MESS doesn't exist in 2021 anymore, it's merged or something with MAME or another emulator designed to play a bunch of different emulators. I'm SOOO lost now with emulation and I used to be able to feel my way around before.) I'm really happy I found this entry for Checkers. While playing through 1980 there have already been three checkers games. I'm glad I don't need to do this one after all.
  12. Mezrabad

    Schach for Channel F

    OH WOW! And PAC-MAN! Dang, I have missed out on the comings and goings of Channel F. I did get to play Tetris on the emulator though, that was a real treat. Thank you for that link! I did figure it would take longer at higher levels. I'll babelfish the instructions. (Well, I don't think babelfish is still around (though that was an awesome name for it) but google translate is going strong.) I really do like the light!
  13. Mezrabad

    1979 Protoview

    oh dude! I envy your journey. I do hope it has continued (Playing computer games, i mean, not the whole "talking alone" bit, which I'm kind of doing now, too.) And yeah, the thing about looking into the past, it's so easy to get nostalgic, morose and melancholic, at least it always has been for me. (even when I was a kid, which, I mean, c'mon, as a kid it wasn't like I had a whole bunch of years about which to feel melancholy, but I managed to do it then, too.)
  14. Here in 2021, I've encountered something I never expected that would have made the handheld games better to play sooner rather than later: Eyesight! Playing handhelds is a bit of a chore now. I can take off my glasses and hold things close to my face, but it's just not as pleasant as sitting at a desk or on a couch in the living room. I'm in my early 50s now and was in my late 30s when writing these entries originally. I just had no idea that it would become a hassle to play something on a tiny screen some day. (This eye sight kicked when I was about 45. I can play on handhelds with my glasses off, but if I'm wearing my contacts forget about it.)
  15. Mezrabad

    1978 Album 56k beware

    I think you do mention it in another comment as the "old computers" site. I think you also mentioned how oddly formatted some of my entries had become. (Which I hope I've fixed for good now, but who knows.)
  16. Mezrabad

    1978 Retroview

    Here in 2021, I have an Apple II-GS that I probably got not too long before you came long and started commenting. I think I booted it up once or twice and was happy to discover it working. Apparently the thing has a board in it that's an entire working Apple II. I really love the computers from back then and I suppose I'll get around to exploring those, someday, too.
  17. LOL You are absolutely right! It does serve to show that I really might've benefited from the technical writing course. I did go on to take it and now 15 years later, there's a chance to do some technical writing in my actual job. Since it's been about 15 years since I've done any technical writing (and only for that class) I think I'm going to pass. xD
  18. Mezrabad

    Math-a-Magic! Echo!

    I can't imagine hitting the 33 notes anymore. That was probably a musical talent, certainly not my short term memory ability.
  19. Mezrabad

    Football, Odyssey^2, 1978

    DAMNIT In my zeal to delete the entries that kind Nelio had created to indicate the next entry and the previous entry, I accidentally deleted one of Nelio's actual comments. I apologize Nelio. I will try to recreate it from memory. Neilo quoted me as quoting the manual: "On-screen electronic sensors enable the defensive linesman to follow the ball automatically." And he said something like "This was so the people of the time didn't mistake what was happening for witchcraft." Which I think is a valid insight and I'll be more careful in my clean ups moving forward.
  20. LOL "From hell's heart I stab at thee... for hate's sake - I spit my last breath at thee!" xD
  21. Mezrabad

    just a second . . .

    Hey, these links ARE interesting reading and I was glad to learn that the term I was trying to find was indeed ray casting (I had wondered if it was ray tracing, that's something else entirely and only 30 years after Wolfenstein are we seeing it in a real-time 3D game. (Minecraft RTX) And, yes, despite my dislike of the RCA Studio II, it is part of history (Plus I really think its box and actual console design was pretty sweet looking. The way we used to think the future would look. "The way the future was" one could say.)
  22. Mezrabad

    Blackjack, Odyssey^2, 1978

    There's no shame in getting to something late! Obviously, 8.5 years after you mentioned it, I'm getting back to you about it. BG was a good series and I think I'd enjoy it again. Sooo many times I thought I'd be coming back, so I'm hesitant to say that I am. This time, at the very least, I'm going to fix all of the formatting on the entries.
  23. Mezrabad

    Exponential Odyssey

    I vaguely remember reading about the Interton VC 4000 and I think I'd come up with a reason why I didn't feel I needed to include it. I don't remember what that reason was, but the only thing I can think of at this point was that I must've thought it was something I'd have never seen in the US back in 1978.
  24. Mezrabad

    Another Chronogamer Found!

    ( * Laughs in procrastination from the distant future * )
  25. Mezrabad

    Blackjacque, APF, 1978

    Yah, clearly I was having a bad day or something. xD Well, let it be said I'm not a man that holds on to his opinions when shown evidence of his mistakes.
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