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  1. Well, holy crap! That's good to know. Even more than a decade later it's good to know.
  2. Mezrabad

    Hangman, APF, 1978

    Right? I get the feeling of de ja noose. . .
  3. Mezrabad

    Catena, APF 1978

    I'm embarrassed to admit that I never played 7th Guest. I guess I should!
  4. Mezrabad

    Rocket Patrol, APF, 1978

    Yay! Thank you for finding that other link. I will add it to the entry.
  5. That does seem lazy and strange. I feel they should have just insisted it be a two-player only game and not let the player choose a number.
  6. I'm glad to hear they were working perfectly in MESS in 2012. I'm so out of the emulation game these days I have no idea how I would play it. I think at some point I got Ward Shrake's Bally Multicart.. so.. maybe I'll go back and try it, if only to hear the sound... assuming my Bally is at all in working order!
  7. Mezrabad

    Football, Bally, 1978

    Oooh... hmm.. I wonder why I said scroll, I mean, I know how the difference should look but maybe I got it wrong. It's really good to see you on all these comments. Sorry that I took a decade to read them!
  8. Mezrabad

    Ugly Homebrew

    hahah omgosh, YES! Here in 2021, I actually still have it and I guess I'll try to use it soon. I'm not as intimidated by the crafty aspect as I used to be (mostly from not trying to do anything crafty for a long time) but maybe I'll just "fix" what I have now.
  9. Well said, brother! Well said, indeed.
  10. Mezrabad

    Datsun 280 Zzzap / Dodgem

    I... don't know if it's really called Datsun 280 Zzzap or not now, though, I wouldn't have made that name up. It's not a very interesting name and I'm not really a car guy. Interesting though. Weird that it would disappear like that.
  11. This is an insightful comment, Nelio, as always, but because this was so long ago, I can barely remember its context. xD
  12. Mezrabad

    My APF plea . . .

    I'm doing something similar to you. I'm going through each of these entries and after fixing the formatting, looking at the comments. I do remember having an APF and a nice person on the board loaned me the cart that was so difficult to find.
  13. okay, found it! Play game 14 to 11 points. Then set a new game right away Game 43, to 67 points (maybe someone's birthday?) and the programmers last name appears.
  14. Oh crap... I didn't describe how to do it, did I and I have NO clue anymore how I did. Damn. Now I have to look and try to find out. I did learn that Spitfire has an Easter Egg in it, but that it's not something can trigger while playing it on the original hardware. I seem to remember triggering the Easter Egg for Whizball while playing on an actual TV and not while using an Emulator. Lots of information out about this stuff now and I remember reading the steps to make the Whizball egg appear, but now I guess I'll have to watch a YouTube video. xD
  15. I don't know if I address it, but I do have a #19 cart, but it's not Checkers. It's the German #19 cart. Oddysey in Weltrum, I think.
  16. LOL I appreciate you appreciating my gallows humor. xD And maybe they did rename it for the Zircon release. I never bothered checking afterwards. I can't believe I missed so many of your comments even after I came back a couple of times in 2014! I'm seeing all of the formatting issues that I think you were talking about and I'm adding paragraph breaks as I go through.
  17. Mezrabad

    Dodge-It, FCF 1978

    LOL xD I wish that worked for everything. Calming myself just makes me calm while things continue to confuse me.
  18. Mezrabad


    I think I got a lot of dates wrong. I'm positive that, at some point, I play Super Breakout years ahead of its release date, but I was acting on the information I was able to find at the time. RandomTerrain did a great project at some poine in the intervening 16 years and by using advertisements and catalogs was able to come up with a much more satisfying release date chart. I'm using that moving forward, at least for Atari games.
  19. Yeah, it's not terrible, it's just not something we felt the need to play again. I think that could be a function of having so many games. If we really were in 1978, our options would be more limited, even among 1978 games. (i.e. I wouldn't own all of them in 1978.)
  20. Mezrabad

    Outlaw aka Gunslinger

    I finally watched it!!! You're right, it's awesome! xD
  21. Mezrabad

    I toured NCSoft today.

    It's still a really great memory. Obviously, I'm a big fan of my childhood console video games and they were fun because they were shared experiences with other people back in the day, and with my kids back when I was beginning Chronogamer. (Now my kids aren't around. Trying to play the two player games is difficult and makes me a little melancholy.) I didn't really get to play PC games until my early 20s but when I did, it was like living in them. I remember the feeling of hyperfocus while playing Ultimas 4 and 5. Mapping the dungeons. Keeping track of every clue and power word and rune sequence for the spell. I lived and breathed in those games like one could only do for weeks on end with PC games. (this was around 1992ish, I guess. I think other games had come out for consoles where one could get just as immersed, but I'd totally missed the boat on those, not having had access to a video game console since 1985.) It's funny, I just reinstalled Blade Runner from Westwood Studios. They really were a creative group. I never played the Kyrandia games, but if I ever make it out of the 80s, maybe I'll give them a shot.
  22. Mezrabad

    1978 Protoview

    Hi, I'm writing from 2021 and playing in 1980 now. I've gotten through all of the Atari and Intellivision 1980 libraries and am looking at the Fairchild Channel F (rebranded from VES) games. Back in 2005, I'd read something about 1980/81 was when Fairchild had rebranded its VES to Channel F and released the last of its games. They had skipped releasing #19 Checkers in 1978 and it didn't come out until 1980. Fast forward (well, okay, slow forward) to 2021 and I got my latest list from wikipedia which goes back and lists #19 as coming out in 1978. So.. either I missed it in 1978, or wikipedia has it wrong. Either way, #19 Checkers is probably the next game I need to play here in 2021. (After already playing two Checkers games on the Atari VCS in the recent weeks.) Truth be told. I don't even have the US release of cart #19. I have the German release (that I got when I acquired the German #20 Schach (Chess)) I might just play the German #19 instead if I haven't already. It looks spacey.
  23. Mezrabad

    1977 Retroview

    Mine happened in 2015 and it really was for the better, too.
  24. !!! Wow, and boy did they use it in Home Run! It is amazing how they kept getting around supposed hardware limitations. Wow, like Auto-Tetris! Yeah, that could work! Speaking of Tetris, I've seen the homebrew for the Fairchild VES, but I haven't checked out the Atari homebrews in a loooong time. I guess it's time to see if anyone did Tetris for it. If it was even possible.
  25. Mezrabad

    Basic Math and Blackjack

    You are absolutely correct! back in 1980 (I got my Atari that Christmas) My Grandmother had gotten us the system and two more carts, so we had Combat, Space Invaders and somehow she'd decided to get us Blackjack. I'm being quite honest right now when I admit that it never once occurred to me, until this minute, that she gave us the Blackjack cart so that my Mom and Dad might be interested in playing it. I'll still probably complain more about Blackjack (and later, Checkers) but I appreciate you reminding me that adults had to purchase these systems and they'd want to play Blackjack. Yes, absolutely. I had understood the "educational" angle. I was often frustrated watching the type of "education" games that came out, more often than not just trying to make a quick buck. (Until Robot Odyssey by Warren Robinette which was freaking amazing. Technically, I guess it was a puzzle game, but it felt educational.)
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