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  1. The system showed up today safe and sound. Everything works great and is as described. I'm very happy with it all.

    I'd be more than happy to do business with you again.

    Thanks. :D


    Same here, I appreciated your patience with me as I tried to figure out what I should get for the stuff above.


    For the record and for anyone who tracks purchases like these for price guides or what ever. Final price of the above lot was $37.50. I think it worked out to $25 for the tested and working system and 2.50 for each of the very common cartridges with their used/damaged boxes instructions, etc.

  2. I dont mind resellers that start the auctions at 99 cents and let them run..ones i cant stand are the stores that put a bin price on items that sit for years but will not come down on the price...


    Yeah, I'd have to say that nails it for me, too. I'd prefer to see them actually let the market set the price than to just wait until someone stupid enough to pay the topmost dollar comes along. Then again, one of my favorite quotes says that rarely has a person lost money while underestimating the intelligence of the general public.

  3. Okay, here's the photo flood.


    Here we got the system and its accessories.

    AC adaptor is not original but it works.

    RCA connector on RF cable is also not original, but works.

    As you can see, right controller missing gold disc, but both controllers have their little screw in posts.

    Box has seen better days, but, hey! It's Bi-Lingual!



    Don't know what happened to BaseBall's back label, but the cart works.

    BaseBall is Cart Only. No Box, Manual, overlays.


    Cat Trax (Pac-Man-ish)


    Escape (Berserk-ish)


    Space Attack (Galaxian wannabe)


    Tanks-A-Lot (guy running with bazooka vs. Tanks)


    I'm not familiar with these games but have tested them all enough to start them and take screenshots. Tanks A Lot gave me a little trouble initially but did work. The others booted right up and seemed to work fine. Tanks A Lot and CatTrax are each missing an overlay. SpaceAttack and Escape didn't originally come with overlays. Space Attack also has its "Supplymental" instructions.



    This is Escapes box to illustrate the type of damage that occurs with this type of box.

    CatTrax, Escape and Tanks a Lot all have similar box damage, though I would describe CatTrax's as in the worst shape. Space Attack's Box is in great shape. Three of the boxes have the light blue plastic cart holder. (See Pictures)


    I haven't done the research on pricing yet. Do your homework and make me an offer on the lot. If it sounds good I'll take it. If it sounds low, then I'll do my homework and make a counteroffer.


    For your offer, consider the system "loose" but working and tested with AC and hookup but no RF switch box. Since the box is in bad shape consider it a freebie, as will be the manual if I find it. The Baseball cart was the pack-in for the system but consider it a "loose" cart and subtract for the crappy back label. For each of the boxed games, consider Space Attack as Boxed/Complete-Fine, Cat Trax as Cart with Manual and one overlay, only (box is poor so consider it freebie), Escape as Boxed/Complete-Fair and Tanks Alot as Cart/Manual/OneOverlay/Box-Fair .


    If you are interested, you'll pay actual cost of shipping and I'll pay for insurance and tracking. I'll work on getting this stuff boxed (since I'll be selling it eventually anyway) and see if I can get an estimate of shipping cost for you based on the zip code you pm'd me, but it may not happen until Wednesday or so.


    I've provided you with as much information as I can about the condition of each item to allow you to do your best to make a fair offer so that I don't have to do the work myself to set the price. Make a fair offer and you'll probably get a pretty good deal (which you can feel free to back out of if shipping turns out to cost an arm and a leg).


    My eBay handle is chronogamer and I've got some good feedback over at DP as mezrabad. Should be some good feedback around here, too. Take care.

  4. I've got the Canadian version (Leisure Vision) in the box that I could sell you with some carts. I'll put together some pictures for you and you can let me know if you are interested. I'll try to post them by tomorrow night.

  5. With the card in the CF slot, I go to a command prompt in XP to use the TI specific utilities and type, for example, "dsk2cf c:\ti994a\HITCHHIK.dsk 2", the program tells me there are no flash drives connected.

    Well, you're almost exactly on the right track there, it just seems that your printer/CF reader isn't cooperating :) Syntax is cf2dsk <volume#> <DSK file>


    Okay, now you're confusing me. If I'm trying to copy something from my PCs hard disk to the cf, I use dsk2cf. If I want to copy something from the cf to my hard disk then I use cf2dsk. It think you're right about the syntax of cf2dsk, and if I ever use it I will have to remember to put the volume first.


    Two are no names, one pocket reader and one CompUSA floppy 6 in1 type of thing - but the best one I have, and the one I use almost exclusively now is the SanDisk Imagemate 12in1 reader.


    Great! Thank you! Now I have an excuse to go to CompUSA! ;) (A place I'm not supposed to go unless I need to buy something specific. That's one of those "wife ordinances".)

  6. Okay, my printer isn't recognizing the TI formatted CF as readible. It is probable that this thing will only seek recognized windows volumes or it's just broken. I'm thinking of going out and just getting a card reader. Can someone else who used this TICF adaptor tell me the type of card reader they used? Just in case it matters?

    If I'm reading that correctly, you're plugging a CF card into your printer? Does your printer normally make CFs inserted into it available to your PC?


    In any case - you do know that the CF TI format is not readable at all by Windows - correct? If not re-read the instructions. ;)


    I've used a couple different card readers, it shouldn't make a difference.


    No, it shouldn't make a difference, but apparently it does which is why I'm asking. My printer has a media card reader built into it. I've used two out of the four slot formats previously with no troubles. I put the CF card in the CF slot and the printer blinks "Reading..." for a little while and then says "Card Access Error". Not all that surprising as the CF card is in TI format. (fyi, the reader is in an HP Photosmart 7350)


    With the card in the CF slot, I go to a command prompt in XP to use the TI specific utilities and type, for example, "dsk2cf c:\ti994a\HITCHHIK.dsk 2", the program tells me there are no flash drives connected.


    I may be doing other things wrong and if by reading what I've written you can point them out, that's great! I'd appreciate it; but what could really, really help me would be for you to please tell me the brand names of the card readers you used successfully, so that I don't go out and buy a card reader that does that exact same thing as the card reader I'm already using which is essentially nothing.


    Thank you in advance. I really appreciate it.

  7. whoops.


    Okay, my printer isn't recognizing the TI formatted CF as readible. It is probable that this thing will only seek recognized windows volumes or it's just broken. I'm thinking of going out and just getting a card reader. Can someone else who used this TICF adaptor tell me the type of card reader they used? Just in case it matters?

  8. I've sent my notice that I'd buy this item, warts and all.


    What he's saying is that when you turn your Intellivision on the CC3 only reacts properly 90% of the time. 90% is an "A" in every school I went to and I would still buy and enjoy it, even if it only works 90% of the time.


    Hell, I already have a NES, a SNES, an Astrocade and an Arcadia 2001 for which 90% successful start-up would be an improvement.

  9. I remember Adventure making me "nervous" when I played the 3rd game for the first time. Not knowing where I was going to find the dragons bugged me.


    A friend and I jumped out of our skins when a Mamba snake attacked us for the first time in Gateway to Apshai. I think one would consider it a "startled" type of scared rather than a "disturbed" type of scared.


    Alone in the Dark for the PC was very creepy playing it for the first time. I think it's time to scare my kid with that one. :)


    As an adult, Realms of the Haunting had a part in it that creeped me out. So did the original Clock Tower for the Super Famicom (translated and played on an emulator).


    Sytem Shock 2 had some really creepy moments. Nothing to make me cry out, but certainly gave me the chills.


    Fatal Frame I + II are two of the creepiest games I've ever played. (haven't played III yet). Not only do they give me the chills, on occasion, I've actually jumped and made noises which my wife said "indicated true terror". (no I didn't scream like a little girl). Gotta love how it is possible to become so immersed in these things, no?

  10. Very happy to report that I got my Bally Astrocade 72-in-1 Multicart today and it is great! Once I deciphered the binary listing of programs I was all set. I was really pleased to see a copy of ICMB Attack on there that had been altered to allow for play with out the special and extremely rare handmade controller for it. Very glad to have this.


    Glad to hear it arrived safely and worked out well for you. I hope that he will list them again. Do you happen to remember the sellers ebay user ID?


    Sure, it was aka2002kids. :) I'd have left the guy positive feedback but since eBay pulled the auction there's no way for me to do so. :(

  11. Very happy to report that I got my Bally Astrocade 72-in-1 Multicart today and it is great! Once I deciphered the binary listing of programs I was all set. I was really pleased to see a copy of ICMB Attack on there that had been altered to allow for play with out the special and extremely rare handmade controller for it. Very glad to have this.

  12. Listing has been removed and is no longer available???


    I bought one of these, why would ebay have taken it down?


    Since you guys have heard of this person can you vouch for him?





    Okay, I went to 8bitdomain. I'm no longer worried about the seller now, seems pretty legit. Regardless, I hope he sends them out soon.


    Anyone know why ebay would have ended this auction the way they did? Is it a problem to sell multicarts with old games on them anymore?

  13. I dunno, it's strange, but I find 2600 games like et, raiders and dragon stomper to be more true to the idea of a real rpg than modern rpgs bar far. I feel like some degree of actual role-playing on the part of the player is required to really 'get' the games, to enjoy them and to beat them. modern 'rpgs' are no more than glorified 'choose your own adventures' and even then most of em dont have multiple choices (tho some do,)! (yes there are exceptions, but even today most people don't cosider games like system shock or deus x rpgs.)

    I think I see what you mean . . . to play the old games you really had to participate in the adventure, where now you pretty much just wander around fighting random battles, defeating a boss and sitting through the next cut scene to watch the story advance. I don't think that's true for all the games coming out, but certainly true most of the time.


    System Shock and Deus Ex are two of my all time favorites FP-RPGs. In fact, I just got Deus Ex for the PS2. I haven't played it on there yet. I wonder how it stands as a port of a PC game.


    Oh, and Shadow640, you haven't got any competition from me yet. I still can't beat my recent high.



  14. Okay, my ideal INTV product: sell me a pair of the original controllers with a box that uses, effectively, the same hardware as the original console. The box will take some form of media and will allow me to play any INTV ROM that I can find on the internet. It should let me load all of the ROMs onto it at once so I can select them from an on-screen menu. Also, it should come with a slot for cartridges because I have enough of those that I wouldn't want them to go to waste.


    I want it for $10 bucks and in my choice of color. (I like blue)


    If they come out with anything that isn't as perfect as I require it then all of their futile efforts are just flatulence and a waste of my precious, precious time that I could be using wisely to post in the middle of the night.

  15. Yay! Found my map that I made for Mindmaster. See attached. Probably made in 1982 when the game first came out. I think that 359 is my all time high score. Map is only useful when first learning the game. Need to have the maps memorized to get the good score.


    Cool, you even drew all the shapes. I agree, having the maps memoriezed (door directions, nooks for items/slots/tests) is the only way to get the higher scores.


    Anyone else have nicknames for the shapes? I call them one-leg, two-leg, swaztika and mess for levels 3 and 4. Level 5 I call them left-butt, right-butt, worm and stable-stack. Level 1+2 I call them square, circle, zap and clover. It's just how I refer to them as I'm running around and trying to remember where they each are, makes it easier for me to remember. Hey, don't look at me like that, I'm not crazy! I'm not! *twitch* *twitch*

  16. @Mezrabad: Aside from the Reset/continue trick, how does one cheat at MindMaster anyway?


    Sorry, I was unclear. I started as talking about "cheating" in Dragonstomper (by mapping the traps) and then jumped to a different topic and used the same term in a different context. I wasn't referring to cheating in MindMaster. I was saying that I was cheating at "chronogaming" (see my blog for the whole ugly truth) by playing MindMaster outside of my intended chronology.


    Chronogaming is playing a predefined set of games in chronological order (I'm sorry if you know this already). That set can be "all the games from year X to year Y released for system Z" (example: All SNES games released from 1993 to 1995) or it can be "all the games in series N" (example: playing every title in the Ultima series by order of release date). So, anyway, I'm chronogaming every game I can find or, if necessary, emulate, that was ever released in the US for a home videogame system. I started in 1972 with the (original) Odyssey and I'm up to games released for the Odyssey^2 in 1979. So, by playing Mindmaster ahead of time in my chronology, I'm kinda-sorta cheating. (This isn't the first time I've done so. I had to jump ahead a little bit while I was playing RCA Studio II games, just to remind myself that there was still good in the world.)


    Other than the reset/continue trick (which is only good way to cheat if you want to practice the later levels) there's nothing I would consider cheating in MindMaster as in my mind this is a series of mazes which the in-game character is forced to endure countless times. So, I consider maps "okay", especially of the last level (and I need to make one soon, if I'm going to make it up to 600+ again.)

  17. ..damned NOAC..


    I heard an interview on retrogaming radio with one of the INTV guys and he offered an acceptable (to me, anyway) rationalization for NOACs and Intellivision games. He said something to the effect of: imagine if there had been no crash prior to the NES coming out. They would've been porting games to the NES just like they'd been porting them to the 2600. So, when you're playing a NOAC, think of it as playing the Nintendo ports of Intellivision games! Anyway, that's what he said.


    IntvOAC would rock.

  18. Back in the day, I only had borrowed my friends Supercharger for one weekend and played a lot of MindMaster and Dragonstomper. I was able to beat MindMaster fairly often, but Dragonstomper . . . once. I did it by killing the dragon. I was a firm believer, and still am, in not mapping the cave, (my character hasn't got a map, so I shouldn't make one) so it took many times and by the time I'd done it once, it was time to return the borrowed merchandise. I haven't played it more than a couple of times since then. I've been trying to play the games from that era in chronological order and I try not to cheat too much (as I have recently with MindMaster) so I'm "saving" Dragonstomper for when I get to it. :)

  19. I also want to find out if my cassette allows one to go over 36 on the first skill test. I don't think it does. Later on, I played Escape via emulation, and it did allow scores over 36 on that test. This leads me to believe that there are two released versions of the game.



    Funny you should mention the first skill test, I got 37 on it last night. I'm playing mine on a Cuttle Cart 2 so my "dumped" bin must be a different version.


    I've got the Stella gets a New Brain CD, I wonder if it will do it on that. Hell, I wonder if I can do it again, I seem to suck at that level lately (last night was a fluke).

  20. I've never gotten a higher rating than "Cheating" is there something after that?


    I don't know if there is on this version. I've hit something like 647, and that's it. To get over 700, you'd need to:

    -Play with fast stalkers and five chances

    -Finish each maze in under six ticks of the clock

    -Earn a perfect score on each of the skill tests, which is at least 36 points per test

    -Never die to the Alien Stalker


    So that's 54x6 for 324 points, then 36x5 for 180 points, plus the 200 point bonus, which would give you a score of 704.

    Spaces for six words were found in the game's source code. Whoever decompiled it was not able to score over 600 points, but they identified the other five.


    Your math is similar to mine. Perhaps 700+ is not unreachable if there's a bonus for playing through a game and not dying. Do we know if such a bonus exists or not? I always seem to die. My recent high score is 599, but I remember taking a screenshot of a a "cheating" rating from about four years ago. Now, the memory of it laughs at me! Heh.

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