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    Horizontal Sync

    This is really interesting stuff which I've never seen explained before. I'm going to risk asking a question and sounding like an idiot. Is the horizontal blanking period the time during which the electron beam is going back to the other side of the screen to start the next scan line? Kind of like a vertical retrace only a little shorter? Instead of sending it back to the other side why didn't they just move it down one row and have it draw things on its way back?
  2. These adventure editors look really neat. Do you have to draw everything yourself or do they come with graphics libraries? Wait, I guess I can go look that up for myself! Good luck on solving your memory problem!
  3. Mezrabad

    Atari Basketball A.I.

    That's so cool about Atari Basketball! I never knew that about the AI, probably because I never got that far ahead. Heh.
  4. Mezrabad

    Suggestion Pot

    I think the whole PC to <insert console here> theme is a good one. A lot of PC gamers don't know what has come over to consoles and a lot of console gamers aren't aware of what has been ported over from the PC. (and vice versa).(if that makes any sense).
  5. Mezrabad

    Stupid Appendix

    Wow. Glad your mom is doing OK. What a scary story!
  6. Cool. Didn't know about Giants OR Elite Force for the PS2. Thanks for talking about them!
  7. After having the CC2 for about two and a half weeks, I finally received my MMC and jumped right in today. The menu generator is fine, though my only dissappointment (and this is not with the CC2 itself) was that it only recognized two of my Atari 7800 roms (Double Dragon 7800 and Rampage 7800). Of course, I'm in no hurry, the 1024 other Atari 2600 roms that it did recognize will keep me busy for a long time. Anyway, this thing is great. Now, can anyone sell me their Intellicart?
  8. Word Search Staring at 16 different game titles. Are the remaining 10 all different? Does silver have anything to do with the answer?
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