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  1. I always thought the background sound, the "pulse" was very good at increasing the sense of stress! Was a fun cart.
  2. Mezrabad


    I have the full first series of Ultraman on DVD now and you're absolutely right. I barely got through the first episode before putting the DVD back in its case and there it still sits. I'm glad I had it when I had it. And WHAT!?! you're in videogames?! Cool! I wish I'd seen this comment back when you'd posted it and maybe you'd have shared more.
  3. Mezrabad

    Indy 500

    It's a lot of fun! I know it's been 9 years since you've commented, but I honestly feel like we're having a conversation. Mostly because I am just reading your comments now. I imagine it's quite a bit more of a lag for you. xD
  4. I'm noticing now... a lot of comments are missing. I seem to remember Rob Flack commenting about the Fairchild Channel F in the same spirit that I did, something about "who knows how high Fairchild's star will rise"? I don't see it now. This might be why Nelio found so many uncommented upon entries. Though there are still comments from 2005 so... I dunno.
  5. I used to really love Sea Wolf. Hated the speedboat though. That video is really great. I had forgotten about all of the one-way mirroring helping with the effects. I do remember getting Sea Wolf up and running in MAME back in 2001-ish and feeling that it lacked a certain luster. Now I know why!
  6. I don't know that I can! I will try. Thanks for doing them. ^ ^
  7. Mezrabad

    #9 Drag Race

    I know, I really petered out, but I'm working on it again. Mostly, I realize that I still have all the hardware for playing so many of these games. I want to start lightening my life's material possessions before I have to move again. (I had to move three times in the space of Summer of 2015 to Summer of 2017. It was not fun.) I realized that if I ever wanted to get back to Chronogaming, it was time. Probably past the time. xD
  8. Mezrabad

    Space War, Math Quiz I + II

    It's a real pleasure to come back and find them! I guess I'd turned of notifications or never turned them on or something.
  9. Mezrabad

    We pause for a PSA.

    Awww, too bad, that link is gone and a reminder that I can't just disappear for years and years and expect things to work. That being said, kudos again to AtariAge for still working!
  10. Holy crap!!! You've played Bingo, that's awesome! Awesome, in a way that confirms it exists, but in other ways, I'm so sorry for your pain. Wow, it came out in Japan? I did not know that. And Sumo Wrestling? I'm positive that it's probably terrible, but the fact they tried to do it is pretty neat.
  11. I agree! I always wanted more of it and I enjoyed the movie and then there was just no more. Sad, really, but we can move on! (No we can't, look at us still talking about games that came out over 40 years go. We're going to be sad about Firefly until we're very very old.)
  12. Mezrabad

    RCA Squash

    This made me LOL, I cried out with mirth and merriment. xD
  13. Mezrabad

    "Fun" with Numbers

    If only we could restart what we've forgotten without the pain of remembering how it was when we try. That's not from a song or anything, I just make this crap up when I type and I think putting it into italics makes it look deep.
  14. Mezrabad

    None more Blackjack

    Ooooh, pesetas! okay, good to know. And... hmm, i honestly don't know anything about the roms for this system. Other than Bingo this is one of my "most completed".
  15. Mezrabad

    Built-in and Charm-Free!

    hahah, I actually think it's in good enough condition that someone who appreciated these things for just their packaging alone would want it. Nowadays we don't need many pictures on the box, so they're a bit sleeker looking and feature the hardware, maybe a few screenshots of games, but back then, it looks like they had to paint entire scenes of families sharing the joy with each other.
  16. Hello, fellow traveler! Nice to see you here. I hope you returned despite the absence of new content or interaction. xD I appreciate your comment. ^ ^ Also, I didn't know about that switch on the back of the Adversary. I still have mine. I'll bust it out if I ever have a girlfriend again.
  17. oooh, I see what you mean now. Yeah, if I remember right, the 300 had the deflection angles depending on where you hit the ball with the paddle and I don't remember the 400 having it. I could be wrong. I have started again and these out (and hooking them up to a CRT (through an FM demodulator)) is possible again. (for a long time it was possible only using VCRs that were only good for this purpose. those are very dead now.)
  18. I remember those. I'm afraid to click on them now. I fear the 404. xD
  19. Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. Obviously linkrot had set in before suddenly it all worked again and now we have automatically made previous and next buttons on each entry. So happy to see them.
  20. Mezrabad

    With a PONG in my heart.

    I just went to eBay to check out Pong prices and for anything "tested and working" and they range from $75 to $225. I'm just not feeling it. xD Where has my passion gone!?
  21. Mezrabad

    With a PONG in my heart.

    Oh my gosh, it's awesome to find this comment here in 2021. You are rightfully angry and I've granted you a full refund.
  22. Mezrabad

    Brain Tsunami

    It would have to be a labor of love! I have my scanned stuff somewhere, but they were all from a time when I thought 640x480 was going to just always be SO HIGH REZ!. I noticed I talk about "frustrating my son to tears" in this one. I swear that was just a joke, though I do remember Invasion being very frustrating for both of us.
  23. Mezrabad

    Bon Voyage!

    When I bought all of these (at one point, I did have a complete Odyssey collection) I felt like I'd sell things back to eBay as soon as I was done. But I was never "done". Now I still have almost ALL of my stuff. (I did sell a big chunk of the Odyssey stuff though) and I have a theory that it's past the nostalgia value that these things go through. I haven't been checking prices, but I imagine I'll never get back what I paid for anything in the 70s, except for maybe my RCA Studio II which is in pristine condition. Too bad the games are nightmares. I need to do an overhaul of the Odysseys I do have and get them into working order if they're not. I did a bunch of card swapping out inside my Odysseys when I didn't know what I was doing. I worry I may have made alterations that I will regret.
  24. Mezrabad

    A W.I.N.ner is You!

    I will admit that now in 2021, it's all a bit foggy.
  25. Mezrabad


    I am so pleased to know that someone else inflicted... wait, there's a better word... um... enriched the lives of their children by making them play these games. I'm glad you're both having a good time, too!
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