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  1. I will be suing you. Expect to feel the hit in your pocketbook! AVOID!

    Buyer ivankoretsky( 192) Oct-23-06 14:59 280038566739


    Man, your lawer must love you. You sue everyone.


    Well who wouldn't love getting their share of $10.95 + fees? LOL

  2. For the record: I'm NOT accusing StLouisRams of having negotiated an early BIN in this auction. The Seller is breaking the contract and is trying to get a better price. That does suck for StLouisRams and it breaks eBay rules.


    Setting that nasty business aside, I'd like to kick a beehive for a moment.


    Established: If a Seller sells something at an absurdly low BIN, then it is okay to take advantage of their ignorance.


    Right? Is that the general consensus?


    OK, stay with me now.


    If everybody is okay with taking advantage of someone's ignorance, then what is wrong with taking advantage of someone's greed?


    If an Informer tells a Seller after an auction "that item is worth way more $$$ than you are getting" and the Seller decides to relist: Did the Informer do something wrong or did the Seller? The Seller got greedy and decided what his "word" was worth. The Informer took advantage of that, but it is the Seller who is at fault.


    We are picking and choosing the ways in which it is okay to take advantage of someone, aren't we? Is THAT okay with everyone?


    It's either "anything goes" or it's "play by the rules."


    It IS the wild, wild west on eBay and it DOES suck.


    There's a standard in the world that says it is okay to buy it low from someone ignorant and to sell it high to someone else just as ignorant. Why do any of us think that's okay, but draw a line at derailing a deal when we're willing to pay closer to what an item is worth?


    If others are playing "anything goes" and have no problem negotiating a BIN from a Seller in the middle of an Auction, then I have no problem with others playing "anything goes" and derailing that deal. It all comes down to the Seller's ignorance and greed, doesn't it?



    However, I have tried to derail closed auctions when it is obvious that it was the buyer who emailed the seller



    Why in the **** do you feel you need to get involved in an auction or deal you had nothing to do with? :roll:



    (this was a question asked of a current Bally auction with Treasure Cove in it. If the seller had responded with a "worth to me personally price" I would assume the next email would be "well, how about if I just offer you that right now and you close the auction?" Fortunately the seller didn't do it that way.)

    I really want this, but I can't wait 10 days. Still, I am afraid that if you post a buy-it-now, I won't be online and someone else will get it! Yikes! My question: would you mind telling me how much these items are worth to you personally? This way, I can estimate how much I should expect to spend.

    I get what lemoncurry is saying. I don't blame him for wanting to derail behavior like that. It's very frustrating to see an auction, take the time to decide how much would be a good bid and get back and see that someone had persuaded the seller into a lowball BIN. It screws ME over. It screws other potential bidder's over. It screws the seller over. It's behavior that circumvents the rules of the auction envrironment. Granted, it's just one turd floating in a sea of turds, but apparently there can be some vigilante justice for it. I'm happy to hear that people who notice it sometimes take the time to do something about it. I wasn't aware there was anything that could be done about it; now that I am aware, I'm glad.


    However, doing what someone just did to StLouisRams is not cool, (unless he had just persuaded the seller into offering the BIN, then it's frackin poetic.). I've bought from him in the past, too (StLRams) and, though pricey, the stuff I got from him was in great shape and shipped quickly.

  4. For trade....anyone that knows me knows I have some nice 2600 games available for trade. If the Joys dont work properly, I dont want them. I have 5 that work like crap already. 1-2 would be great. If anyone knows how to fix them, I'll send u the 5 I have and We can work something out too for $ or trade. PM me. Thanks


    PM Sent.

  5. It's already happening. For example, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time has the original game hidden inside of it. Similarly, TMNT: Mutant Nightmare has a copy of TMNT: Turtles in Time hidden in it. So Kingdom of Hears is simply one more entry in a growing "hidden retro" movement. :)


    I don't deny that's cool and maybe someday PoP:SoT along with the hidden original will show up in yet another iteration of the franchise. What I mean by my Steamboat Willie -> KHII example is that as cartoons are showing up (in some form) in videogames, maybe videogames will show up (in some form) in whatever comes after videogames (as opposed to older videogames showing up in newer videogames).


    Interesting and sad about Metropolis.

  6. To answer your question, I watched a silent cartoon in a classic theater with a player piano, barely a month ago. The Museum of Science and Industry is kind of cool like that. ;)


    That's awesome! It also illustrates that you were actually enjoying the medium on "its original hardware" as it were. (ie DVDs and HDTVs are analogous to emulation)


    Hey here's an interesting idea. Steamboat Willie just showed up in Kingdom Hearts II, right (80 years after its creation)? Maybe the old videogames will show up in the virtual reality/holodeck experiences of the future.


    Someone spoke of movies being sought after by groups of dedicated enthusiasts. That's great to hear. I really hope that people 80 years from now love this stuff as much as we do and appreciate it for its own sake.


    I do like the car analogy better, but I think a car is considered a much more durable good (though I've got systems that have lasted longer than more than a few cars I've known). Anyway, yeah, I like it better because of all the classic car shows that still happen.


    Well, one thing is for certain, by playing this stuff with our kids, we're helping to send this stuff into the future, so to speak, giving one more generation the opportunity to get nostalgic about something they did when they were kids.

  7. That's an interesting question with a somewhat depressing answer.


    How many of us have sat down recently and watched a movie made prior to 1930?


    Damn few, I'd bet. If you did, it was probably because you were channel surfing and stumbled over one around 1:30 am being broadcast on AMC.


    Trends come and go. Videogames are a part of our culture now, just like movies. They are not a trend or a fad. However, because they are part of the culture there will continue to be new stuff made that will replace most people's interest in the older stuff.


    Emulation will keep them around, but what will keep people interested? Sergei Eisenstein made some of the most amazing and innovative films, when was the last time you saw one? When was the last time you even thought about it?


    The general public forgets about the roots of their pop culture, because they're too busy enjoying the current form of it.


    Then again, there may be a few Videogame Reenactment Groups like there are Battle Reenactment Groups now, so who knows?

  8. Someone made the comment that as a buyer, the only thing we should care about is the final price. I disagree.


    Only caring about the final price is not a good spending habit. You buy three things: the Item, the shipping cost, and the Seller's service.


    Sellers service? Ebay Buyers care about that? Since when?


    I'm saying that I recognize there are extra expenses (mostly involving time) that a seller incurs outside of shipping. I bought a couple of INTV carts (boxed) for about .50 each and I think I paid 8 bucks for shipping/handling/etc. I'll admit I thought that was too much, initially, but the sellers had tested and cleaned the carts and also guaranteed that they would work. They were also packaged well and sent promptly. The actual shipping costs were about $2.00. In their description the sellers even say that their charge for shipping and handling would be more than the amount it would cost to ship the item because of the effort they put in to cleaning and testing as well as their guarantee. The fact that they spelled this out up front and actually described what they had done (cleaning/testing) did a lot for me accepting the fact that they were charging 4x actual shipping costs.


    So, yeah, I care about service and I don't mind paying a little extra for handling, especially if there's signs of actual handling.


    I don't like it when I ask what shipping will cost and I'm told an amount that is more than what it actually costs. I think I'm just asking the wrong question and need to be more specific like I mentioned earlier.

  9. the simple fact that we're debating and this thread is on its way to over 60+ replies support that some people live with 5200 faults yet still think they're still good, some people hate the joysticks, and others are somewhere in between.


    No, you're still saying "some" live with them and "some" hate them.


    Using the same vague word, "some," implies some kind of peaceful equilibrium between the two camps.


    You seem to think that were everybody who accepted the 5200 Joysticks to pile onto a weighing pan on a giant scale and everyone in the camp that hated those sticks were to pile on the other weighing pan, that the two plates would rise and fall for a bit before settling accross from each other, level enough for each camp to wave at each other around the low-friction support between us.


    It isn't that way at all. Their numbers would crush us. Your stalwart defense is gallant, like a feathered hat, but you are in the Alamo, man, look outside, they outnumber us on a Combat to Crazy Climber ratio. If this were a war, you and I would be in a prison camp making door hinges.


    Enjoy the fact that You can swim in the toxin and live. Only you and a few others like these controllers. Drink the Kool-Aid and embrace your inner freak.

  10. On my Xbox I've got emus for the Genesis, Sega CD, PSX, SNES, MAME and N64. The unfortunate thing is that I haven't been able to update any of them since I got the box 2.5 years ago. It's a modded Korean (tranparent green Halo) Xbox that I got modded while I was over in Korea. I was able to copy roms from the DVD drive to the HDD but I don't remember what brand CD-R I used that worked. Everything I tried since has failed. (Don't even talk to be about the FTP function. I can't get that to work either.) So, yeah, it's awesome, just be sure you have a way to add files to your xbox hard drive.

  11. Here is a good example (I had that feedback removed), some dumb bimbo bought a 5200 joystick flex-circuit from me, then leaves me a neutral feedback: "Good seller, unfortunately this didn't fix my joystick!". I just thought "Are you fucking insane, bitch, I shipped the same day via Priority, well packaged? It ain't my fault you are a friggin imbecile." and had eBay remove the feedback. :x


    "had ebay remove the feedback." ???


    Not a comment about you CPUWIZ, but what's the point of feedback if one can just have it removed?


    I used to be very diligent about giving feedback until I left it a few times and the seller didn't see fit to return the favor of opting to do so. After a few conversations with some sellers (who acted as though it was only natural for the seller to give feedback last, or not at all) I've opted out of leaving positive feedback. Of course, doesn't seem to be any point of leaving negative feedback either, since a seller can just have it taken off.

  12. Someone made the comment that as a buyer, the only thing we should care about is the final price. I disagree.


    Only caring about the final price is not a good spending habit. You buy three things: the Item, the shipping cost, and the Seller's service. One should be able to compare each cost. If I pay a lot for shipping, then I'm expecting high quality shipping. If I pay a lot for Handling, then I should be able to expect high quality Handling. I should be able to know beforehand.


    For Sellers on ebay: I know the price of the item, I want to know how much shipping will cost. The Seller tells me the "shipping" but what he is really telling me is "Shipping + Handling + Packaging + MyFee".


    As Buyers, we are asking the wrong questions. If it will bug us when we are overcharged for shipping then what we should be asking is: "How much are the actual shipping costs and what other charges and fees are included in the total shipping and handling cost?"


    It is deceptive to charge a lot for shipping and then ship it poorly packaged or slowly. If any Seller thinks otherwise then they are also deceiving themselves.

  13. Throw my hat in the "I like 'em when they work" camp.


    Mine were very easy to fix, too. I haven't seen this mentioned in this thread, so I'll mention it.


    Rear window defogger repair kits come with a little vial of copper paste. Open up your 5200 joystick, pain the carbon contacts under the fire buttons, let it dry, put it back together and you've porbably taken care of 90% of your problem as the increased conductivity seemed to take care of the "pause start reset" and number buttons, too.


    For the record: I did play it as a kid (15 or 16 yrs old) and even when they worked they took some getting used to. The non-centering thing was definitely something to which I had to adapt.


    I think saying that "many people dislike the 5200 sticks" is pretty much a given. There doesn't need to be a study or a survey. The fact that a few people on these forums like them also doesn't need to be studied. It is by no means a stretch of rationality to state:


    Few like the 5200 controller; many dislike it for reasons often discussed.


    We few, we happy few, who actually like it should just accept that we are freaks. Like a small percentage of bacteria who survive a toxin, we are the mutants who could survive what was, to many, the painfully toxic environment of the 5200 controller.


    Can we live with those terms? Few and many? Does anyone really need a study to accept them?

  14. My philosophy is that anything is only worth what two people on ebay are willing to pay for it.


    Good point; one person to set a high (but unreached) bid and the second to actually get it up there (either through out bidding the other or the other's proxy bid to kick in).


    Though, that's only true if the starting bid is zero. If the starting bid is high, he just needs one nut to find him.

  15. Both of my kids (Daughter, 4 and son, 8 ) will play an old school game with me if I invite them. My son even played each and every Magnavox Odyssey game when I was playing through them for my blog (chronogamer, see sig link). I can't say that he enjoyed them very much, nor did he enjoy most of the Fairchild Channel F games we played together.


    I didn't make him play the RCA Studio II. Texas child abuse laws may not be well enforced but I'm certain I would've gotten reported, arrested and fined if I'd made him play RCA Studio II games.


    As for the better gamed ancient systems (Atari VCS and Odyssey^2 for instance) he'll play and enjoy most of what I put in front of him (especially Sky Diver) but he's only asked to replay Basketball.


    My daughter loves Air-Sea Battle. There is a bunch of Atari games I'm going to ask her to play with me when I get to them. She's fairly untainted by the current gen of games (though she has played Hello Kitty Roller Rescue and Star Wars Lego I) so her approach is more "pure" than mine or my son's.

  16. Wow, that envelope is postmarked 29 October 1980 and the text of the letter says that it's the first time new games were available [for the Channel F] in over a year . . . and just in time for Christmas.


    I'm guessing that it is a safer bet to think of the "new" games as having come out in 1980, instead of in 1979 as I'd been planning to chronogame them. Good to know, now I can skip the remaining Channel Fs (even though I had so wanted to finish them in the 1970s) and move on.


    Hey, just a thought about Casino Royale. Wasn't that the name of the first James Bond book by Ian Fleming? Could Casino Royale's availability, then distinct un-availability and the eventual name change to Casino Poker have anything to do with possible licensing issues? If this were 1980, then licensing precedence would have started with Space Invaders on the VCS and of course all the sports titles on the Intellivision. I'm just wildly speculating here, but perhaps "Casino Royale" got changed because of such issues. Either that or they (perhaps the same minds that said America couldn't handle Schaff) decided that "Casino Royale" sounded too "frenchy" or something.


    Thanks for posting all the great scans FND, e5frog and mr. bill! I really wish there were more pictures of rare stuff out there. (for instance, would it kill the owner of RCA Studio II Bingo to post a few pics? Jeez. LOL )


    True. I have trouble remembering that people still do that with their computers. It seems so silly. Why not just get a real gaming console and do away with the hassel?


    Okay PC gamers, I'm kidding.


    Sort of.

    not really


    I used to be nothing but an avid PC gamer. I still think that the PC is the platform that has games that are most likely to have appeal to me personally. However, I got so tired of the "install game and then go get the patch" that I migrated (back) to the world of consoles. The only way I buy a computer game now is if it is under $10, more than three years old and absolutely only if I've recently upgraded my PC setup to be equal to or better than whatever the latest and greatest PC game was as of two years ago (and therefore exceeds recommended specifications)


    Basically, I was sick of playing $50 games during which I would say "gee, this would look so much better if I had more memory/faster cpu/better graphics card. *sigh*" The impetus for this was Morrowind which I bought new and tried to play on my new computer that just couldn't run it as well as I wanted it to (despite it meeting recommended specs).


    Of course, GOTY Morrowind on the Xbox gave me no problems whatsoever, which pretty much sealed my philosophy.


    Now I just have to figure out what the hell I'm going to do when "Spore" comes out . . .

  18. I just don't want CNN to pull an "embrace, absorb, digest and excrete" move on gamefaqs, ie, turning it into something unrecognizable with the previous content stripped of any credit to the original authors and then wanting to charge $19.95 for an annual subscription.

    CNN? It's CNET... completely different beast.



    No, CNN is now your one-stop gamenews/gamefaqs channel. Jeez, get with it, bro :roll: and the $19.95 I've been paying every week has been well worth it.

  19. Dang, I'd like to go to that. Maybe if I purchased a table they'd let me in for free! heh.

    Table? It's not a collector convention. It's for people in the industry. I actually have some interest in making games, which is why I can justify it.


    Yeah, it was a joke. :) It's why I used the universal "heh."


    For me to justify the expense, my interest in making games, in the italicized sense, would have to be far less outweighed by my lack of expertise in doing so. :(

  20. I got two ones with the system I bought about 18 months ago and the buttons on the side didn't work so well which made every game a little painful.


    Solution? Go to Pep Boys and buy a rewindow defogger repair kit. The sell you a vile of a conductive paste about the consistency of nailpolish/nailpolish remover that is normally used to paint in conductor that has peeled away from a rear window defogger system.


    I took apart my controllers (plenty info on how to do this is out there) and very carefully painted the carbon contacts so that they were a nice shiny copper (using that conductive paste), waited for it to dry, put the sticks back together and these babies were better than any 5200 joysticks I'd every used.


    The exact instructions for how to do it are somewhere on the net. Google around for it. If I stumble upon it anytime soon I'll post the link here.

  21. I know it's not cheap ($400), but is anyone else going to the Austin Game Conference next week?


    I wouldn't have, except getting RIFfed means that I'll actually have the time to go to it, and I really need to do something like this just for the hell of it. I've been told there isn't going to be any classic games oriented stuff there, but I think I'm more interested in the casual games angle.




    I never even heard of it until you just mentioned it and then I choked on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich when I confirmed the price. $400? $350 if one is a student.


    That gets one into all four events. Why can't I get a ticket for $100 to just go to one? :(


    Dang, I'd like to go to that. Maybe if I purchased a table they'd let me in for free! heh.

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