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  1. On 11/27/2013 at 12:18 AM, Nelio said:

    Too bad the pictures in this entry are gone. :( I'd like to see the ship graphics in all their glory!


    I've done a horrible job as an archivist for the videos and photos I'd taken of this "project" (it's really more of a "lifestyle choice", but I digress) back when I started. I'm trying to take your wise advice and just start "moving forward" again but it does bug me to see what's gone missing now. Thanks for setting up the Previous and Next entry links that you did! I think it's a feature of the blogging software now, so yay for that.


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  2. On 1/3/2018 at 3:29 PM, sut said:

    Hmm have to disagree with Chronogamer on this one. Played with my daughter using OdySim. Unfortunately either due to us both lacking any interest in American sports or the complete lack of any automatic scoring we found this very dull.

    I find it odd how poor the Odyssey actually handles Pong style games. I know it’s said that Pong ripped off the Odyssey but Atari Pong is a much more refined game.

    I remember the reasoning I had for liking this game, but I think it's me just overthinking and trying hard to find reasons to like it. I mean, it's safe to say it was one of the best home video games to come out in 1973, at least.

  3. Hey, so I'm a little behind on your blog, but from this entry and from some previous entries I'm gleaning that you're doing a bit of an experiment after having given up DirectTV and its monthly cost of $151 and you're using a DVR setup (with an outlay cose) and content purchases to supply you with media, if I'm not mistaken. Now you're tracking how much you've saved and how much you spend. That's a cool idea! We only have Hulu and Netflix which takes care of most of our needs. Now and then we do Redbox. I guess doing this in my house wouldn't result in a lot of savings. However, I really the idea of keeping track of it. I should do that with my "work from home" situation". When I was commuting, I'm positive I used to spend $3 - $7 on lunch each day I went to work and I had to fill my gas tank with about $35 in gasoline once a week. xD I wish I'd kept track like you've been doing since I started working from home. Anyway, thanks for the cool idea. : D

  4. First Party : developed by the console manufacturer - Mario Kart 8


    Second Party : published by the console manufacturer, but developed by an outside entity. IP is typically owned by the console manufacturer - Pokemon X/Y


    Third Party : independently developed & published


    Slightly different interpretation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_developer

    Aaaaah, okay, the veil is lifted. Thank you. I never knew that. I think I was thinking it was sort of a 1st person (We made this) 2nd person (you bought it) and 3rd person (someone else sold something else to you that works with it) but I get it now. Thank you for the explanation. : )

  5. Welcome back!


    I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of the games by this new upstart company - Activision. Pretty cool to see someone else making games for the VCS.


    I wonder if it will catch on?


    (( Out of Character: Hahah! I didn't get an Atari until Christmas of 1980 and our starter carts were Combat (of course), BlackJack, (also, of course) and Space Invaders (which was, of course, the whole point) but I remember at some point during 1980 seeing commercials for "Skiing" by Activision and had no understanding that this was a "third party" making games for the Atari. I don't think it was until around the time I started seeing "M Network" games from Matel (and I knew Intellivision as, pretty much, "the enemy") that I realized that it was awfully odd. /ooc ))


    Yeah, you're right, I thought the box looked different on the next title, Boxing. I guess that's really weird isn't it? I guess they'd have permission from Atari to do that, wouldn't they? Wouldn't they have to? (( which is what my attitude would be if I were a little older when it was happening. ))


    (( Oooh, I guess I should be linking to old commercials on YouTube shouldn't I? That would be a nice addition to each article. ))


    Oh, and thanks, Nathan! It's great to see you, btw! ^ ^

  6. Yikes, I liked the arcade version better - even emulated. I found the 2600 version not only "uglier", but extremely hard! (Then again, I played the arcade version long ago and I probably sucked at it too.)



    When!? :-(


    Hmm... if I had to guess I'd say late summer, 2014...

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  7. Hi!!!


    Yeah, Chrontendo is awesome. I used to link to it from my blog but I don't see it on there now! This shall be rectified. And Yes, Nelio, I could spend a lot of time there myself!


    I'm not saying I'm back, but I will say that I cleaned up my darn computer room and got the Atari 7800 hooked up to the VCR which then goes to the old Sony PVM and I did actually play a little bit of Maze Craze... then I had to start hunting for another controller. It will be fun if one of my kids will play it with me. I may have to bribe them with something from Steam.


    Hi, thegoldenband! Thank you and thank you for the link to the manual, heheh. I went and read it cover to cover. Now I want to learn something about maze algorithms...

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  8. I haven't heard it yet! It's so great that he's still going strong. I remember putting my cassette recorder upside down over my clock-radio to record the Doctor Demento top 5, just in case a Weird Al tune was going to be on it. (Weird Al and Existential Blues which I actually still might have on cassette somewhere in a closet). Thanks for the review! I'll have to get it now.

  9. Meh. I was hoping for a player vs AI mode. Playing alone is not that much fun. :-)


    The docking game was interesting, though. More difficult than one initially expects. I guess that's why we're not all astronauts.


    Yes! Oh, speaking of astronauts... Kerbal Space Program. Oh my god. I've been loving that game intensely lately.

  10. Hey!


    It's been a long while since I've posted here. I've been stuck in 1979's games for a while. In fact, I'm just one game away to move forward to the 80s! YAY! But there are still quite some posts you haven't replied to me yet! :(


    This has been a crazy year for me. Things at work have been bad aaaaaaand... I got divorced! lol :|



    Wow, I hope that 2014 is going better for you. And what I hear about divorce is that "happy marriages don't end in divorce" so it's a new beginning for you both and I hope it's going well!


    Yes, I'm very behind in anything to do with this blog, though I've recently been forced to relocate my stuff. I'm hoping it will get me doing something again. ^ ^

  11. Shoot, Nelio, that's a question I knew the answer to once-upon-a-time. It had something to do with the year being listed differently whenver I looked up its release date. Wow, the fact-checking I'll have to redo when I get started doing this again o_O makes me make a face.


    I think it had something to do with the Zircon resurrection, though, I don't entirely remember what that was. D:

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