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  1. I was hoping to find some Fairchild/Zircon games at the Oklahoma Game Expo, but I didn't see any. I saw several Astrocade games, a couple RCA Studio II cartridges, and assorted computer carts, but no Channel F games. Bummer.



    I'll trade you a some of my Fairchild carts for the C64 set you won at OVGE and a six pack of Dr. Pepper!


    Actually, I really would. Refresh my memory regarding what was included in your C64 package and I'll come up with an offer involving Channel F carts, if you're interested.

  2. I picked this all up for my blog, Chronogamer. I've played them and it's time to move on.


    $200 for the whole lot, shipped.


    (I paid $210.87 shipped for everything, but one of the Brickdowns doesn't work, so I include it, but discount for it.)


    APF Console, tested and working with styrofoam packing case, manual, catalog and survey card.


    Carts all tested an working (with exception of one of the Brickdowns)


    Review/Screenshots 2x Blackjack

    Review/Screenshots 2x Baseball

    Review/Screenshots 2x Bowling/Micro Match

    Review/Screenshots 2x Brickdown/Shooting Gallery (1 does not work and has ripped end label. It's included free.)

    Review/Screenshots Casino I: Roulette/Keno/Slots

    Review/Screenshots Pinball/Dungeon Hunt/Blockout

    Review/Screenshots Catena (My favorite)

    Review/Screenshots Boxing (2nd favorite)

    Review/Screenshots Hangman/Tic-Tac-Toe/Doodle (Best Hangman EVER!)

    Review/Screenshots UFO/Sea Monsters/Break it Down/Rebuild/Shoot (with variations)

    Review/Screenshots Backgammon


    With instruction booklets for


    Casino I, Blackjack, Backgammon, Baseball, Boxing and Pinball/Dungeon Hunt/Blockout



  3. In response to the topic question, one of the complaints I've read about FF VIII is that it should be called "Final Sci-Fi" instead of "Final Fantasy" but I've heard the same complaint leveled at FF VII.


    What I like about all of the Final Fantasies up to VIII is that the overtly "Fantasy" settings have a "Sci-Fi" slant to them (buried technology, lost civilizations, rediscovered or newly innovated technology be it steam punk stuff or airships) while the two with overtly "Science Fiction Settings" (VII and VIII) have mystical themes underneath them (The whole Mako thing in VII seems very earth mystical, and the whole junctioning thing in VII reminds me of the whole guardian spirit guides/angels myth, which I think is more prevalent in eastern mysticism but what the hell do I know about that other than what I've seen in anime.)


    I haven't yet finished IX or X. The only thing that's bothered me about them is the seemingly endless amount of time (which I don't really have) it looks like I could spend playing them.

  4. Tonight I finally beat Ultima IV on my Apple IIe



    Congratulations! Write Lord British and tell him of your feat! (Actually, I don't remember quite how they put it at the end of the game, but it was something like that.)


    I think Ultima IV was the second game I ever finished. (Lemmings has the first slot).


    I bought it in the early 90s in the "2nd trilogy" that was released. I hadn't purchased a roleplaying game before and I didn't know if I wanted to because of the amount of time involved in their completion (100+ hours is what it said on the box for Ultima IV, V and VI. I don't know if that's collectively or for each.) I was right: my life became consumed by it.


    My play experience was on an IBM clone (286), so no music for my memories. I understand Ultimas III, IV and V have all been redone to play with music on windows, but I don't think the improvements would recapture what it is like to play the game on the Apple II hardware with the mockingboard.

  5. That being said, the history of the system is really funny. Most of the games were programmed by this really talented but not-quite-stable guy who lived in the office and doubled as the janitor. He would freak out and punch holes in the wall occasionally, but he did some brilliant things with the very limited hardware. Pretty interesting. There was a seminar at one of the Classic Gaming Expos about it. A buddy of mine had a recording of it, I think. I should see if I can get a copy of it to link.


    I never knew that! That is kind of funny.


    Yup, that was in the interview with Jerry Lawson from CGE 2004. But the guy wasn't a janitor, he was a programmer with a really violent temper. He'd punch a hole in the wall in frustration, then he'd promise to repair it later. You can download the interviews from that show here.


    Yeah, one story Jerry tells in that session is about how that programmer did something with the controller ports and used them to squeeze a little more memory out of it. If I remember correctly he found he could 'set' the controller port to be a certain value and then read the port like a variable without affecting gameplay. Boom. Extra memory.


    Something that has always confused me: When did Zircon take over the Channel F? It's my understanding that the Zircon released games (22,23,24,25,26?) were written in 1979 but weren't released until Zircon resurrected the machine. I don't know if that happened in 1982 (which is what some sources say) or in 1979 (which is still the dates on the carts I have.)


    Not that it was used to its best advantage, but I find the controller to be quite comfortable. I wonder if it's worth hunting down the controller Zircon made for the Atari VCS. I could see the way the stick "fires" becoming awkward in a rapid fire situation. Hmm, don't get many of those in a Channel F game.


    I forgot to mention Shooting Gallery (on two different carts for some reason.) is fun in a Zen sorta way.

  6. Is that based on actual ownership or is it just looking down your nose at an also-ran from the period because it'll make you look cool in front of the big kids?


    Listen, pal. If you want to be rude, do it somewhere else. The only 'kid' in this post seems to be you, judging from your poor manners. The Channel F is about as primitive and unplayable as it gets, right up there with the RCA Studio II. I happen to own a couple of the units, with a stack of games, and none of them even approach playable. Since the unit was based off of a very early non-6502 chip that really restricted what you could do with it. Very slow and clunky. I happen to like most of the other 'also ran' systems like the Odyssey 2, Astrocade and Arcadia, but the channel F is not even remotely fun to play.


    You don't have to agree with my post, or my sense of humor, but let's leave leave the name calling and poor manners out of this, hmm?


    Hey, Lord Scatalogical-boy, you said "turd" first.


    You're the ill-mannered, potty-mouth.

  7. #16 Dodge-It


    You control a square. The game releases another square that you have to dodge. It releases another and another and another. You score points based on how long you can dodge the squares. Size of playfield, speed of squares is random.




    #20 Video Whizball


    This is fun and pretty original.




    #8 Mindreader / Nim


    Well, I had fun with it, but I'm wierd.




    #20 Schach (Chess, Saba only)


    It's Chess on the Fairchild and it doesn't suck. Foreign cart, though.




    #14 Sonar Search


    It's like a videogame version of Battleship! Yes, it is as fun as it sounds.




    I hear #25 (Casino) and #26 (Space Invader clone) are good, but I haven't played them, yet.


    Umm, Bowling might be a little fun. Drag Rce has been compared unfavorably to losing a toe in an industrial accident, but I didn't dislike it quite that much.


    Good luck, though chances are your neighbor will only have carts 1, 2 and 3 and maybe 5.

  8. We used to play the 2600 game Adventure with the sole intention of putting all objects but one and a dragon into the yellow castle (blink-o-rama) and then we'd try to catch the bat, get eaten by the dragon while holding the bat and then fly around the kingdom by controlling the bat (over walls, etc.).


    We "invented" (meaning we did it on our own, but I'm sure we weren't the only ones) of playing games "Ghandi Style". Which is when you run around trying to get as far as you can with out killing anything. I remember doing most it with an arcade game called Front Line if I remember correctly, but I suppose it would also be fun with some other games, too. The fun part was laughing at the person playing while they treid to do their best Ghandi imitiation "In the world of an eye for an eye we would all be blind!" (said with Indian accent).

  9. Not to dig up old bones, but I've got a disc only copy of Tempest 2000 available myself.


    Heh. Let's make this the "hey, I know you haven't gotten your Tempest 2000 yet, but let me just mention to you that you should've bought mine" thread. :)


    I think Clint got a New Xbox 360 and has become devoted to it. LOL


    He's got a good reputation and I'm a patient person, but I'm going to be out of town soon so there is a clock ticking (and I don't even know that he knows that I paid him on April 6th as he doesn't seem to be communicating.)


    I bet if I got an Xbox360 Live account I could track him down.

  10. He always seem to be a VERY busy person...I'm sure he'll make good on you though.


    Thanks for your reassurance. He's been to his 1up blog recently, so I guess he's not dead. I wish he'd answer my emails though. (or at least just let me know he's sent the darn thing.)


    I think Indiana must be having troubles with their mail. There are two packages I've been waiting on for two weeks that haven't reached me from Indiana yet. (and one from Wisconsin.)

  11. Sold to Mezrabad (first come , first serve) Mezra had sent a PM several hours before you did AtariJr, sorry.


    Thanks though!


    k :-/


    Has anyone heard anything from Clint Thompson in the last few days? He hasn't answered my emails or pm. He hasn't been on the boards since April 12th and I've yet to receive Tempest 2000, though I sent him my $12 on April 6. I am not suggesting he ripped me off for $12, however I am, frankly, a little worried about the guy. It just doesn't seem like the behavior of someone who's been coming here since 2002. I guess I've been a little paranoid about people dying suddenly ever since we lost Bargora. Anyway, doesn't anyone know him personally? Is he okay?

  12. One funny thing is...so many FAQ authors put restrictive "only site X and Y can post this FAQ". I never understood that. Asking people not to rip off their work and credit it as their own, sure, but what are they worried about, somewhat getting rich off their little txt file before they get the chance to see if it will ever be exploitable??


    It allows the FAQ author to replace older versions easily; upon updating a FAQ, they can just send it to the designated hosting sites. With unrestricted hosting, the FAQ author never knows how many sites might be hosting older, outdated FAQs...



    thank you for explaining that. I never knew and it always annoyed me.


    I just don't want CNN to pull an "embrace, absorb, digest and excrete" move on gamefaqs, ie, turning it into something unrecognizable with the previous content stripped of any credit to the original authors and then wanting to charge $19.95 for an annual subscription.

  13. I think it is interesting that the ad talks about the Atari changing colors to protect your TV from burn-in. I wish systems did that now when the games were on pause, since we have a whole new tech of TV that's at burn in risk.

  14. A friend of mine just pointed me to the Spore video (google video) and I'm obsessed with it now. We want a console released just to play Spore 24/7 in some super hard-core/detailed version of the game. (call it SporeBox, or SporeStation, or Sporvolution).


    I'd forgotten about Evolva. There used to be a game online modeled after the idea of evolution and multiplayer. I think people played it by created text files that described the attribute of an organism (according to certain rules) and submitted to a main server that tabulted how many of each persons critters survived to the next rung on the evolutionary ladder. Wish I could remember the name.

  15. I was very frustrated with them until I took them both apart and painted the firebuttons with that car windshield copper stuff. Now, I don't hate them. I had been dreading reaching 1982 in my chronogaming project, but now I'm looking forward to it because they work. I might actually grow to like them.

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