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  1. I've managed to break out of the "turn on the TV to see what's on" trap of modern day life. I find myself downloading a few weekly mainstream shows (Survivor, Amazing Race) to watch with my family. Otherwise I download fansubbed anime and can spend 1.5 to 3 hours (four to eight episodes) a week watching it. That being said, I would say that I prefer to play more videogames than watch TV, but while my TV viewing in consistent, my game playing is erratic so I may play less than I watch in any given week.

  2. I like it and wish I had known about it back when it had first come out. It bears a lot of resemblance to a grided ship hunting game that I seem to remember playing on the TRS-80 (the computer, not the CoCo) at a friends house once. Have fun with it!

  3. I'm not really interested in blogs that are essentially "I'm at Starbucks writing this on my cool gadget. Here's a picture of the sugar dispenser on my table." but I do like blogs from people who are somewhere that I am not, doing things I might never do.


    http://smt.blogs.com/mari_diary/ <-Tokyo native just talking about random Japanese stuff.


    http://antarcticmike.blogspot.com/ <- I'd like this one whether I knew the guy or not.


    So .. the more interesting question which I have for you all is what is the purpose of your Blog and who do you think will ever have interest in what you write?

    I have a blog here on Atari Age and a duplicate on Digital Press. It's called Chronogamer and I'm playing through every videogame made for a home console that I can get my hands on, chronologically.


    Since I don't seem to remember what I write, I find it just the sort of thing I like to enjoy reading a couple of months after I've written it. So, it's interesting, to me, and it is fun, for me, to chronicle this sort of game exploration. Some have said that it's fun to read, for them, and that's a big bonus, cause I DO have an ego and enjoy praise. Since I'm playing through most of these games with my son and, inevitably, my daughter, I think it will be something they'll enjoy reading someday, too. It is this rationalization that makes me think of it as something other than a pointless exercise in solipsism.


    The problem with blogs is reading them backwards seems easier than starting from the beginning and reading them forwards (at least on blogspot, which is why I have no blog on there). I know that this allows for people to just catch the latest "news" easily, but I think some blogs are much more appropriately read from the beginning, maybe that's just me.


    www.chronogamer.com is supposed to make it easier for me to do that (start at the beginning and read forwards), but I'm not sure how much time I want to spend on it, yet.

  4. My Astrocade did work fine, until it suddenly stopped outputting video. ?? I took the cover off and found that the RF cable from the inside was worn silly. I also found signs of someone else having been in there before (masking tape on the electric cord connections?) I was able to put in a different video patch cord that does the job.


    I opened a "brand new, sealed" copy of Red Baron / Panzer Attack to find the cart as dead as a door nail.


    None of my controllers works completely, so I had to make a crappy Atari Joystick/Paddle hybrid.


    Even with it in half-working condition, I can see that this system had the potential for greatness. The controllers (when they work for a game that doesn't need all of the functions) are easy to hold (yes, perfect for Gunfight) and fun to use. I'm looking forward to playing more of the systems games as I move forward in the chronology.


    If anyone can sell me one or two working Astrocade controllers, I'd be a quite a bit happier with my machine.

  5. My son is going to be 8 in two weeks. He's had access to a Gamecube since he was 5 and has enjoyed all of the games below. Some would be considered inappropriate by some parents, so do your homework, you may want to stick to the ESRB ratings.


    Kirby's Air Ride (no brainer, kids love this one.)

    Super Smash Bros Melee (ditto)

    Godzilla Destroy All Monsters

    Pikmin (Challenging for him, but he enjoys it.)

    Animal Crossing (not so much lately)

    Super Monkey Ball 1 + 2 (the minigames in SMB 1 are awesome.)

    Super Mario Sunshine

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (very fun with multiple players)

    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (This was a big-time "learn to read" motivator.)

    Phantasy Star Online (I don't let him play online but we have fun playing multi)

    Metroid Prime (He has always enjoyed this, but it is considered inappropriate to most.)

    Spider-Man (possibly inappropriate)

    Crazy Taxi 2 (possibly inappropriate)

    Pokemon Channel (he's not so into this)


    As good, stimulating learning games go, I would push Pikmin and the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. As good "play with Mom and Dad" games go: I would suggest Super Monkey Ball (My preference is the first one), Phantasy Star Online and Animal Crossing. Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is fun but can be tough for the less experienced.


    If I could only get three for my son right now, I'd get him Kirby's Air Ride, Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Monkey Ball. All which are great to play when he has friends over to play the 'Cube and they're pretty cheap at the moment.

  6. In a nutshell about the DP site from POG:


    Apparently, it was another DDOS attack on the phpBB software. Two

    days ago, the software version was updated to fix some security

    issues. When the new version came out, the script kiddies out there

    quickly figured out what was fixed in the NEW version, and used

    those exploits against anyone using the OLD version (the version

    without the fixes). Bye bye DP.


    So now the big problem is, the hosting for the server doesn't want

    to host DP anymore because of this. It wasn't a direct attack on

    DP, but because of the software, this has happened twice now.


    The long and the short is, they're working with the hosting, but it

    looks like it's going to be a couple of weeks before the site is

    back up. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :(



    Okay, thanks for the information. I hope that AtariAge can handle the influx of DP refugees, um, I mean, evacuees. I wonder if we started giving names to the DDOS attacks (DDOS Wilma, or DDOS Katrina) if we'd qualify for federal aid. :)

  7. how much and why are u selling those ? ...


    How much is pretty much based on what they cost in the Digital Press Guide.


    Why am I selling them? A number of reasons I guess. I don't need them anymore. I never intended to keep them forever, I was just buying them to play them with the understanding that I'd be selling them someday, otherwise I could never have afforded them. They take up a lot of space. With the money I could buy other games.


    Just curious, but why would you ask why I was selling them? I'm not offended, it's just not a question I see asked much of sellers.


    I haven't been updating this post because no one had emailed me expressing any interest. Most of the actuall selling has been taking place over at my blog in Digital Press.


    I'll edit this one to indicate what has sold.

  8. I'm chronogamer on ebay with 100% positive feedback if you need references. There's also some feedback on me over in the feedback forums at Digital Press.


    I'll update this with more information daily as I get my act together. Right now, I can only accept Paypal payments (cash, no credit cards). Buyer pays exact amount of shipping. We split the packaging costs (if any) and I pay for the insurance / confirmation.


    If interested in anything, ask about it via email and I'll email you pictures and a better description. Then you can make an offer if still interested. Let me know you sent an email by leaving a message in this thread.


    send email to michaelmccourt(at)hotmail(dot)com


    Extra Games 1972

    Baseball (complete) SOLD

    Invasion (complete) ONE SOLD(two of these)

    Handball (complete) SOLD

    Fun Zoo (complete) SOLD

    Volleyball (complete) ONE SOLD(two of these)

    Wipeout (complete) SOLD

    Volleyball (missing instructions but I'll provide a copy)

    Wipeout (missing one car token)



    Odyssey S.N. 1097808 Run-2 (Silver Magnavox Logo+Shipping Carton)

    Description and Price: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/weblog_entry.php?e=1655


    Odyssey S.N. 11424841 Run-2

    Odyssey S.N. 10971432 Run-2


    The above systems all work fine and contain all the accessories EXCEPT the cardboard box for the darn switch box. *The Silver Logo one is Rarer than the others and contains most of the documentation.


    Shooting Galleries all have gun, box, instructions with all overlays and carts. They all work


    Shooting Gallery (#1) Some box wear SOLD

    Shooting Gallery (#2) Some box wear

    Shooting Gallery (#3) Hole worn in one corner of box.


    1973 Extra Games

    Interplanetary Voyage (complete) SOLD

    Interplanetary Voyage (missing two cards)

    Basketball (complete) SOLD

    W.I.N. (complete) SOLD

    Brain Wave (missing ten thought-tiles) SOLD

    W.I.N. (box, overlays (poor) and 3 pads and pencils)


    Carrying Case, includes packing instructions and Magnavox AC adaptor. SOLD

  9. flame, flame, s'all the same.


    I'm obesessively compulsivly playing through everygame, chronologically and writing about it in my blog.


    That being said, I find it extremely difficult to ignore the four current gen systems sitting under my nice big HDTV. If I boxed all of those however, you can bet I would suddenly be wanting to play Shenmue, or Fatal Frame all of a sudden.

  10. Emergent gameplay, maybe? Nothing in the design or the instruction manual that says "Grab a magnet and travel with the bridge downwards though the whole map". How about moments when the bat flies through with the arrow and kills the dragon for you? How about when you get swallowed by a dragon and then the dragon gets picked up by the bat and you fly around the universe?


    Playing that game late night in whatever year I got it was very exciting for me. Here was a multi-screen universe in which "going" somewhere meant having to go through other places. There was "travel time". Having to "go find the black key" to get in the black castle by searching for it "somewhere else" gave the game a sense of "place". This wasn't a game I was playing on my TV, this was another place in which I was moving around in by controlling a square using a mechanism hooked up to my TV, which I saw through my TV.


    I was taking part in a quest in a place that existed beyond my living room. Honest.


    This game was designed to be a graphic analogy for the first text adventure game "Adventure". Warren Robinette described it as such in a powerpoint presentation which I can no longer find :(. He said he wanted to translate typed phrases like "go north" into a simple joystick direction. "take object" or "drop object" translated into the simple act of bumping into something or pressing a button to drop it. Instead of typing "use sword to slay dragon" you actually did it. Likewise to use a key. You weren't selecting an action from a menu, you weren't typing in the correct verb-object combination you were doing it. Think about it: no lifebars, no menus, no inventory screen, no overlays of any kind, just you and the environment in which you struggled to survive and triumph. Any other games come out like that recently? Yeah, Ico. Any others? None that I can think of.


    There were also other things wandering around this little universe performing functions outside your range of perception. If you leave an object out, the bat might take it and replace it with something else, perhaps an object much less needed than the one you left when you go looking for it. Dragons wander around looking for something to guard. You may think, "okay, the dragon is guarding x, I'm safe from that one" but suddenly you see the bat fly by with x and the dragon chasing it. Suddenly the dragon is now chasing you and you don't have your sword? What do you do? How do you trick him? Can you grab the bat and "convince" the bat to pick up the dragon and "save" you?


    THERE WAS NOTHING LIKE THIS when it came out. NOTHING. Not at home at least. Sure, there were text adventures on your TRS-80 or Apple ][ which you owned if you were lucky enough to have a parent into personal computers, or even Aklabeth if you were really lucky.


    But, an in-color graphic arcade adventure? Simple enough to play an entire game of in 10 or 15 minutes? NOTHING LIKE IT.


    It was simple. It was elegant. It was the first. It had endless replay value for me then and now.


    Maybe it isn't for everyone, but respect the design in its historical context and that should be enough to make you go "cool" even if it doesn't make you want to play it for hours on end.


    damnit, I took too long to write this so some of my babbling is redundant. live with it and grow.

  11. Up for sale is Percepts (R8) for the Magnavox Odyssey.


    Got the cards, both overlays and the instructions. The cards and overlays are in good shape. The Instructions are in excellent shape, except for a centimeter start of a tear on the fold crease.


    I can send pictures if requested, though give me time to actually take some.


    PM me your best offer if you are interested. No lowballers, please.




    (I"m Chronogamer on eBay and have (84) 100% positive feedback.)

  12. After having the CC2 for about two and a half weeks, I finally received my MMC and jumped right in today. The menu generator is fine, though my only dissappointment (and this is not with the CC2 itself) was that it only recognized two of my Atari 7800 roms (Double Dragon 7800 and Rampage 7800). Of course, I'm in no hurry, the 1024 other Atari 2600 roms that it did recognize will keep me busy for a long time.


    Anyway, this thing is great.


    Now, can anyone sell me their Intellicart? ;)

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