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  1. Wow, I had no idea the SG-1000 games would play on the Telegames Personal Arcade! (which I thought had always referred to a Sears thing). Apparently when the Telegames Personal Arcade was released in the States it was marketed as a Colecovision compatible system and didn't talk about the SG-1000 compatibility (I guess because those games weren't sold in the States?) Wow, thanks for making me want to give this system a closer look.
  2. Mezrabad

    Atari Video Computer System

    Wow, thanks for all of the "Previous Next" links! I will fix how these things look. I love that you've run with that "crap game from hell" line. xD
  3. WOW I guess this was as far as I got in the Redux. All of the previous entries I'd actually gone back, reformatted and re posted the pictures for. THIS entry is how they had all looked... okay, I guess I know where I need to restart the redux.
  4. Mezrabad

    #9 Drag Race

    David Crane wrote a Dragster game too for the Atari 2600, I understand that his is really fun too once you "get it". I'm still not out of 1980 though. Maybe soon.
  5. Mezrabad

    #8 Mindreader and Nim

    hahah, yes! I was cheating. I just remember reading the solution and being fascinated by it. "Here's the tangled mess and here's the one thread you can pull to untie it all." I don't think I understood -why- that solution works and I think that's what I had hoped to understand by doing it on paper.
  6. Mezrabad

    Space War, Math Quiz I + II

    Interesting bit about our countries doing division differently! That would have never occurred to me either!
  7. Mezrabad

    Spitfire - Fairchild VES

    KLOV is our friend! So is MAME. I find it hard to compare home videogames with arcade videogames. On the one hand, Arcade Videogames were designed for you to eventually lose OR to keep taking your quarters. Home videogames went through a sort of evolution where slowly designers realized that even though everyone wanted arcade ports, they could do so much more. (Adventure being the best early example of this, I think.)
  8. Mezrabad

    We pause for a PSA.

    Ah, some very good points, and yes, MMOs are time sponges. Especially Guild Wars 2, which I love. I actually wrote this as sort of a parody, some articles urge people to do more with their lives than just play videogames. I just urge people to not forget to play different kinds of video games. Spending a life on videogames is fine. xD Alas, I have been neglectful of this.
  9. Yah, it's a phantom, though I've been out of it for a few years, something new about it may have turned up, but I'm skeptical. That site is great. Paul Robson? I think? (not checking, I'm lazy) he did a great job with the emulator, making it possible to feel all the pain of the system on the comfort of your own computer.
  10. Hahah, Yes! May it Rest in Serenity.
  11. Mezrabad

    RCA Squash

    awww, pictures are missing from this entry. D: I think you're right, Nelio, I need to make sure I've backed all of this up. I actually own the domain www.chronogamer.com but I've done nothing with it.
  12. Mezrabad

    Baseball - RCA Studio II

    Thanks and fixed!
  13. Mezrabad

    "Fun" with Numbers

    Thanks and fixed! Hmm... wow, I don't remember the game play for Reverse at all o_O I do remember it being one of the few of the games I liked, but was so appalled at the rest of the system I couldn't forgive it for being on the system.
  14. Mezrabad


    LOL yes, though in this case it is a flaw that RCA Studio IIs continued to work after Y2K xD
  15. Mezrabad

    Space War

    Hmm... MobyGames might have been speaking of another game of the same name called Space War. Again, so much easier to show these games with actual video footage. Back in 2005, it just wasn't as simple to take footage and upload it as it is now. Or at least I didn't think it was...
  16. Mezrabad

    Built-in and Charm-Free!

    hahaha. Wow, I'm having a flashback of this system. I still have it somewhere. It's too pretty to sell. xD
  17. Hope, never got it. I don't remember if I played it yet either.
  18. Mezrabad

    Racing's Ur Game.

    Actually I DID email him, two or three times I think and was ignored. I also uploaded my scanned Odyssey Manual to some site and the person running the site edited the pdf to have the site name on it. He admittedly did a better job of compressing the files size than I had, but his reasoning was "I want everyone to know the best place to get scanned docs!" Needless to say it gave me little incentive to upload other stuff. Makes me think I should have watermarked it or something. Not because I think I deserve credit for scanning it, but no one else deserves the credit either.
  19. Mezrabad

    Early Edutainment

    Ah, it's called a "Forget-me-not" : D
  20. Thanks! Two weeks. One in Tokyo, one in Kyoto.
  21. Wow, nice to see this! I never could get past those first two clues either. When I get to play it again I will probably use a walk through. I'm just really curious about it.
  22. I just watched Bacon Day. I am filled now with a craving for bacon.
  23. Mezrabad

    RCA Studio II

    GREAT book I would recommend is Dungeons and Desktops by Matt Barton. He does a terrific job of talking about the early computer RPGs. I adore that book. lol, yes, I'm scheduled to finish all of this in about 4212 A.D., hopefully my cyber brain will arrive before my real one turns to mush.
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