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  1. roland p

    roland p

  2. I tried the PS VR in the store a while ago, and I thought it was really amazing. The way it compensates your head movements is a technical marvel. Also, I tried looking at the 'ground' (I was standing behind a fence in a racing game), then I moved my head forward and the perspective of the fence changed accordingly. It's the closest thing to a holodeck! By the way, does it help getting a PS4 Pro for VR, instead of a slim? I still haven't got one but now there are enough games for it that I like.
  3. I started with Shenmue 2 since I could find it easily. I think it was one of the best games out there. I loved everything about that game: - gameplay (mix of exploration, QTE's, fighting, boring stuff like working) - music (every area has it's own music. night and day have also different music) - loads of NPC's who have their own path and dialog. - cutscenes have a great cinematic style. - attention to detail, there is so much to be seen, and everything has a 'reason' it's there. And there is some stuff you don't even see the first time you play it, like Fangmei's birthday, the duckrace.
  4. I saw a C64 mini in a local store. It didn't need Kickstarter/Indigogo!

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    2. Flojomojo


      Am I allowed to point out that a Raspberry Pi in a cute case can do the same thing?

    3. BydoEmpire


      What store?

    4. roland p

      roland p

      @BydoEmpir, Intertoys, a dutch store.


  5. I'm not sure. I've played it on the amiga, a few times on an emulator. So I'm not that excited to play the game again. I was hoping for enhanced graphics, but they just added some filters. It seems to have enhanced audio, so that's nice.
  6. I can basically finish any sokoban level , does that count?
  7. I think the biggest problem of these projects would be the software. Without software it's worth nothing.
  8. I was wondering, is Kristen Keller still involved?
  9. Chameleon, Polymega, Gameband, Ataribox, what's next?

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    2. Flojomojo


      RetroPie, RetroArch, Libretro, Lakka are all fine and worthwhile. :-)

    3. pacman000


      My system, obviously. Just mail me the money, & I'll design it & license a once-famous name. ;)

    4. HoshiChiri


      CPU podcast just did a bit on a new Inty… seriously, these would have better luck doing the Konami thing & making some slots.

  10. I think it looks nice and it's cool they put a 4:3 screen in it.
  11. Where is my portable blu ray player with 1080p oled screen? I thought they could make everything these days.

    1. Flojomojo
    2. Stephen


      I love OLED screens. Vita has the most beautiful gaming screen!

    3. roland p

      roland p

      I have the Sony oled glasses, hmz-t1, they are pretty awesome too.

  12. N64 was really cool with its SGI related hardware inside. I had lots of fun floating around with Pilotwings. I'm tempted to get an N64 just to play Pilotwings again. I wasn't really into ps1 until Resident Evil came along, another cool gaming experience. Funny how Nintendo tried to be cutting-edge bitd (N64, GC maybe), but now take a modest approach when it comes to hardware.
  13. Hurray, got a lower specced item than advertised from Aliexpress.

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    2. roland p

      roland p

      It was €35 so not the end of the world. I might get €17 back. What bothers me is that AliExpress approves this way of doing business.

    3. roland p

      roland p

      You would think they would like to have happy customers...

    4. Keatah


      It's like the Ford Pinto thing. Paying the lawsuits is cheaper than redesign.


      They pay for a few expensive returns/exchanges that people notice. And profit tons more from the ones that slip by.


  14. Quite ignorant to say that the birth of the home-computer was 38 year ago, on an event where lots of older (home)computers can be seen. Or should it be, 'The birth of the reasonably priced, very successful, fully equipped (considering low-res graphics, 5Kb ram, which of 3.5Kb are usable in basic is 'full'), non-membrane keyboard, not being marketed as game console, succeeded by the very successful c64, home-computer!'
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