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  1. FibroFreak78


  2. i still need the 3 we previously chatted about...i'll pm u again
  3. Whole lot was sold so ty all for the pm's but its all going to a good home...
  4. Ty iceman, and you'll see I'm taking best offers..currently I'd be happy just under $200 FYI
  5. All are complete in box w/ cart and manual except syd of valis which is c/b. Would love to sell as a lot but will make bundle deals as well. Selling only but will include free shipping w/ tracking in U.S. I don't have a price on Landstalker yet bc this is the one that has the promotional fruit roll up with it If you want a pic of insides (etc.) , please send me a pm and I'll shoot it over...thanks! Syd of Valis $118 Valis $80 SOLD Alisia $84 Shining Force $50 " II $75 Traysia $70 Wardner $70 Phantasy star III (manual worn)- free w/ purchase of 2 or more Evermore $75 Gaia $55 Mystic Quest $40 Y's III $55 Zelda: LTTP $78 Zelda OOT $55 Zelda Majora $55 *Pending sold And neogeo is on ebay but I can pull it if interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-NeoGeo-Pocket-Color-Launch-Edition-Silver-Handheld-System-W-SONIC-GAME-/302227451071?hash=item465e28ecbf:g:kjMAAOSw3v5YpwlI
  6. Winner winner chicken dinner! (Which u can buy at Applebee's btw) lol Thanks for helping clarify, love.
  7. Well if you aren't actually being facetious, I have modified my listing to help the confused.
  8. Just says marketplace to me which I take it as I can solicit most things like some people do on here not pertaining to classic gaming. Are you that bored that you must troll and post here? If so, ty for the free bump
  9. pics of star fox and by "complete" I assume it has rumble pak as well?
  10. 2-$15 Giftcard's (gc's) selling for $25 email code delivery or shipped for $1 which will include first class w/ tracking, paypal gifted or fees paid plse...random, i know but there isn't one close to me...will also trade for possible other gc's of interest...or a game off my want list...whatever
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