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  1. Oh man, I would love to see all that stuff scanned....
  2. I think that was scanned by user "bfstats" but I could be mistaken. If not him, it was one of the other great AA users that contributed scans to my manual collection project.
  3. here ya go.... Shootin Gallery (U).pdf
  4. I'm pretty sure the big download with 10 files is a split rar. That means that it is really one big file split into 10 pieces. You should just click on the first one and winrar extracts the whole thing.
  5. You can save a pdf as jpgs with Acrobat Pro....
  6. LOL at "Warm War" and "Winter Vocation"......
  7. My favorite EM machine is the original "Fireball". It is a great table with a fun skill shot, spinning turntable, zipper flippers, and mutiball. It's the whole package...
  8. OK, after a long wait here is the latest addition to the collection. Video Jogger/Video Reflex Video Jogger and Reflex (U).pdf Huge thanks to Dino for this one! You are the man! That just leaves 2 (and Karate might not exist...) WANTED USA SCANS Simage- Eli's Ladder Ultravision- Karate
  9. Should be in a few days (I hope). the pdf is ready to go...just waiting for the final "go ahead" from the contributor. I have been assured it will be soon.
  10. It has been a while since I bumped this thread.... I should be adding a new manual to the collection very soon so keep your eye on this thread.... Anyways, I was wondering if anyone wants to host my manual collection for public download? In the wake of the recent "Feds shutting down Megaupload" thing, it seems like most of the web download sites have crippled their services. Considering how many people have helped make the collections, I would like to be able to share these with everyone.
  11. I have been doing manuals for years. I have 100% complete USA collections for Atari 2600 , Atari 5600 , Atari 7800 , Atari Jaguar , Intellivision , Colecovision , NES , Virtual Boy , Sega CD , (I feel like I am forgetting some.... I know N64 is only missing a couple...) You can prob still find them all on the torrent site UndergroundGamer although I no longer visit the site , (one too many disagreements with the way the site is run...) , but they were all well seeded so I am sure they are still up.
  12. There is a complete manual collection here already... but I'm not sure if the megashare links are working anymore... http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/114509-desperately-wanted-manual-scans/
  13. I was posting quickly...I should have been clearer. Seems like you found them anyways. Cheers.
  14. Also, the original has the classic red ball joystick.... I would totally get one of those instead of the all plastic "90's" stick. Just MHO.
  15. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=arcade+controls Seriously though, I like Groovy Game Gear... http://groovygamegea...products_id=287 You do know that if you are connecting to a PC will also need an I-PAC or something similar to encode the button and joystick to key presses, right? If you are going to a 2600 that is a whole other issue....
  16. I don't have anything to add at the moment. I am just posting because this thread stopped appearing in "MY Content" and I want it back. Carry on.
  17. There is news on one of those but you are gonna have to wait a bit. There are circumstances that prevent me from saying much more at this time...
  18. I got some scans that someone else recently posted. I will post an update in the near future.
  19. It is also in my collection. http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/114509-desperately-wanted-manual-scans/
  20. Looking pretty good. Have you seen the new Transformers pinball from Stern? http://www.pinballne...mers/index.html I got to play one the other day and it is a lot of fun..... I am working on my own original VP table. It is almost done just a few bugs to work out. Here is a screen....
  21. It can go either way. It is up to the person. Interestingly, the even thousands are always called such. Example- 2000 is never called "twenty hundred" (always "two thousand") but 2100 can be "two thousand, one hundred" OR "twenty one hundred"....
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