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  1. Thanks for the info guys, as I only want manipulate one byte in hpos and not add hoff offsets. My kludge was to move the action point to the center of the sprite this clips up to half the sprite whichever way it`s facing.
  2. After seeing the excellent Playsoft conversion of "Biscuits in Hell" on the 8 bit. I thought I would see what it could look like on the lynx. I don`t remember if this has been said before but the lynx handles clipping differently on the left or right of the screen. With HOFF VOFF at zero if you move the player character left to the edge as soon as a part of the sprite goes off a pixel it disappears. But this does`nt happen on the right side it gets clipped. Also horizantally flipping the sprite causes it to be clipped on the left side too. (slightly strange but useful ☺️) biscuits.o
  3. Just a suggestion try checking the ribbon cable. I had that problem and had to trim a couple of millimetres off of it. Just noticed this is for a lynx 1 mine was a lynx 2. But might be worth a look.
  4. I see one major problem with a keyboard/computer option and I wonder why Atari did`nt see it either. That is at some point you would either randomly or by error write to the dma test bits and kill your machine.
  5. Hi, quick search on my hard drive turned up Starship Command.... Don`t think I downloaded Cobra. Used to play Starship Command a lot on the BBC micro. Starshipcommand.zip
  6. Hi all, just finished installing my Mcwill screen. Had a problem as I could`nt get 5 volts after removing the not needed components. This turned out to be a problem with the keypad ribbon cable. After trimming a couple of millimetres off the end as was described in another thread, all was fine. Really pleased with the result it`s amazing. Thanks Marco.
  7. Bit late seeing this, had a rummage in an old ring binder. Amazing they had no 48k machine at launch but then look at the price! Interesting comparing this newsletter to the previously posted one.
  8. Hi bugbiter, did you hand code the bitmap. If so I applaud your patience. When i did it I used Basic. harri1.atr To run it in Altirra. Boot as xl machine (it needs Graphics 15), load "d:jscope2.bas" On a side note why do file names have no meaning years later. Type gr.15:g.1000 That was 40 character mode. But we soon dropped that and went wide screen heheh. Type g.6000 for that. So we plotted half the screen copied it to $4000 then redrew the other half and copied that. Then dumped it to disk.
  9. I would`nt use the term "blitting engine" as no memory gets moved. It`s just Horizontally scrolled.
  10. A mate and I attempted this back in the 80`s. We hacked a Pole position cart to confirm how it worked. Then thought we could produce Space Harrier The clever thing about Ballbazer is the limited amount of P/M`s it uses. And as has been mentioned you lose so much processing time, although thinking about it now maybe you could get some back with pokey interrupts for colour changes. Our version used wsync (eek!) was struggling for processor time, and had 2 players and the missiles free after using 2 for the main player. Shame I did`nt know what double buffering was, but we did have 4 checkerboard colours. The result is on the left.
  11. The other problem with Crt`s when turning them 90 degrees is colour alignment. Think I tried it briefly with a Dreamcast. It was`nt pretty. Amazing gravity being so weak it can affect it.
  12. Heh, I obviously should have posted my first test. axelay1.obx This only needs 12 load memory scans to be updated. you lose the stretching but but you get a nice looking radar effect. Re. the colour bands on 5 that was a quick hack for graduated sky which later got used for timing... when it went hideously wrong.
  13. To me it looks like your after this type of effect... Axelay2.atr This is a bitmap display list with multiple copies of the same line repeated more and more as you go down the screen. I played with this last year with the idea of producing something like River Raid or Canyon (BBC micro) But it uses a lot of vblank time updating all the load memory scans. axelay5.atr
  14. Received mine aswell. Spent this morning playing with it. Great bit of kit. Thanks.
  15. If still available I would like one please. Thanks.
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