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  1. I have decided to put mine up for bid. Check it out here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RAM320XE-576-expansion-with-Covox-for-Atari-130XE/392277570005
  2. Addendum!!!! Sorry, I can't edit my original post for some reason (though I can edit this one, strange). BUT, I may have gotten some blooming. It looks fine in regular light, but under fluorescent light there appears to be some discoloration around some "seam" areas. So I wanted to get that out there before I lead anyone astray. I may have overdone it with the Oxyclean.
  3. To hell with sourcing peroxide. Following a recent blog post from Tezza, I soaked a yellowed c64 case in 4 cups of Oxyclean and a gallon + of water. 7 hours in the sun at about 60F ambient temperature, and the results have convinced me that this is the most cost effective way. I could have probably gotten by with less Oxyclean. A huge box of that stuff from Costco will set you back $16 and last a lot longer than the equivalent amount of hair cream or whatever. Before and after pics posted.
  4. I have broken this out in to two lots 1 for the XEGS (with U1MB) and loose games, another for games with box and doc. Lot #1 Atari XE Game System, with the Ultimate 1 Megabyte (U1MB) board installed and updated with flashjazzcat's latest firmware. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 391743379552 SOLD Lot #2: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 391744012828 BIN 160 OBO Games with boxes (some of the boxes have crushed corners, though I've straightened them out somewhat) - Archon - cart, box, and doc - Ball Blazer - cart, box, and doc - Blue Max - cart, box, and doc - Crossbow - cart, box, and doc - Dark Chambers - cart, box, and doc - Desert Falcon - cart, box, and doc - Hard Ball - cart, box, and doc
  5. For future reference, did you create a blank d64 file and mount that? Or were you able to write directly to the SD2IEC?
  6. "I'm not an expert on salmon, but I think they mate a little differently."
  7. As much as I hated to see games not take advantage of the hardware, what I hated even more was not getting ports at all after 1985 or so. I was very envious of my friends playing Ultima V, Bard's Tale, and Pool of Radiance, for instance. That, coupled with the fact that my school system was exclusively Commodore, led me to (gasp) jump ship to the C64 back in the day. I did regret it somewhat (that awful 1541 speed!!), but now I own both and look back fondly on the shared lineage.
  8. He's actually one of my favorite retro Youtubers. You're right in that he doesn't know a lot about Atari 8-bits, but he sure has fun playing the games. I love the video of him playing the APX Salmon Run:
  9. I believe that there are both SpartaDos stacked and non-stacked versions of OSS language multicart project files for the AtariMax 8Mbit flash carts. They're available in the AtariMax forums.
  10. Thanks sTeVE. Do you know if all XE GS carts are similar, i.e. will work with PAL and NTSC?
  11. Thanks for the offer! Considering shipping to and from, it would probably be cheaper if I just bought another one loose. I still have an awesome box and doc, so I'm good there. All things considered, this has been a fun exercise and almost worth the price of admission: I learned how to dump a ROM using my max flash programmer, open an XE GS cart, trace and compare in Alterra, found XE super cart memory maps, etc. I will ask this though -- do you think it is as simple as bad ROM chip, or is possible that there is a problem with the board, like David surmised, a short on D6? This is like a puzzle gnawing at my mind -- I find the fact that several thousand bytes being offset by exactly 0100 0000 to be a tantalizing mystery to solve.
  12. That is very interesting and strange, thanks Atari Geezer. $40 is 64 decimal and 0100 0000 binary. I wonder what could have caused those bytes to be consistently off by $40 in the rom.
  13. That's too bad. Unfortunately it wasn't my MPU that worked; I would have gladly shared it. It turns out that the 835 that I donated had a bad MPU, but David repaired for me. Thanks David!
  14. Just tried this, thanks AtariGeezer. Alas no change. I guess if there were something wrong with the PCB, I'd expect that nothing would work. That it wouldn't even make it to the title screen. I suppose there could be something wrong with the bank switching, but I really know nothing about that. When I run the dumped ROM in Alterra, it's halting on 20C1 with an Opcode of 22 (KIL) -- Alterra is identifying this as an illegal instruction.
  15. Yes, you're right. It's all common ground.
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