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    Nothing because my basement flooded and I have to re-design my whole setup......but any of Bob DeCrencenzo's games are usually what I play (PacManPlus).
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  1. Purple fully loaded please.
  2. Yeah, I'm sure you've figured this out by now, but the light gun will only work on the older tube televisions, CRT or whatever.....won't work on the new flatscreens, etc.....
  3. Outstanding work. Very cool. Count me in for a cart. Stupendous!
  4. I just got one yesterday from video 61 as well, Vinnie. They did forewarn me that they don't work on flatscreens, that you need to have a tube tv (CRT) in order to work. Luckily I saved one of my big old clunkers, which will be dedicated for all 3 Atari systems.
  5. 15,000. The record could be broken, rather easily, in my opinion. It’s just amounts to whoever wants to sit there and repetitively punch and job for over an hour straight.
  6. Jinks - that isn’t the issue unfortunately. It’s a computer screen, regardless....but no, the screen brightness is fine. The graphic cuts out completely.
  7. Hey Bob - minor thing - who cares, but just FYI - for me anyway, when playing on a mac, on OpenEmu3, during the first intermission after 2 boards on Ms. Pac-Man, the in-between section is blocked out by some rectangular sections of black.....so you can't see the "celebration" in full....I'll try to capture a screen shot or video..... IMG_6462.MOV
  8. Crusher. C'mon XM - dying to check these games out on a real cart!!!!
  9. Nice dude! Thanks for sticking to it! Very cool, looking forward to it!
  10. Pac Man Plus did another feat of excellence - Baby Pac-Man! You HAVE to get that. It's pure awesomeness.
  11. Damn. Really wanted one of those glow in the dark carts. My kid loves the game too.
  12. Went off the grid for a month and apparently missed the boat on this one. I have purchased all of Bob’s 7800 games. Any chance I can still purchase one? My apologies and thanks. Thursday83
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