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    Nothing because my basement flooded and I have to re-design my whole setup......but any of Bob DeCrencenzo's games are usually what I play (PacManPlus).
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  1. Nice dude! Thanks for sticking to it! Very cool, looking forward to it!
  2. Pac Man Plus did another feat of excellence - Baby Pac-Man! You HAVE to get that. It's pure awesomeness.
  3. Damn. Really wanted one of those glow in the dark carts. My kid loves the game too.
  4. Went off the grid for a month and apparently missed the boat on this one. I have purchased all of Bob’s 7800 games. Any chance I can still purchase one? My apologies and thanks. Thursday83
  5. I'm down for any color as well. Thanks Bob, you are the man, always have been, always will be!
  6. Not to mention - but Jinks already pointed out - you are severely lacking in Bob DeCrenzendo's (sp) games. Like, most of them. They would immediately change your top 15, you gotta check em' out, he singlehandedly revitalized the 7800 years ago, due to his appreciation for the system and programming, and the love of original arcade classics. And all the Pac-Mans.
  7. Yeah, uh, yeah. You're going to catch a lot of flack and/or negative retorts for this list, potentially....and I'll start with that Touchdown Football shouldn't even be in the list. (And that you shouldn't rank this list until you at least have the full set of original releases....). But, good on you for making a ranked list, it's a fun topic, and could spur on some other members' lists that could be cool to check out as well. Everyone has their opinion! Jinks is funny. Ok, overall thanks!
  8. Count me in for a cart! Color of your choosing. Very cool, Bob!
  9. Got mine today, just played it - fucking unbelievable. It plays better than Contra, it has better control than SMB3, it's challenging, it's amazing. Kudos for sure! Stuck on level S1, not sure how to turn the light off to get to that last key!!! Help!!!
  10. Love it! More screenshots/video please. I'd be interested in a cart, if it plays well....
  11. Ill be purchasing a cart for sure, as I have for all of Bobs games. Why you gotta fuck with Bob. People on this forum should already realize. Dont fuck with Bob. Bob is God around here, he is to be worshipped. Im bummed about what has transpired. Everyone better buy this cart.
  12. Just seeing this, been on the road the last few months. I would like to be on the list - still havent even gotten to check out what this game is, but I like to have a complete (almost) cart collection. Let me know and thank you.
  13. Wow. Godspeed, man. I must admit, I was a doubter - glad you are on the mend and so nice to hear that you are ok. Take it easy, take care, and thank you for posting an update and clarifying the situation. I, for one, stil very much look forward to the release of the XM and any work you produce. All the best.
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