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  1. Hi Goochman, I have been playing journey to the planets but am not doing the right things. COuld you please help me out a little? 1: How do you enter buldings? 2: How do you land the spaceship safely without crashing? Thanks. btw: I was REALLY pleased to get hold of the cheat versions of Jungle Hunt & Donkey Kong for 800XL. I grew up on these games big time. Those were the top 2 games I wanted cheats for just to see what happens when you get really far.
  2. The game was "Castle Hassle". Got it now
  3. Thanks for the swift reply. I'll go find the ROM and see if it's the one. I still have my old 800XL in the loft. The cassette deck has long since died though. I must say, handy things, these emulators
  4. Hi guys, enjoying reading through your posts. I had an Atari 800XL growing up and my fave games were Jungle Hunt, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Pengo & Java Jim. I remember lending a game from a friend whoich I really enjoyed but alas I can't remember the name to save my life. Basically you are a ghost and are in a house and have to solve these little puzzles in each room. The longer you stay in a room, the greyer you get. If you turn black then you die. If that rings any bells, then please let me know the title. It's been driving me mad the last 10 years Thanks
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