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  1. I haven't had any reason to rip my Jaguar CD's (yet), but I've used ImgBurn to rip other game discs for use on ODE's (Saturn, PSX, Turbografx, Sega CD) and it works great for that plus it's pretty straight forward and easy to use.
  2. So yesterday my subscriber issue for 216 showed up in the mail. This is the PS2 cover. No idea where my past several issues are, but this is the first subscriber issue I’ve received in awhile.
  3. Out of the blue I received my replacement issue for #212 today. I requested it months ago but there was no date on the envelope so I have no idea when it shipped. It did however ship from France. I’m still missing 213+ as well as 209. I went ahead and requested every issue I haven’t received to be resent again. Since there is zero communication I have no idea if I’ll ever get them. So frustrating.
  4. I have Printer Boy covers for all my consoles and they are great. I’d recommend the vinyl ones over the polyester, which feels more like windbreaker material. I’ve had trouble in the past with wrong items being shipped, and having to wait another two months for replacements. But they have been solid on my last couple orders. One thing I have noticed recently is that some of their covers fit nice and snug, while others are a bit on the loose side. They still look great and are some of the best dust covers I’ve used. Pro tip: There is also a US seller on Etsy that sells a lot of these for Printer Boy, but without the two month wait. https://etsy.me/2M2VdA0
  5. This whole situation is frustrating. I did eventually receive #211 but nothing since. I even requested replacement issues but haven’t got anything. I have gotten a few Kickstarter packages from the UK without issue. Post back about how the refund goes since I’ve been thinking of doing the same.
  6. This has SOLD. Thanks! For sale is the first version of the Lynx Gamedrive flash cart by [mention=37728]SainT[/mention]. It’s the cased version that AFAIK will only work with a model 2 Lynx system due to fit. It includes a 512 MB MicroSD card as pictured, which is plenty big enough for the entire Lynx library. $60 shipped within the US, or best offer. PayPal preferred.
  7. The Everdrive N8 Pro plays Sim City as well as Gaplus and Pac-Mac CE in case you didn’t know. That might be a better investment than bootleg Chinese cartridges.
  8. This is how I got my Jag CD as well. At the time I remember thinking the price was high but going for it anyway. Also there were sellers on eBay selling new old stock Jag CD games at a reasonable prices too. I was able to put a collection together pretty easily. There is no way I could justify doing this now with current prices tho.
  9. Any ETA on a new firmware batari? I’m getting jealous of those with working cart/console combinations.
  10. That’s where I get mine too. Just be sure you buy one actually from Amazon and not a third party seller just to be safe.
  11. This is good to know, thanks for the info. I'm going to hold off getting one until the Concerto gets into a working state tho. Hopefully they'll still be in stock!
  12. Wii U Sports Club, or whatever it’s called, is worth it for 100 pin bowling alone.
  13. This has been my problem too. Hopefully he can figure it out.
  14. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you do for the Atari community!
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