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  1. I got the same survey and did the same. In the survey questions it mentioned temporarily storing issues, but this is the first I heard of that. Hopefully I’ll get a response back since my last inquiry has gone unanswered.
  2. I’ve sent CDR’s via Media Mail tons of times without issue. I have a pile of these too that I’ve been thinking of letting go for the cost of postage to keep them out of landfills. Can you recycle these discs? Offering these for cost of shipping and not for profit like those Etsy folks, is cool in my book. I’m sure someone could put these to use.
  3. My local library has signs up during book sales that forbid the use of hand scanners. Keeps these cretins away.
  4. Here’s my Retro Gamer archive. Hopefully my missing issues will turn up soon.
  5. I haven’t received any subscription copies since issue 205 as well. I was sent two replacement issues when I contacted them, and they showed up fine after a couple months. I tried contacting them again last week via their new website, but haven’t heard back yet. I recently finished my run of Retro Gamer a few weeks ago, so hopefully all my missing issues will show up okay. I did order a few new issue binders which came in just fine, so there’s hope yet.
  6. If anyone missed out and wants to grab one of these at retail, Best Buy currently has stock: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/nintendo-switch-animal-crossing-new-horizons-edition-32gb-console-multi/6401728.p?skuId=6401728&irclickid=w7CXomQ9rzNLWviSZQ0hNQqHUkiShTSpT3cmw40&irgwc=1&ref=198&loc=CAG Productions%2C LLC&acampID=0&mpid=312361
  7. I have a couple Cospa track jackets. They run smaller than US sizes but are still manageable. Much better than normal Japanese sizes which are not compatible with my 6’3” frame. This is a lovely jacket and I love Macross, but I already have a jacket problem. Good luck with the sale!
  8. If you're not doing any hardware mods, just modding it to play emulators and homebrew, there are some very good guides that will walk you through it. If I can pull it off anyone can.
  9. That sounds crazy, have a picture? For the most part a PSP is pretty easy to mod in this day and age. Be sure to search for a recent guide and you’ll be good.
  10. I’m around that as well, but I haven’t given up hope yet.
  11. After getting the MODE for my Saturn I grabbed one for Dreamcast. I have a GDEMU clone as well, but being able to have everything ever on a HDD is pretty amazing. I’m not a fan of the artwork mode and prefer the list. It’s a great piece of hardware that’s easy to install granted to know how to use a screwdriver.
  12. Same here. I’m using the DIY kits in NES Classic controller shells with my AV Famicom. I’d check to make sure your firmware is updated if they’re not working for you.
  13. Nice to see another Toledoan here! I’ve seen quite a few CRTs at garage sales lately, but your needs are quite specific. Have you tried the app LetGo or OfferUp? I’ve had luck by trying searches like “old tv” or “old monitor” and not using any of the Craigslist big money trigger words. Unfortunately people don’t usually post specifics, so you’ll need to contact them. This one looks promising tho despite the poor photo: https://letgo.onelink.me/O2PG/b694fe90 It really seems like people loved 27” sets back in the day. I remember blowing my entire tax return on the Panasonic I have since it had component and would fit perfectly in my entertainment center. At the time I was bummed it wasn’t a flat screen, but in hindsight I’m glad it doesn’t have one. It always seems like you stumble upon these when you’re not looking for them too. I’ve got a few spares so I have resisted looking too closely lately. But I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you. Good luck!
  14. This was the most expensive Kickstarter I’ve ever backed, and had to wait two years. I really love my Next and would do it all over again. Considering that these go for twice as much on eBay, I wouldn’t snooze if you want one. It’s a fun little machine.
  15. I fixed two Genesis model 2’s with these switches as a first soldering project, and they worked great. The hardest part was getting the old switches removed. [emoji1]
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