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  1. Jag hooked me up with an awesome box of gaming goodies, despite the USPS first sending my package to Alaska on it's way to Ohio. Thanks again!
  2. Any chance Rebooteroids will be back before the sale ends?
  3. I have the retro-access csync SCART cable and it works great with my PVM: https://retro-access.com/collections/atari-jaguar-cables/products/atari-jaguar-rgb-scart-cable-with-dedicated-connector-hood
  4. I'd love for Tapatalk support to return too if it's feasible. Thanks!
  5. Oh cool, I thought it was the other way around. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but will Battlesphere play on the SD cart? I assume it will, but it was also specifically coded not to work on the Skunkboard. I understand why it was done at the time, but these days all it does is help these bootleggers profit from knockoff carts. I'm sure even the original developers never figured how much Battlesphere would sell for on the secondary market in 2019.
  7. schnuth


    You should reach out to this gentleman: http://famicomblog.blogspot.com/2019/04/gratuitous-sales-post_26.html He has a bunch of systems and games for sale. Good luck!
  8. Mack702 bought a Saturn console from me, and it was an easy and worry free transaction. Thanks again and enjoy!
  9. schnuth

    Virtual Boy games

    If you don't mind Japanese games, I've purchased a few Virtual Boy titles from this site: https://japanretrodirect.ocnk.com/product-list/36 Prices are good, and customer service is top notch. He also has plenty of other stuff too.
  10. I just got a couple of these new vinyl covers from PrinterBoy too. For my Genesis 2/Sega CD 2 combo and my Virtual Boy. I like these better then the older cover I bought from him which felt more like light windbreaker material. I agree that they aren't as robust as Barb's covers, but he does offer covers for the consoles she dosen't make. It's worth noting my last order took 6 weeks to get over the holidays. The Mexican Post is painfully slow.
  11. schnuth


    Bought some replacement Genesis reset buttons from H454. They came fast and well packed. Thanks a lot!
  12. No problem, glad I could help! I’m not very skilled with modding things, but I’m pretty good at opening things up and closing them again. It always drives me crazy when you have a controller, game cartridge, console, etc, with that ominous rattling inside.
  13. Thanks for the tips! With a little finagling with a butter knife I finally got them to plug in okay. I really appreciate it! Also I discovered your YouTube channel through RetroRGB awhile back and I've been enjoying your videos. Thanks again!
  14. Do you remember which ways you needed to bend the pins? I tried comparing them to my stock controllers and bending them, but I had no luck and I'm afraid of breaking them. Using a VGA extension cable I've been able to use the controllers, but I haven't been able to get either to plug into my actual Jaguar. I had some random plastic bits rattling around inside one too, but it was easy enough to open the controller and clear them out. Besides these issues the controllers seem to work great. I just hope I can eventually get them to plug into my Jag directly.
  15. Signguy81 installed one in my Lynx 2 for a very reasonable price.
  16. Ah cool, thanks for the clarification! Order placed. [emoji1360]
  17. I love my Omega and I also love my NeoSD. As mentioned before you can’t go wrong with this setup. Good luck!
  18. Order placed, thanks so much! I was afraid I missed out on this one. I can't wait!
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