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  1. Thanks to all contributors ! It was huge fun browsing, watching, listening and playing the new year disc . Happy new year !
  2. I'm very pleased to see that my Yar's strike homebrew is used in this HSC ! I've read all the comment about it with a smile on my face Saw some really good scores passing by. Sorry for the bugs guys.. ..I'm sometimes a bit messy i think... Either way, very cool to see people had fun playing it !!
  3. Thanks for the reply's ! It opened up my eyes to do things better !
  4. Thanks for thinking with me, guys ! And it would be more easy if it was a number 0-15 indeed, but it has to do with random screen x,y coordinates.
  5. To get a random number between 0 and 18 I use the following routine : BOM LDA RANDOM STA TMP2 ;holds the random numer between 0 - 18 CLC ADC #237 BCS BOM But this consumes way too much time because most of the times the random numer is too high... Could somebody show me the right way to do this ? Thanks !
  6. Thanks guy's for the tips ! @jose : are you using Tile exstractor from Neil Walker ? Is there any osx software ?
  7. I'm searching for some games which have top view graphics with walls, trees, houses doors and other GFX objects to inspire me to make some good top view gfx for the A8.... Who has some good game recommendations ? Thanks !
  8. Very cool ! Also, I looked at your site and noticed that you're the one makes that nice ABBUC covers ! Great work !
  9. Wow Oliver, This is truly amazing ! When I was watching it i was thinking of the amount work done...4 years ! it's so detailed, Taiwan on the sio connector.So cool !
  10. This is funny ! It takes some really good timing and i already had troubles to pass package 3
  11. Truly fantastic ! A decent sprite editor is just what I/we need ! I'm really hoping you'll be finishing this great project !
  12. Just updated our Inspiration-soft website !

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