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  1. I also remember the MSRPs were vastly different. The 7800 was around $80, while the XEGS was almost doubled at $150. 7800 was a NES competitor while the XEGS is more toward the computer/higher end crowd.
  2. I live 15min away... Maybe I should go just for lolz? Nah.
  3. Price on Time Crisis 4, Vampire Night and Crisis Zone please.
  4. I am interested in a number of games as well if the deal falls through, good luck and keep us posted: Thunderfox Eastern Front star raiders 1/2 battle zone food fight Necromancy Desert Falcon Gato
  5. Interested in the following if they are still available. Thanks!
  6. I have always wanted to get Protector SE, but never got around to it. Now I don't have any more excuse!
  7. Finished it a few days ago, the multiplayer didn't do much for me so it is up forsale. Near mint condition, $43 shipped within USA (PP gift).
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