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  1. Excellent seller here! Just got the games today and will be buying some more.
  2. People are obsessed with Shantae. The original (GBC) version is highly sought after and the price has steadily climbed. I think it is 1-2k now CIB. LimitedRunGames are currently doing a repo of it and people just can't get enough. The subsequent sequels are also sought after. My personal opinion of the game is that it is a competent 2D scroller, but doesn't really deserve the hype, at least for the sequels.
  3. I received the games from Sputnik, great seller and highly recommended!
  4. I just received my purchase from @CaptainCanadian. Communication was great, price was fair and it was shipped immediately. I would not hesitant to recommend or to buy from him again.
  5. I also remember the MSRPs were vastly different. The 7800 was around $80, while the XEGS was almost doubled at $150. 7800 was a NES competitor while the XEGS is more toward the computer/higher end crowd.
  6. I live 15min away... Maybe I should go just for lolz? Nah.
  7. Price on Time Crisis 4, Vampire Night and Crisis Zone please.
  8. I am interested in a number of games as well if the deal falls through, good luck and keep us posted: Thunderfox Eastern Front star raiders 1/2 battle zone food fight Necromancy Desert Falcon Gato
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