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  1. People are selling the games that they don't want as a result of being forced in buying a system bundle.
  2. Please add me to the list, with Pokey and YM2151, shipping to USA.
  3. Nothing else to divulge. When I plugged this in, it did lit up but no buttons/joystick respond. I tried on 2 other computers, same thing. Now it is not lit up. I checked the PS/2 cable to make sure it is secure, but that is it. I have no reason to break this to make you look bad. I have made plenty of purchases (and sales) on this forum, and no beef with you since I only met you last night. Do you want me to bring this over so you can show me that it is working? If so, I will issue a public apology.
  4. Since you left me with no recourse, I will have no choice but to remediate the problem myself. You sold me a defective item, and you refuse to refund me. Instead of doing the right thing, you continue to deflect the main issue here. I would not have bought this if I know it is not working. If it is so simple, you can take it back and fix it yourself or just resell it with full transparency that it is a defective item. But you won't do that.
  5. You already stated that you won't pay me back because you used the money for rent, so it doesn't really matter what steps I have to take to get this to work. Fact is that I would not have bought this if I knew it isn't working and that I need to put in more time or money. That is not debatable. You can try to sell it to the next person saying the parts are worth X. All I know is that I wouldn't have bought this for $100 as is. It isn't worth ANYTHING to me in the current state.
  6. I asked you if it works, you said yes. I trusted you given your tenure and reputation here, and due to Covid I respected your arrangement (sidewalk pickup). But this thing is broken when I get home. You aren't taking any responsibility, I would NOT have bought it if it wouldn't even recognize on 1 computer, let alone 3. You are playing semantics here. You either do the right thing or not. It is pretty simple. I will not never do cash transaction from now on, even with face-to-face transaction. There are too many dishonest and just flat out immoral people who won't do the right thing.
  7. I bought something that he claims to be working. If I could have tested it, I would but I gave him the benefit of the doubt (and Covid). I want my money back because I don't have time to deal with this and if I had bought it with Paypal, I would have some protection from seller like this.
  8. I have a bad transaction with eighbit. I bought an arcade stick from him for $200 last night. He said he tested it and that it is working. It is a pickup only item as it is quite heavy. I paid him $200 cash and when I tested it at home, it is not working at all. I suspect that the Ultimarc board is defective, but he won't take any responsibility for selling me a defective stick under the premise that it is working. He wanted me to spend more money/time to fix it on my own. This is completely unacceptable. The thread is here.
  9. Eightbit, I bought this under the premise that it is a working stick. When I plugged it into my computer, none of the buttons or sticks register at all. I followed Ultimarc's instruction of pulling up a notepad and using the buttons to see if anything is "typed". It doesn't. Although the board do light up, it is not recognized as a valid usb device. I tried this on 3 different computers. I also downloaded Ultimarc's software and it also doesn't recognize that it is plugged in. I want a refund, since I bought this under the impression that it is a working stick. I paid you $200 cash and you sold me a defective item. You should make this right instead of saying "tough luck", I can figure it out. I didn't want to spend more money, or time/effort to learn how to fix this.
  10. Excellent seller here! Just got the games today and will be buying some more.
  11. People are obsessed with Shantae. The original (GBC) version is highly sought after and the price has steadily climbed. I think it is 1-2k now CIB. LimitedRunGames are currently doing a repo of it and people just can't get enough. The subsequent sequels are also sought after. My personal opinion of the game is that it is a competent 2D scroller, but doesn't really deserve the hype, at least for the sequels.
  12. I received the games from Sputnik, great seller and highly recommended!
  13. I just received my purchase from @CaptainCanadian. Communication was great, price was fair and it was shipped immediately. I would not hesitant to recommend or to buy from him again.
  14. I also remember the MSRPs were vastly different. The 7800 was around $80, while the XEGS was almost doubled at $150. 7800 was a NES competitor while the XEGS is more toward the computer/higher end crowd.
  15. I live 15min away... Maybe I should go just for lolz? Nah.
  16. Price on Time Crisis 4, Vampire Night and Crisis Zone please.
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